Saturday, September 6, 2008


Will you send your Prime Minister to study the migratory patterns of frogs?
Will you send your Deputy Prime Minister to Mongolia to negotiate a few tracks of the Mongolian Steppes?
Will you send the Home Minister to further his education in the complex art of hair weaving?
Will you send the Minister of Tourism to convert the wayward ways of San Francisco's gay community?
Will you send the Minister of Education to do a doctoral thesis on cup-cake production?
Will you buy a ticket for the Minister of Rural and Regional Development to learn the rudiments of some foreign languages....just in case it comes in useful after 916?
Will you send Ahmad Ismail to familiarise himself on the vicissitudes of pole-dancing, also just in case......?
Will you send Khir Toyo and his team to Germany to upgrade their previous study-tour on pig farming?

Probably NO would be the preferred answers to all the above.

if your agro industry is deemed wanting you would send the Minister of Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry and his officers for a concerted study-tour to improve things, right?

(and I am wondering why Datuk Mustapa Mohamed won't slap this bintulu busybody)

He is organising a field-trip for all BN Parliamentarians to either China or Taiwan so that when they come back enlightened, our agro industry will sprout success ad infinitum.

According to Tiong King Sing, MP, Bintulu, the trip for the government MPs was conceived after the 2009 Budget review last week. The budget had provided for huge allocations to develop the agricultural industry. This is definitely a knee-jerk action because the budget was just a week ago. More to prevent an impending change of government. This could be an escape route for those who may want to get rid of stale "vegetables" in their closet. True ah Tiong? Malaysiakini has a story on some who will not go on this junket.(here)

"This trip would provide a good experience to improve the agricultural sector," said Tiong.(Source Malaysiakini)

Tour guide Tiong is reported to have said: "We do not know where we are going yet, but it will be country where advanced equipments are used in agriculture. We have identified several locations but we are still waiting for their response."

Hey Bintulu Dunggu, go to Israel lah....

Israelis grow their crops in the desert I tell you. They have converted deserts into productive arable land. China cannot produce enough to feed their own people. Don't lah go China, Ahmad Ismail will accuse you of squatting. No?


Anonymous said...

Thailand is doing much better than us and it's only next door!!
Look at the amount of Thai Fruits we import daily!!

Thai Durian Fan

Anonymous said...

I was told this Bintulu foochow MP did some great things for the local people. He was the only MP who raised his voice on gansterism in this country last year. That I must salute him for his courage. But his overseas trip is a shame. Because it makes him look like an immigrant to pack his bags. Sure Ahmad Ismail would be laughing his arse out on the trip. Come to think of it, I never realise there could be so many immigrants MPs around. And not all of them are non-Malays. Sad situation. Where are all our citizens MPs?

Anonymous said...

China? and why not!

To advanced agro industry? Don't think so la!

Just a shopping trips for women mp & 'piow mei' for their male mp.


Anonymous said...

This fuchow fellow another typical chinese running dog for Umno/BN.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't all of us object? We are paying for this crap are we not?

Sorry, I forgot that UMNO stands for U Must Not Object.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.49 pm

ask this bintulu fella how much of your money went into the nation's biggest white elephant infamously known as Port Klang Free Trade Zone. Nothing is free except the beneficiaries ( UMNO treasurer and this Bintulu fella) have a free ride and the government ended up carrying the baby for a colossal sum of RM4.7billion.

Anonymous said...

I myself am a Foochow from Sitiawan and I am ashamed of this Foochow. Yeah,Yeah, balik Cina sajalah!

suki said...

Wow asked for a write up and you came out with guns blazing. You the man senor.

Unknown said...

I thought they are going to Africa to see for themselves how a Boer could shag 80 times a day?

Justin Choo said...

Timbuktu will be a better place.

Anonymous said...

To that moron from Penang, I say you biadap bastard, either you shut your mouth or somebody will shut it for you, bloody SOB, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. I ask this moron, who has questioned the malay rights?, WE QUESTIONED THE CORRUPTION of dungus like you, NOT THE MALAY RIGHTS. Who died and made you king, bloody ahmad al bodoh, YOU VERY CLEARLY MADE A SERIOUS THREAT AS PER REGARDING VIOLENCE AND TO SHOOT DEAD THE REPORTER, I ask the reporter to make a police report, or better still, will someone shut this dog up, maybe a hole in the head might help.

GobloKing said...

Use enough chemicals and fertilizers, buy the best equipment, use GM crops - no need go china to learn wat!

You can find out all this info FAO, Discovery channel & national geographic man!

Sorry fellas. I was just being GREEN with envy I am not 1 of chosen few :)

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

It is becoming more incredulous by the day, with BN coming up with counter-productive moves and announcements that is putting-off and pissing-off more and more Malaysians.

A study trip organised at such short notice, even when which places to visit is still not known. What about BN MPs who sign-up without knowing where they're going? Are these MPs being led by their noses? And you need their passports when just getting their passports' particulars would suffice!

Stop insulting the intelligence of Malaysians. Maybe, the study trip is finally to Singapore to study agriculture there!!

Malaccan view said...

This Fucchow Ah Tiong thought whole Malaysians are stupid except him.ABB must have promised him some juicy bones otherwise he wouldnt be act like Chiwawa.Hello,Bintulu fler,you are still live on tree top back in Borneo ya..No matter where you send them,with advance IT and telecom,they still can state their stand anywhere in the world come 916 UNLESS you send them to outter space la..

Nostradamus said...

Anwarwood Productions - The Biggest Blockbuster Show on Earth!
(Anwarwood Produksi - Tayangan Paling Besar dan Hebat di Dunia!)

Beware! Politics is a game not for the faint hearted in Malaysia. Malaysians will have heart attacks when you see the end. Even if you don't, you will suffer a mild stroke or high blood pressure. Why? The Titanic 2 show this time directed and scriptwritten by Anwarwood Productions will continue with the following scenes:

1. Little Napoleons will continue with the phrase "The End Justifies The Means" in protecting their interests.
2. Some passengers will lose all sense of conscience and humanity when the ship is finally sinking.
3. Everyone in the ship will rush to get on the lifeboats.
4. Money is used to buy anything to safe oneself from impending doom.
5. The Best Actor and Supporting Casts together with Trojan Horses are finally shown at the end of the show.

Whatever the emotions left at the end of the show, please remember that it was just a show, just like what politics is all about. The reality of living together continues in this land.

Anonymous said...

Before his comment about the field trip i really respect him as he is the only MP that dare to speak out. But now my respect have gone down the drain.

Another "coincident"....what a shame, another typical BN politician!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy your write-ups , keep writing , I miss you when you don't write.

Thank you for speaking up for all us who are the silent majority

God Bless you.


Anonymous said...

Tanjong Rambutan is nice this time of the year. In fact its a good time all year round. Learn how to grow rambutans or become one.

Also Sepilok or Kinabatangan to watch the flora and fauna and learn from the great orang-utan Bung.

Or maybe like the Selayang MC fellows a couple of years ago who went on a week long "study" trip to Africa to study how to keep toilets clean.

Or the BN Selangor Assemblymen who wanted to float down the Nile and simultaneously learn Belly-dancing.

I got an idea. How about a way ticket to the zoo? Any zoo. Spent a week there. Stay there. Throw away the keys.

Anonymous said...

dun you DARE use my heart-hard-bloody $$$$$$$ which is HARAM to many of you ...@#$%^&*...!!

Anonymous said...

...if you use my tax contribution for the trip, ALL of you will surely PERISH = sial & kecelakaan !
dun play-play with this curse !!

Anonymous said...

If the Tauke Bab(1) fr Bintulu and the BF fr Kinabatangan still insist on making this trip, despite with no clear agenda drawn up yet, I have a suggestion to work on.

* How about looking into the possibility of coming up with hybrids called RAMBUCHEE (cross btn rambutan and lychee) and ASPALAN (cross btn asparagus and kailan). Perhaps, this suggestion can in a way helps to justify ur proposal


UMB said...

He is not a hero. He have to bring up the triad issue as his father inlaw who owe the gang money was savely beaten into pulp and is bed ridden now.

So he is helping PM because PM got Musang to go to Sarawak and arrest the gang leader and keep him in Bukit Aman Lock Up.

Stay tuned for more. He have been threatened further by maicais of the gang and he may be beaten up or terminated.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Its sh'it, sh't and more SH'T oozing out of malaysia. Who is cleaning up the SH'T?

artic turban said...

We Malaysians have had enough of this umno biadap politics. What do they take us for? nAIVE FOOLS? WHAT DOGS THEY BREED IN PENANG, and all that bullshite being created in perak regarding the 400 hectars land given to chinese schools. What kolk they talk, now they are demanding the same for sekolah agama, why during the past 51 years weren't the sekolah agamas given any land? where was the KETUANAN MELAYU. NOW WE HEAR FROM THAT BIADAP BASTARD AHMAD TRYING TO CREATE RACIAL TENSION, I have this to say to AHMED THE BIADAP, SOON YOU WILL BE GOING FOR LONG HOLIDAY IN STIPPED CLOTHES FOR CBT IN PENANG JAIL FOR MISAPPROITING RM 500,000. BON VOYAGE LE CURCHION, we Malaysians spit on your kind. You are the reason, the epitome of corruption. Have a good one. Bernard please bring up and write about our bald thief samy vellu, we can't just keep quiet about this thief, stealing land from INDIAN SCHOOLS, WHAT A PARIAH, no wonder the Indian community is in the shits because of pariahs like samiar moteh vellu. Sry for the swear words Bernard but have had enough of these moronic statements coming from fools.

i like chopin said...

Uncle Zorro,good work and keep it up!Feel like telling this bunch of thieves to go to hell and don't ever come back.Stop giving stupid excuses.We won't buy lies anymore.

Anonymous said...

Agro Field Trip Itinery.

Morning - Visit Chicken farm.

Night - Visit Chicken House and PAPAYA FARM.



Note. PAPAYA FARM suggested by others..........

Anonymous said... his smug face. Hair full of cream....probably growing up holding onto his mother's skirt. Ah Tiong....ah tiong....come home for your dinner....oh....mummy, mummy, i don't like your cooking lah...i want macdonalds! Another running dog! Go to New York and you will find full of Foochow mafias.

Ahjamal said...

Mr Tiong are you dreaming of being the new vegetable Minister? You are no 40 ,your turn will be in year 2200. Please do not use tax payer money. You are a pemdatang so stay back in China for good. Be good there.

Anonymous said...

This is a Holy month for Muslim. I hope Muslim PM understand that tax payers money are not used for political motives. Think about it this is HARAM and your fasting for pahala is questionable. MAY THE GRACE AND WISDOM FROM THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH ENLIGHTEN ALL MUSLIM MPS

Anonymous said...

go, go, go by all means , better not balik ! BUT warning given here : dun u all DARE use a sen of the rakyat's money...WARNING...or a CURSE be upon all u , WARNING !!

Anonymous said...

" ... 90% of the taxes revenue come from the babicinas BUT the muslims pay to the zakat . so the money from those pork eaters is HARAM to many therefore dun you DARE use even a sen for your trip for syokness or you will surely PERISH = sial KECELAKAAN !!!
this is a final WARNING b4 mayat-mayat are discovered !!"

Anonymous said...

Some how after reading this news article, I got a hunch that the current government is draining our 'piggy banks' empty right before DS Anuar's plan to take over. Remember right before March 8, how former Selangor state government used up a huge chuck of money in the first 3 months of 2008?!
It looks like 'udang di atas batu' rather than 'udang di sebalik batu'

Anonymous said...

I believe most male MPs prefer Hatyai than any other country.Send them back to schools before you let them go for study tour,these people need education more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, YES ! hooray, we are going to Taiwan for one week then China pada hujung tahun (theSUN) !
48 out of 77 of us want to go man, SYOKnya & FUNman !! FREE somemore !
so..sowhat..JEALOUS ah !? @#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

go, go, GO ! enjoy yourselves, have fun lah !!
BUT if you use , even a sen, our heart- hard- bloody-porky money,
SORRY, SORRY, SORRY ...for your dear ones !! 49 byelections , besides the sabah one, are coming SOON !! sorry,sorry,sorry !!!