Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My two girls and I managed to see RPK at 11:00am this morning (16 September) at the Bukit Aman Police HQ.

He has been sleeping on a wooden platform without any pillow or bedding.

He looked drawn and drained but still alert.

I informed him that the support he has at home and abroad is keeping us strong and that should be enough for him too to continue to be strong. I also told him that the Pakatan Raykat has the numbers to form the next government and it is just a matter of time that we would soon get him out.

He has lost weight and his sugar level has dived from 8 to 4. I urged him to eat and to drink a lot of water. In fact we brought him his favorites: a 6-pack coke, chocolates, fresh plums, shepherd’s pie and caramel custard. Raja Petra asked us to take them back. He said that those interrogating him would try to use these food items as inducements to get him to co-operate. RPK said he did not want to be beholden to them. They will use favours they grudgingly grant and use these as trade offs.

He complained that the food supplied is such that our two cats will not even eat. But I encouraged him that despite that, he has to eat. He replied that he has no appetite and that most of the time he is tired as they are interrogating him incessantly. They come to his cell (8X8 concrete box without windows) and harass him at all hours of the day and night taking hourly turns having a video camera at all times. One time they brought a prayer mat and the Koran to his cell and just said so you don’t want this and took it away recording all this.

Sometimes they just come to the cell every half hourly to peep into his cell with the loud clicking of the peep hole keeping him awake. They are interrogating him on all his articles and at this stage it is on his articles on Islam. They said he has no right to write about Islam because we (his family) don’t live like Muslims and they were not sure whether we prayed or not as how all good Muslims should.

During our visit a video camera was trained on us all the time that I was with RPK. There were always two officers in the room with us for the whole duration. When an officer came in to tell us that we had 10 minutes left, I took the opportunity to brief him on all the happenings related to his being in the ISA...

Teresa Kok arrested; the reporter arrested and then released after 16 hours; the candlelight vigils at Bukit Aman, Bloghouse and Dewan Sri Penang. I told him that he has made history on the ISA issue that the even the Barison Nasional component partners, Gerakan, MCA, PPP and some Ministers and even Zaid Ibrahim has resigned over the wrongful use of the ISA, about the awesome crowd at Kelana Jaya Stadium last night and about the Free RPK banners around the stadium and how the crowd of about 20,000 chanted ‘bebaskan RPK’ .

I also told him that I was going to the lawyer’s office after our visit to file habeas corpus and to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Press Conference at 2pm on the cross overs.

I informed him that our team of lawyers will be seeing him on Thursday at 11am, but the police called my lawyers in the afternoon and changed the time to 10am tomorrow.

Marina Lee Abdullah.


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Pak Zawi said...

Those people must be made to pay for their torture of RPK. Let them have a piece of their own medicine. If they have some semblance of humanity in them they wouldn't have carried the orders like they were doing. Even animals treat their own kind better. These people are worse than animals.

wong said...

we must act now before its too late..we must do something ..we are on the outside , a friend is inside...please do something quick

Anonymous said...

This sin against humanity is being committed in the name of security and safety. How ridiculous.

A man is treated in such inhuman ways of solitary confinement, barren lifestyle, hardly acceptable nourishment, mentally tortured through sensesless interogation, and ultimately emotionally and spiritually robbed.

What kind of human justice is this?

And such treatments in this 21st century?

Mr Honorable PM and all his stooges should be held accountable before humanity and God.

Senseless. Sinful. Barbaric.

The abuse of the ISA is worst than the repugnant acts of the Romans before their ultimate collapse.

Anonymous said...

PDRM = Human Rights Abuse

Anonymous said...

To do good to a evil person is God's way.
To do good to a good person is a world's way.
To do evil to a good person is Satanic!

We are with you, RPK and Teresa!

Old Fart said...

I hope all those who are contributing to make RPK's life a living hell right now will take a leaf out of what happened to their counterparts in the Apartheid South Africa.

They too thought the Apartheid system will continue forever. And then all of a sudden new powers took over.

All these guys were asked to account for themselves. Obviously many took off. But they can thank Bishop Tutu for coming up with the Truth Commission.

Do we, in Malasyia, have the equivalent of a Bishop Tutu?

Well, think about it guys before you continue doing your dastardly and cowardly acts!!

telur dua said...

After committing these kind of cruel & evil acts, the Gomen is still asking for support from the rakyat?

They want us to repay them with our votes after what they have done? They must be bonkers. In fact, anyone supporting their illegal detentions are guilty of complicity.

ken said...

Be strong RPK! You are the hero, don't collapse!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia ia a land of injustice - blatant abuse of power, lack of democracy and human rights, corruption, cronies getting rcih for doing nothing, use of ISA to detain people who disagree with the government, discrimination against a big proportion of its population. It is a third world country as far as politics is concerned.
RPK stands as the beacon for all Malaysians. He spoke out honestly without fear or favour, when so many were afraid. He is a Godly man - as good as you can ever get. Malaysians of all faith and race are indebted to him.
Release him!

Anonymous said...

this is no difference from Nazism! This is an insult to civility and humanity. Does Islam Hadhari permit such barbaric acts, Badawi?

Anonymous said...

Dear RPK,

You are the Nelson Mandela of Malaysia...Locked up for speaking the TRUTH and a TRUE patriot who loves his country.

We will always adore you & God Bless You, Pete !

Brother Zorro,

I will be there in KL from Thursday nite thru Sun morning and would like to meet up with you, apart from Haris. Why don't you text me your number @ 017 4700539

Cheers and Warmest Regards.

Anonymous said...

Enough la of those talks about having enough MPs to form the new government!!! If really got, then show hand NOW! Form the bloody new government and set RPK and all ISA detainees free.

Anonymous said...

He's fighting for money not for Malaysian and he is mentally unstabled. Just wasting time. Let him rest.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Anwar will be able to form the government, he is playing a game, and for those who knows anwars tactics and tricks, will surely able to analyse that he is playing a waiting game, that can endanger RPK's life. Anwar must have the balls to come into power and instead of misleading the people, he should storm in Putrajaya to take control and not be so passive seeking for an appointment with the PM. RPK was sure that Anwar will take him out, and I hope he is right or else Bangsa Malaysia have to find other ways and means to free RPK, maybe another Rally in the form of "BERSIH"
People must take the streets, just like wats happening in Bangkok, if everyone is going to sit back and just post comments and write it about it is not going to help RPK. We must instill fear in BN's life only then they will change.
May the Good Lord Protect RPK and his family.

Anonymous said...

Dear All, RPK is being held just under a week and there is such an outpouring of emotion. Don't the Hindraf five who are inside for more than ten months/300 days deserve some compassion as well? Just imagine: Uthayakumar is very ill, with dangerously high sugar levels. DAP MP YB Manoharan is being held even though he was just their legal advisor. All the Indians who protested then and who protest recently are treated like dogs regardless of whether they are male, female or young. Please, I beg all of you, let your support be colour-blind, race-blind, religion-blind, social status-blind. I'm sure RPK fights for all.

Anonymous said...

What a shame for Goliath to use the ISA on poor lil David. Your gov't is liken to a man clutching to a straw before drowning.

Anonymous said...

ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !
But...But, botak : " I Suka Act !"

Anonymous said...

Botak : " ...hahaha, NEXT..hahaha
...hahaha...syoknya !!"

Anonymous said...

ISA = I Simply Arrest

We are behind you RPK. Never give up!

Anonymous said...

hey, mr.bin botak, who is NEXT ah ?

Anonymous said...

hi ! botak bin Al-bar, siapakah !?