Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Details are sketchy. I met Sheih on the day Jeff Ooi and Rocky was summoned to Denmark House over a defamation suit brought against them by NST.
Since then we have forged a close friendship despite his having to relocate to Kota Bahru to be an aide to YB Datuk Husam Musa.
Bloggers and those who visit/comment on blogs have come to acknowledge
Shieh's dedication to justice and fairplay.
In solidarity with Shieh's wife Bariah and kids lets keep him and them in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Sheih developed this icon in solidarity with Jeff and Rocky and this has appeared in the sidebar of most bloggers.

NST online has this:


THIRTY-EIGHT-year-old blogger,Syed Azidi Syed Aziz a.k.a Kickdefella, was arrested by police in Kota Baru at 5pm today for inciting the public to fly the Malaysia flag upside down.

The man or better known as Sheikh Kickdefella, was detained by a police team from Bukit Aman at his house in Kampung Demit near Kubang Kerian.

The man, who is an officer with the state-owned Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan, was at home with his family when he was detained. It is believed he was detained under Sedition Act.

His wife Bariah Ishak, 38, said three policemen came to their house and arrested her husband. She said her husband was then brought to Kuala Lumpur.

The family is considering to hire a lawyer soon.


Malaccan view said...

I am not surprise that Sheih being arrested.Again it show that people who report will be arrested while people who made noise will be spared.
Bro,i know you are one of the strong critics of UMNO-Bn gov,do take care.
No matter what happen to you or other bloggers who stand up against UMNO-Bn,We,Malaysians will always be at your side..that is the assurance.
Bloggers United!!!

Anonymous said...

I am scared, when are they coming for us?

I am leaving this country for good!

But am I good enough for UMNO to arrest me?

I wish I am good enough but I scare I am good enough too!

Anonymous said...

I am typing as i watch the prime time news.

Paklah is calling Anwar a threat to national security.
That he will do what ever is necessary to protect the country and the rakyat.

This tone scares me. It sounds like a pre justification of using the ISA.


Anonymous said...

Its sickening that the victims are always at the losing end, gets strung up, while the perpertrators get away scott free. It can only happen here. sigh :(

Anonymous said...

It's been in the Singaporean news since noon that Mahathir will back in UMNO before nightfall (wed). Noticed that none of the Malaysian portals have reported it. What's going on?

dano said...


Anonymous said...

Please take care. We need you.

Anonymous said...

I have confirmed info from sources that there are plans to detain Anwar between tonight and Saturday.

Zorro, please get this information out to all our blogger comrades and most importantly Datuk Seri.

Pak Zawi said...

When he flew the flagupside down it was a sign of the country in distress but people choose to interpret it their silly way and arrest him by the way they interpret things. Hopefully he will be charged in court and not held under ISA. Let us pray that the judge will be wise enough to read the upside down flag as a distress signal and not a show of disrespect.

Trashed said...

Is there a specific provision in Malaysian law that says flying the flag upside down is unlawful ?

Just wondering if he had incited resistance to or create insurrection against the authorities, as well.

Anonymous said...

Situation in Malaysia is the mirror of currents economic events in USA. From Bear Stern to Freddie Mac to Lehman Brothers & Merrill Lynch. Now the Insurance giant, AIG. Locally, we have sodomy. The immigrant insinuating remarks. The tearing up of Dr Koh's framed photo. ISA arrets of RPK Teresa KOK and the Sin Chew reporter. The botak insulting response. The arrest of the 2nd blogger under the Sedition Act. And the clear remark form the PM on Anwar being a threat. One for one, the examples get from bad to worse. And from that point from worse to worst. This must be the year of bad feng shui for USA and Malaysia. But the former is too big to fall. Malaysia pales by comparison. Could Bank Negara come up with a US$85billion package to rescue this country from going to the dogs? Especially when we have the likes of Botak and Ahmad Ismail around? And this PM to boot?

Anonymous said...

dun worry, his life is under threat
so ISA him for ' protection' lah !

Anonymous said...

Is there any protests being organized in NY? If anyone has any information, please pass it on. It is so frustrating to sit here and watch the charade taking place and not being able to do anything - please help!

Anonymous said...

Still the wounded beast grounded and in harrowing death throes, defies gravity, lifts its sore limb and with its crooked paw, strikes its last blow....RPK,PKR, Tan, Kok, has become gray, blurry, whimpering electrostatics on the screen of its reptilian brain...

You couldn't say it didn't put up a fight. In vain though it at all was.

No stopping an idea whose time has come.

Anonymous said...

Apabila ISA dan/atau darurat digunakan, ini menandakan pemerintah berharap agar rakyat akan keTAKUTan.
Jangan takut, mari kita berHARTAL menentang ISA!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like they will try and remove all those who "head" the blogosphere. must start training mini ninjas to keep the flame burning.

take care, uncle b. will continue praying for everyone and the country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Dbl-O.... hope you & the rest r not on the list...

Damn rumours about DSAI & ISA too....

DSAI & PR awfully quiet too... making UMNo look effective in diffusing them suddenly...

feels like they r outdoing themselves....could it be a puppet master's return??


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Anything wrongly done, to a person who is right, is still wrong
Any person who is right has every strong reason to be strong
Any person with the right prongs will flow within the correct prongs
Any person who's right has the right to be part of the right throng

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180908
Thur. 18th Sept. 2008.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Desperate Situations demands
Desperate/Disparate measures.

Round & Round the Widening Gyre,
The Falcon goes,
The Falconer has lost control of
The Falcon.

Round & Round the Widening Gyre,
The Centre cannot hold the Falcon.

Bariah,we of The Phoenix Foundation
send out all our prayers & wishes
For the safe return of SASA,
to his home & loved ones!

Pls do the same ,
Fellow Malaysians!


Busy Bee said...

I am just appalled with the injustice that has befallen our country.

Anonymous said...

massive jam from Shah Alam to KL & Putrajaya this morning caused by a convoy of cops & trucks & containers..........anyone can verify...what's the story?

Mat Salo said...

Unker.. I'm OUTRAGED!

Got it up on my blog too. No laa, they CAN'T silence us. How to silence the MAJORITY?

Fair said...

Zorro ,please start a fund raising campaign for legal expenses if Sheih needs financial assistance.

Unknown said...

I hope DSAI has a Plan B just in case the ruthless and evil ones detain him.

Anonymous said...


do take very god care.

this govt has lost all bearings and they are nabbing dissidents for flims reasons.

again, please take care.

Anonymous said...

Unc. Zorro,
How can we be of assistance to Sheikh & his family?
I hope the powers that be charge him and let him have his day in court.
And Unc Zorro, I ask that you take precautions lest that the trigger-happy have you arrested as well.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Justice and fairplay, I don't think so. He’s a bigot, read between the lines when he writes.

Anyway, i don't support ISA not even 0.1% even for hardcore criminals or terrorist.

Anonymous said...

'lawyer' ? tak gunalah !