Friday, September 19, 2008


The NST has this story and I thought, like all busy-bodies, I too want to make some comments. Red Italics are mine.

Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing tells of plot to win over BN members of parliament. What PLOT…’s a fact. We call this NEGOTIATING AND INFLUENCING….both must-have management tools.

Some prominent businessmen are in cahoots with the opposition to get Barisan Nasional members of parliament to defect from the ruling coalition. WOW, you clever dah…Name those businessmen otherwise shut the fcuk up!.

BN Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said at least three MPs had reported to him on the opposition's attempts to lure them. Name them if you dare….OH I FOGOT…..running dogs only bark.

He said the latest incident happened yesterday. Thanks for remembering.

Tiong said club members, who had been accused of preparing to jump ship, may get together and lodge a police report for slander. Operating word MAY….do it NOW. What slander? …”who had been accused…..” WHO accused them? YOU? Ah ha! Caught you there,

On the three latest attempts by the opposition to lure BN MPs, Tiong said they were from either Sabah or Sarawak. He said the MPs were tempted with promises of cabinet posts. PR is not BN….give cabinet posts. YOU were not courted because you are not Cabinet material. You are more adept at robbing from fishermen…..”they were from EITHER Sabah or Sarawak? This slimy one, don’t even know for sure. But he knows that the NST will print anyway to try to beat Suara Keadila’s circulation..

Tiong, who refused to reveal the names of the businessmen, said the negotiations were conducted over the telephone. How to reveal names when you are plucking them from the sky and when he doesn’g even know if the attempts were from Sabah or Sarawak. Phone calls? You are still thinking like a pre-pubertic child.

He said one of the MPs bluntly rejected the offer while the conversation between a businessman and another BN MP was disrupted when the call was cut off. Another running dog ran to you with this news? Name the MP. This MP should have no fear. He should be proud that he rejected money. He should declare as such. Unless you are making this up….Tiong…..are you?

"One more MP called me today (yesterday) to tell about an offer that was made to him by a businessman working for the opposition," Tiong told the New Straits Times last night. You must be special….every MP running to chief running dog to regurgitate and you lap up all their vomit. When you take in vomit and sure you vomit out the same stuff. HOW CAN YOU LAH, A FOOCHOW LEADER( or are you?). You must be more discerning about what you consume.You should be only eating Foochow fare. I really like Foochow food, I tell you….especially the red rice wine noodles. A good substitute for the abhorrent sharkfin soup is the Foochow Fish Maw….a sweet and sour soup that I slurp up with a clear conscience. .

He said BN MPs had had enough of talk that they were ditching the coalition for the opposition. Very late to realise this....but do whatever you have to do.....these are desperate times, NO?

The club, he said, would hold a meeting as early as today to discuss ways to put a stop to such talk, which he said had marred their reputation. Good,and good luck..... the short Taiwan trip must have done your bunch some good. You now realize that you have a reputation to be rescued. But it will be tough because the marred reputation is your own creation. You people are mired in corruption….dont pretend you don’t know. Ask the children what they hear in the school yard.

The meeting would also urge all MPs who had been offered inducements to cross over to lodge reports with the Anti-Corruption Agency. Here again running to another toothless agency who practices selective investigation.

Kota Belud MP Datuk Rahman Dahlan, who in May went public on offers by the opposition for him to defect, said such tactics by the opposition were nothing new. Datuk…these “opposition” were UMNO plants testing your loyalty because yours was suspect. Tak tahu ke?

He said Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his team would continue making claims that BN MPs were ready to defect. That khabar lama ....even my 88 year old mother knows this and she does not read the NST.

"We (BN MPs) have signed petitions and pledged our loyalty to BN. Really? Why has it come to that…petitions and pledges…..I thought you guys did that when you were sworn in. .

"... But he (Anwar) will go on claiming that our names including mine are on the list... at the end of the day when it doesn't happen, he will claim that we changed our minds. Bull Shit, who ever said that you are included in the list. DSAI has to be discerning. He CANNOT include you….. Don’t self-inflate your already deflated ego that you are wanted in the New Malaysia. You are just a deflated balloon....a limp piece of wasted latex..

"We should all stop giving him undue credit," he said, adding that a vote of no-confidence should be tabled against the opposition leader in Parliament. Why don’t YOU move that vote of no confidence against the opposition leader.

This, he said, was because Anwar was unparliamentarian and unfit to be an opposition leader. Have you heard of the nursery rhyme about the Bah Bah Black Sheep and that little boy who cried down the lane. You know who that cry-babi….oppsss….baby is?

Revealing the tactics used by the opposition to woo BN MPs, Rahman said from his experience an unknown man would get in touch with the MP to offer inducements. UMNO plants lah, how many times must I remind you….you are really thick up there…..and “from his experience” careful datuk don’t reveal too much…..always an unknown man….of course lah….because BN Mps are easily induced and have deep pockets,LOL.

He said an individual who identified himself as acting on behalf of the opposition leaders would initiate dealings. And you BN MPs always take the bait….how can these UMNO plants tell you that they are UMNO plants….of course they will say they act for the opposition. Dang, no doubt now….you really are THICK.

This was to avoid detection by the authorities, including the ACA, which is on the lookout for those who make offers to MPs to defect. The one who met Rahman claimed he was representing Anwar. You are not only THICK but you are stupid! You never asked this representative of Anwar his name? Even dogs are given names....unless they are strays. But we still name them....either Ra or Mun.

ACA director-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said officers would monitor such cases but needed the full co-operation of MPs. That’s right….full cooperation….like names and not “representatives from Anwar.”

He said MPs must report to his agency of any inducement offered to defect to the opposition. Cannot lah….cannot open up the can of worms mah!


HANTU says that things are moving positively and of course I had to tell him that Sheih's release is old news. I know Hantu hates my curt brush-offs but we have a special love-hate relationship that Haris is jealous about.


Anonymous said...

Syed Head Tiong is not a Chinese, he is a 1/2 breed Yemanis shyte basket in disguise.

now we know that all 1/2 breed yemanis shyte basket got either no hair or weird hairdo.



Donplaypuks® said...



Many MP's and representatives have been telephoning me in recent weeks to complain harassment by SinKing Tiong to pressurise the ACA not to look too closely at the possible PKZ Land fraud issue.

Wonder what happened to Kong Choy's appointte, I think Lee Beng Hwa, who is supposed to caryy out am 'exhaustive in-depth audit & investigation' into the PKZ debacle? I hear they are working very hard and sparing no expenses to get the draft report out by 2020!!

Any rumour to the truth?
latest log 'Excerpts from Military Intel Reports.'

Anonymous said...

This guy look more like a thug than a MP. Sure he is not the head of a crime gang.

Anonymous said...

more the that axxhxxxx bbc chief here:

read also the comments made on his brush with alongs.


chapchai said...

"He said Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his team would continue making claims that BN MPs were ready to defect."

Hang on, Foochow Tiong, the Opposition has asked your leader, Abdullah, to reconvene Parliament but he has refused. If he had the guts to do so we would know by next week whether or not Anwar's claims are true. Have you asked your leader why he won't reconvene Parliament? You and the world and his wife know why: because you know the Opposition has the numbers to topple the govt.

And as for Foochow food, give me a break. It lacks finesse and makes up in quantity what it lacks in quality. Give me nonya food anytime.

zorro said...

Chapchai....only 2 dishes lah. Give chance....many foochows ok mah.

Anonymous said...

As always, they're all bankrupt of ideas and simply making statements without actual proof.

After discussing with my comrades, I'm planning to make a police report against BN/ UMNO, with some actual names to it, for causing unrest and instability amongst the RAKYAT. I am planning to do this and will be calling some major reporters to be present when I'm back in Penang.

Lets see if I can garner enough support to have similiar reports done nationwide.

What say you ?

Anonymous said...

this foochow fella talked about corruption.
asked this robber how RM4.7 billion was sunk into the freaking fleecing free (for who) trade zone in Port Klang and who is the shit beneficiary? Isnt it you, foochow shithead by the name of Tiong together with UMNO and duly sanctioned by corrupt MCA Ministers past and present.
Tiong shithead, can you please explain to the public how much you paid for the land and how much the Govt bought from you 2 years later. Can you explain how a RM1.0 billion project balloned to RM4.7 billion? Can you explain this: Mr Beng, the new Chairman of PKA just had a look at the project and say thanks but no thanks and he wished you will buy back the project at the same cost. He aint stupid coz the revenue now cant even pay for the interest cost! luckily, you belong to the above-the-law BN and if you are in China, you will be facing a firing squad for this corrupt act.
When Malaysiakini broke this news, you threaten to sue, isnt it? Where the freak is your suit? You wont dare coz you know this corruption-infested project stinks all the way to heaven.
You fleeced the Nelayan Cooperative, whose members are generally living below poverty line. You fleeced the general public and you have the temerity to talk about corruption. Where is your honour and conscience? Guess you are a disgrace to your foochow clan. Keep talking and shooting your own foot.
Zorro, send him to the gas chamber and make sure double up with stink bombs.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at the issues objectively. Take out the Foochow equation.If the guy's bad, he's bad. No more , no less. The fact that he's a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Mamak, Foochow or whatever makes no damn difference. So stop the marginalisation and polarisation absolutely. That's what the rakyat has been complaining. And that's what Barisan has been doing for the past 38 years.

telur dua said...

I glanced at the NST headline while walking past a book store. My first impression is that it must be a running dog talking, err, barking.

You see, people have such a low opinion of them and the party they represent. But they do project such low class, don't they?

The gravy train called BN Express should derail quite soon. Then, running dogs will have to eat @#$%. No more gravy, dah tumpah.

Anonymous said...

San ni gou yong pa pa yang......

Anonymous said...

I dont know why you even bother commenting on this garbage -waste of your time and mine too!

Anonymous said...

yea, let's leave out the fact that sinking tiong is a foochow. i am foochow too you know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senor Zorro

I like to take offense to chapcai's remark about foochow food.

Talk about civility in debating, commenting, etc, please refrain from commenting on such manner. Foochow food is nice and tasty just as German pork knuckle or Japanese sushi or nasi padang or your nyonya food.

If you have a bone to pick with MP Tiong, go ahead...picking on Foochow food is a wrong pick.


panca said...

This MCA backbanger is certainly someone with a face with a mouth suspect of 'pile' infection and having had pile in his mouth, one would think how could he be spewing so much in NST.

Well the pile got in his mouth's way far too long, he pricked himself with a needle, 'pile' retrieved inward and the next thing hell broke loose>>>Mouth Diarrhoea kicked off.

>>>That's why dirt and filth shot from his shithole mouth. Way to go ass!

When PR takes over, he goes to the septic tank for good!

Sklau said...

Niamah, this biological mutated weed of the genes 'loin-king-stink' is another offshoot of the infamous Blurry Chrome-Dumb.

We would have been the forerunner in scientific research had we gone into clown-cloning and microstupidity. So much gnaw talent graced by goof given anal-lyrical minds.

artic turban said...

here's something I picked up from MM BLOGSITE RANTINGS and I find it interesting, from a malay from singapore. so my advice to shit stirers from umno don't open mouth and people won't call you stupid.
indy said...
Dr M takes cheap pot shots to stir racial unrest in Singapore again
Posted on September 15, 2008 by wayangparty
By Mohammad Fairuz

There he goes again. Unable to win support from even his own UMNO members, many of whom view him as a pariah to be banished forever from the shores of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has set his sights across the causeway at his “unfortunate” brethen in Singapore.

In an article entitled “Malay unity and Malaysian unity” (point 21) published on his blog, chedet, Dr Mahathir took a snipe at the “plight” of Singapore Malays:

“The Malays have seen what has happened to the Malays of Singapore and they have no desire to be like Singapore Malays.”

It is most unbecoming for a foreign statesman to keep interfering in our domestic affairs. Dr Mahathir’s insinuations that the Malays in Singapore are second class citizens as compared to the state of the Chinese in Malaysia are totally unfounded, baseless and malicious.

Had a Singaporean make the following remarks on a blog or forum, he will be charged under the Sedition Act or arrested under the ISA immediately.

We have no New Economic Policy in Singapore to give discriminatory preferences for any particular race, yet the malay community in Singapore had made tremendous progress over the last 20 years as shown by this report on Mendaki.

The percentage of a Malay P1 Cohort entering Tertiary Institutions (polytechnic and university) has more than doubled from 13 % in 1990 to 28% in 1999. The proportion admitted to university has increased by almost 1.5 times from 2.9% in 1990 to 4.2% in 1999.

The proportion of Malays holding higher level and skilled jobs has increased over the years. In 1990only 12% of Malays were holding administrative and managerial, professional and technical and related jobs. This had increased to 23% by 2000.

The median monthly income of resident Malay workers rose from $954 in 1990 to $1790 in 2000. This represents an annual growth of 6.5% in nominal terms or 4.7% in real terms. The highest income levels were among younger Malays. The median resident Malay household income has also risen from $1880 to $2880.

Though I do not have exact figures to show, I believe that young Singapore Malays have the highest median income compared to their counterparts in Malaysia and Indonesia.

I wonder what motives Dr Mahathir had in making such disparaging remarks about a neighboring country. Perhaps he should put his own house in order first before meddling in the affairs of his neighbors.

It is a real shame that after 22 years under his rule, racial harmony in Malaysia has deteriorated to such a deplorable state that even a second-tier UMNO leader can make inflammatory speeches publicly to incite racial tension with impunity and let off with just a slap on the wrist.

In Singapore, such fiascos are almost unheard of because our policies are based solely on meritocracy and not the color of the skin. All races are treated equally in terms of educational and career opportunity.

The speaker of our House is a Malay, Mr Yaacob Ibrahim. One of our two DPMs is an Indian, Mr Jayakumar and our Finance Minister is a Christian of Sri Lankan descent, Mr Tharman. There was not a time when we need Chinese leaders to speak out for the Chinese, Malay leaders to harp on Malay rights or Indian leaders to take to the streets to protest against discrimination by the government.

Dr Mahathir should visit Singapore one day to see how the Malay community here has prospered in spite of the lack of any affirmative policies formulated specially for them. He can also visit all the three universities in Singapore and offer them a scholarship to Universti Malaya, Universti Sains Malaysia or Universiti Tecknologi Mara and see if there are any takers.

Least before I forget, Dr Mahathir was not even a pure Malay to begin with. What gives him the right to speak up for the Malays in Singapore? Thanks, Dr M, but no thanks, please reserve your racial rhetoric to your fellow UMNOputras only for even the young Malays in Malaysia are finding your “ketuanan melayu” concept increasingly outdated, irrelevant and unpalatable.

Anonymous said...

yong papa yang = yang papa yong ! wow , a nice song man !!

Anonymous said...

we should get used to defections - it happens all the time in many other democracies, mature and developing alike.

Defections - get used to it

Old Fart said...

Zorro, Lets do some plain talking with these BN MPs who want to cross over la.

Simple pay off from me. And this Tiong guy can now go and file a report against me. Anyway a couple of days afte the GE 2008 I already posted an invitation to all BN MPs to cross over. I did not make an offer then. I tried reasoning with them. Looks like did not work.

So now I offer to pay them. My offer is quite simply this. Money cannot buy also.

All BN MPs..cross over to PR and you get back your conscience!!

Remain in BN and you do so knowing you can do so only after sacking your conscience. It serves you no good in BN. And you know it.

Anonymous said...

Government uses, at their disposal, all the machineries to coerce and intimidate those dissidents, latest being the ISA. Stoogers like Tiong, Ahmad are being used as their front man to cause chaos and provoke un-rest, so that subsequent actions could be taken to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Generally, we Foochows are hardworking, courageous and honest people.

But this Tiong King Sing is a disgrace to all decent Foochows.

Mr Tiong, I have a brotherly advice for you: Just shut up and die away!

Nguai Sa!!!

The Phoenix Foundation said...


I agree with you!

Bad is Bad.
Corrupt is Corrupt.
A thieve is a thieve.

No marginalisation,pls.

A Rose is a Rose!

Keep us all appraised of the "doings" these jokers are up to!


Anonymous said...

This Tiong fler is a total disgrace and embarrassment to all Chinese people. To borrow from Patrick Teoh...Niahmah! But adding my own, Niahmah Chow G Bai!!!

Anonymous said...

why call tiong foochow, he is was and always will be a pariah bastard who steals from the poor. don't insult the foochows, its not their fault that one drunken night a foochow pissed his seed in a whore, so by true definatian this guy is not a fooshow he is a pariah half breed. so don't associate the foochows with this pariah, look at his face, looks like one, smells like one, speaks like one so here its confirmed tiong phang sai is a pariah.

Anonymous said...

he is the brother of sinchiew BOSS,
may boycott !