Tuesday, September 16, 2008




Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin's wife Marina Abdullah was today allowed to meet her detained husband at federal police headquarters Bukit Aman this morning.


Marina, along with two daughters, has been in Bukit Aman since 10.30am.

They brought along chocolates and fizzy drinks for Raja Petra.

This is her first visit following Raja Petra's arrest under the Internal Security Act last Friday.

"My husband has been harrased almost on an hourly basis. He has been denied proper sleep and he does not look good," she said after an-hour long visit.

According to her, her husband has a message for the rakyat - that they should take over the government today.

She also said that lawyers will be filing a writ of habeas corpus seeking his release later today.


Anonymous said...

Puan Marina, you forgot to bring along his pipe and favourite tobacco? Or maybe Bukit Aman does not like the odour to permeate around the IGP room? Never mind, RPK should be out soon. The rakyat expects his release. The new Government shall secure his release. The whole world awaits his release. All eyes are watching intently.

Anonymous said...

Senor Zorro

It is painful inside those blardy cell...cry if you wish Pete but hang in there.



lanaibeach said...

The art of war
Quickly make the opponent weak
In their eyes they see the bogeyman
Running after them

Sleepless nights
The mind growing weak
The body eroding of self renewal
It comes out stupid in administration

The art of war
It makes the enemy seeing shadows
Every corner in its power
It is the devil coming for souls

So they issue statements
Denying the road to doom
For the internal squabbling arising
The weights and measures unbalancing
The leaders dare not say the truth

On the ground many want to believe
The day it will happen in our eyes
The ‘Titanic’ is sinking fast
Rushing water sending out signals
For the wrong direction

The art of war
Make the enemy knows his glory
When he is sleeping
Take over his kingdom

lanaibeach said...

RPK alone in solitary confinement
Under ISA physical and emotional abuses
It can break a person
The police forget
He is a Bugis warrior
He isn’t afraid

The ancestors of his long lineage
Fighting wars on seas and lands
Now the police are facing a man
Born to the Royal Household of Selangor
A descendant of the Bugis warrior

RPK had been there in2001
He knows what it will be like
An experience he has shared
Nothing will break him
Only the truth he fights for it

Alone he stands
Fighting the lap dogs
Barking at him incessantly
For the prince in him
He knows he isn’t beaten yet

The candles vigil
Lighting up his strength
He stands to fight for the truth
Sure he spins his tales
So as people can relate

RPK he knows he is stubborn
The warrior spirit never runs away
Alone to face his adversary
He stands his ground
For the truth and freedom
He fights and cherishes
For the common people like us
And him taking the heat
For he is the Bugis warrior
He takes them all

Anonymous said...

RPK, Stay strong, stay well, our prayers are with you. Your sacrifices to the rakyat and the nation are fully recognized and appreciated by us all. No decent human being needs to put up with this rotten govt.
Botak Hamid, what you are doing will come back to haunt you. Your days are numbered!

Cheeky_me said...

To RPK and family, D Day is coming soon, just be patience. Malaysian are with you and appreciate your contributions.

artic turban said...

my prayers are with RPK AND HIS FAMILY.

I am for a consolidated Malaysian people following the original version and principles of the federal constitution. We need to be working together to progress to greater heights, not these divide and raid the pantry policies. What has been happenning for far too long is the greed and manipulations by warlords and politicians. As stated by Tun Mahathir when he found out and his utter disgust at the , behind his back and hidden hands involved in corruption for e.g. A.P.s, proton etc. 'THE TAIL HAD STARTED TO WAG THE DOG', THE WARLORDS with vested interests had become to hard even for Tun to manage , as shown during his breakdown into tears during his umno speesh, did you see the warlord rafidah-ballon-gajah running like a maniac to the stage practically trampling everyone in her part to get to the stage, not long after this incident she was practically cursing, and berbiadap towards tun as per regarding the APs scandal. well like the saying goes you can't take your money to the grave, as shown how the 'boss' of naza motors passed away. Don't forget the others who got trampled by him, namely his competitors from the bumi class, namely Dato Arshad, his business was practically sabotaged by rafidah's refusal to award APs to his and other bumi businessmen. The Nep, if properly implemented would have helped a lot of malays but alas was hijacked to the detrimment to its proper implementation.
And than there is the kickback syndrome practised by all the Ministries and ministers, an e.g. najib's famous sukhoi and submarine deals, practically 1 billion in kickbacks to so called consultants fees, why, isn't the ministeries the to do these jobs, those kickbacks don't hold water.
SO IT WAS WITH AMMUSEMENT, that I broke out laughing at this propoganda piece on the malaysoian insider, such pompous B.S.,How I really wish one day to read the newspapers writting thought provoking news instead of garbage but than again if you go against the grain and actually print the truth you might get ISA..ed)
here's the amusing bit from M.Insider...
"In terms of qualification and intelligence, the most qualified person to become prime minister is Najib," an economist with a local investment bank who requested anonymity told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

"He has an economics background, and in terms of getting into and understanding issues, he is in a better state than the prime minister"
I have this to ask everyone here, as per regarding, 'najib other, short ,big haido, dwarf half, and her expensive habits', CAN MALAYSIA AFFORD ANOTHER IMELDA MARCOS, albeit a short one? Her signature can be seen in the National service program, the unofficial boss konon nya.

WELL if according to the commentator who says, najib is a good economist, well folks, than its akin to comparing HITLER'S compassion simmillar to Mother ST.Theresa of calcutta. Its a bloody joke amongst the ministries the amount of jacked up prices of essentials, go ask the armed forces tender office, or better still, ask the auditor generals office, why has there been no audit on the armed forces expenditure, 'its hands off', the logic of buying 2 used submarines in the shallow straits of mallacca is a joke, it hold no logic, the sellers must have been laughing in glee to the bank. Now the question arises, knowing the malaysian tendency to cut corners in tenders, WHO ARE GOING TO MAN THESE 2 SUBMARINES, WILL THESE TIN CANS BE ACTUALLY FOR THOSE WITH A DEATH WISH, who will the suckers be?, well like Michael de Nostradamus said only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, Pete. It really looks like we're getting closer to the dream.
Then, you, Teresa, the Hindraf 5 & others will be free. ISA will be repealed.
After which, I hope, there will be a witch-hunt and all the crooks will be exposed, shamed & get what's coming to them. Who knows, maybe some of them will choose to go meet Datuk Z then face the law.

ColorsMalaysian said...

RPK , you have done a good job.
We all know you won't be having easy life there.
May god bless you !

"Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals".
By : Zig Ziglar

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

Anonymous said...

He is a disciple of Mandella.He will survive by all the prays from Malaysians, be it Muslim, Christians,Buddhist, Hindus, Atheist.

Ramadhan supports you RPK. Allah on your side .


Anonymous said...

And poor pete has been relying on Anwar to claim power of the administration. Anwar kept saying he has the numbers merely weeks after March 8th.
He promised us Sept 16.
Sept 16 came, and all we got was a press statement. Now pete's health is on the line..
Anwar, I hope you know what you are doing, because we all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf..

zorro said...

Frust: Anwar used 16 September as a target date. He did not vow that it will be 16 Sept. You have not been following the internet over this date issue. I was at this afternoon's press conference and he announced that he has more than the required number....the exact number is not important. The PM has been informed that a smooth transition is the next step. This is the toughest part. Nobody wants choas and PR is adamant that a promise of a smooth takeover is the constitutional way. Can you empathise with the scenario and situation. This is not Zimbawe nor Mynmar. PR has to do the RIGHT thing. Keep faith with us, please.
I was with Marina the whole afternoon and have a good sense of how Pete is coping. He is drained by incessant interrogation but is still alert, Marina assures us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I pray that what you said is true, especially after watching TV3's 8pm news and seeing Najib's silly smirk as he ridiculed PR and DSAI..telling us "i told you so"...

Anonymous said...

Dear RPK,

Since I couldn't register with MT (yet), at least for now I would write my comment (for the 1st time) here, thanks to Zorro. Be strong, be very very strong, our hearts and strengths are with you, and we will never give up fighting til we see you out of that pit !!

Old Fart said...

Maybe his interrogators do not know. But there will be a change in the government. These interrogators should find out from their friends in South Africa, what happened to the interrogators of the Apartheid era.

They would have to account for their actions. And I guess they can be forgiven once they have divulged everything, like their chain of command etc and what the purpose was. And how they framed this guy or that and so on. And of course for all to see what actually happens they got to be filmed showing how they carry out the various tortures. Maybe they can act out as the subjects.

zorro said...

Frust...check the ratings...viewership of TV3 has been plunging. You smell BN odour all over TV. For local coverage I prefer NTV7- Edition.

Did you also notice Najib wetting his lips....a dry mouth happens when a person is nervous or lying....the body-language experts say so, not me.

Anonymous said...

RPK, be as strong as Nelson Mandela. Let his strength and fortitude in adversity during his incarceration by the apartheid regime be your guide and strength.

All right thinking Malaysians who are against the ISA are with you during this period of your ordeal.

You need not wait long. God willing, you will be out to celebrate the Hari Raya with your loved ones soon.

Be firm in you belief in GOD. HE won't forsake those who believe in HIM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard;
I am suggesting that YM RPK utilitise the Bloggers Defense Fund to launch a counter suit against the PRDM and Home Minister seeking damages. The only defense against BULLIES is offense, even if the suit fails, they will be more careful the next time and stick to procedures (ie hourly interrogation through the nite is NOT investigation but torture).
YM RPK may have his pride, but for the sake of the Defense Fund, bloggers and Malaysians, it is high time to stop the intimidation and harassment of Malaysians speaking their mind. Please tell Pete that a pure defensive game (whether football or politics) is simple no-win; any offense will make it harder for them to intimidate and harass. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

I read MT 5 minutes ago about Marina visit RPK.You quote
"According to her, her husband has a message for the rakyat - that they should take over the government today"
Did RPK said that to Marina?

My two girls and I managed to see RPK at 11:00am this morning (16 September) at the Bukit Aman Police HQ.

He has been sleeping on a wooden platform without any pillow or bedding.

He looked drawn and drained but still alert.

I started informed him that the support he has at home and abroad is keeping us strong and that should be enough for him too to continue to be strong. I also told him that the Pakatan Raykat has the numbers to form the next government and it is just a matter of time that we would soon get him out.

He has lost weight and his sugar level has dived from 8 to 4. I urged him to eat and to drink a lot of water. In fact we brought him his favorites: a 6-pack coke, chocolates, fresh plums, shepherd’s pie and caramel custard. Raja Petra asked us to take them back. He said that those interrogating him would try to use these food items as inducements to get him to co-operate. RPK said he did not want to be beholden to them. They will use favours they grudgingly grant and use these as trade offs.

He complained that the food supplied is such that our two cats will not even eat. But I encouraged him that despite that, he has to eat. He replied that he has no appetite and that most of the time he is tired as they are interrogating him incessantly. They come to his cell (8X8 concrete box without windows) and harass him at all hours of the day and night taking hourly turns having a video camera at all times. One time they brought a prayer mat and the Koran to his cell and just said so you don’t want this and took it away recording all this.

Sometimes they just come to the cell every half hourly to peep into his cell with the loud clicking of the peep hole keeping him awake. They are interrogating him on all his articles and at this stage it is on his articles on Islam. They said he has no right to write about Islam because we (his family) don’t live like Muslims and they were not sure whether we prayed or not as how all good Muslims should.

During our visit a video camera was trained on us all the time that I was with RPK. There were always two officers in the room with us for the whole duration. When an officer came in to tell us that we had 10 minutes left, I took the opportunity to brief him on all the happenings related to his being in the ISA...

Teresa Kok arrested; the reporter arrested and then released after 16 hours; the candlelight vigils at Bukit Aman, Bloghouse and Dewan Sri Penang. I told him that he has made history on the ISA issue that the even the Barison Nasional component partners, Gerakan, MCA, PPP and some Ministers and even Zaid Ibrahim has resigned over the wrongful use of the ISA, about the awesome crowd at Kelana Jaya Stadium last night and about the Free RPK banners around the stadium and how the crowd of about 20,000 chanted ‘bebaskan RPK’ .

I also told him that I was going to the lawyer’s office after our visit to file habeas corpus and to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Press Conference at 2pm on the cross overs.

I informed him that our team of lawyers will be seeing him on Thursday at 11am, but the police called my lawyers in the afternoon and changed the time to 10am tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !!

Al said...

To RPK ... Hang in there ... we're with you all the way.

To the rest ... we, the Malaysian people will not forget about this ... nor will will ever forgive! The idiotic Home Minister and lousy PM. PDRM is just doing their job ... just following orders ... and as PM - you have the authority to put a stop to this ... you stupid moron!!

I for one, is hoping & praying hard that these bunch of goons will be put out for good ... sooner or later. The longer it drags ... the worst it would be for them.

Stay calm & stay together people ... lets work to make Malaysia a better place to live for all of us. PM & the sleepy cabinet ... you better watch out!

Anonymous said...

Long live RPK we are all with you ou here!God Bless you !