Friday, September 26, 2008


SHAME, SHAME on you Pakatan Rakyat. You are doing exactly what you condemned the BN government of doing. Why is it so urgent that the Selangor Government has to decide that the temple must go and why is it so important that it has to be done during this season of Ramadan....desecrating a place of worship during this holy month. I challenge the Selangor Government to give answers.....straight half-baked passing the buck. Who gave the final word to bring down the the Sri Maha Kaliamman temple in Kampung Tasik, Jalan Baru in Ampang? Were the temple management given SUFFICIENT time to relocate if it was on illegal land? Were the temple management given opportunity to remove the statues and temple paraphenalia before the demolition crew demolished the said temple? The rakyat wants answers to these questions? Or has the BN cancer found residence in the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government. The dentist must be grinning deliriously.

I am against any demoloition of any place of worship. Even if it is built haphazardly, and even if it is built illegally this is no way to prove a point. There is always these two words: compromise and negotiation. Did the Pakatan Rakyat exhaust all options? This time I agree with Samy:

"The demolition of the temple in Padang Jawa (Selangor) just before the 2008 general election in March 8 had angered many Hindus, and this was one of the reasons the Indian voters voted against the Barisan Nasional.

"But today, you see the same situation happening in a state government that is controlled by the opposition," he said.

Besides the dentist going into orgasmic delirium, Samy would be sharpening his knives to
o, whilst Selangor weilds their wrecking balls. Don't come up with the stale excuse that the wrecking crew are UMNO people. Proof is all we need.

Just remember that the people voted the Pakatan Rakyat in and they have the same power to get PR out of Selangor.



RitchieLow said...

Think it is the local enforcement officers who can't mend their ways even with a change of guards. Guess they have to be voted out (local gov on yet ?) too.

Anonymous said...

The council did it without the PR's permission.

artic turban said...

Bernard it seems this incident is a case of primo sabotage by bn kunchus, It looks to me PAKATAN HAS BEEN SABOTAGED AGAIN, WHAT I HAVE TO SAY IS SACK THE WHOLE LOT OF THE CIVIL SERVANTS, there has been a concerted effort to sabotage the work being done by the pakatan led states, by the civil servants, maybe what will work is to set some examples, like sacking them and filing criminal reports against them for creating racial tensions, going beyond their duty to ignore the state instructions, I think the time has come to replace the heads of the mpaj, INvestigate all the enforcement divisions, bring in their own QUALIFIED/civil servants and TO OVERSEE, look and learn on the S.O.P. of all these SEPERATE DEPTS, also have teams set up in every dept, the people can be employed from NGO'S OR RETIREES. TO WATCH OVER THESE saboteurs. once caught what can be done is to suspend with a (warning letter stating one more and you are out) immediatly, no transfer no pass go, THE PAKATAN SHOULD ALSO INCLUDE AN INTRODUCE INTO THE CIVIL SERVICE WORKING CONTRACT NEW RULES INCLUSIVE OF , HEAVY PENALTIES FOR SABOTAGE, CORRUPTION, GO SLOW TACTICS. COMMON SENSE SHOULD PREVAIL, HOW TO GET THINGS DONE, Pakatan should create a team led by MAYBE, FROM KELANTAN CIVIL SERVICE PEOPLE, CREATE A G.M.P. TEAM, (good management practisec) strengthten the civil service. below is an excrept regarding the temple demolition, it is self explainotary.

"MPAJ Demolished the Hindu Temple in Ampang, The Executive Council & MP Had No Knowledge, Until It Was Too Late!"
The title of this post & all the info I am sharing here, is from my short phone conversation with the Ampang MP, Puan Zuraida Kamaruddin. This is her blog & please expect a formal statement from her on Malaysiakini.

According to Zuraida, they only became aware of the temple being demolished as it was happening. As she was outstation, she sent her PKR members & Aduns to the scene. By the time they arrived, it was too late, as MPAJ had nearly demolished the whole temple.

Zuraida also claimed that she had settled the situation with the locals & temple committee members & promised to do her best & take action on those responsible. Zuraida also suspects agent provocateurs & possible hidden MIC supporters were involved and are behind this effort. No further complaints were brought up to the opposition there & she was surprised herself by the police report & Samy's statements (below).

If you ask me, something smells real fishy here. Very few people will trust Samy Vellu & MIC anyway. Let's wait & see what happens.

Here is the whole Malaysiakini article for your reference:

Samy slams temple demolition in Pakatan-controlled S'gor
Sep 25, 08 5:17pm

MIC president S Samy Vellu today condemned the action by a local council in Selangor to demolish a Hindu temple in Ampang early this month.

In a statement, he said this went against the opposition's promise during the last general election not to demolish any temples.

He said the Selangor state government, controlled by the opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat, should have ordered the local not to demolish the temple.

"It is very careless of the local council to demolish the temple without first relocating the temple," he added.

Samy Vellu was commenting on a newspaper report today that the demolition of the Sri Maha Kaliamman temple in Kampung Tasik, Jalan Baru in Ampang took place on Sept 9 this year.

The report stated that after being informed of the demolition of the temple yesterday, Selangor MIC Youth chief M Yogeswaran immediately lodged a report at the Ampang police station.

State gov't must explain

Samy Vellu said the local council should have consulted or sought permission from the temple management and secure an alternative land to relocate the temple.

"The demolition of the temple in Padang Jawa (Selangor) just before the 2008 general election in March 8 had angered many Hindus, and this was one of the reasons the Indian voters voted against the Barisan Nasional.

"But today, you see the same situation happening in a state government that is controlled by the opposition," he said.

The MIC president said Selangor local councilors and executive council (exco) members should concentrate on matters that were important, “rather then seeking cheap publicity by exposing what they claim as irregularities in the previous state government.”

Samy Vellu wanted the Selangor state government to explain to the people, especially the Hindus as to how they allowed the local council to demolish the temple.

"A full explanation must be given immediately and bring the culprits to justice," he added.

(Update) Excerpts from a Bernama report:

When contacted by Bernama, Ampang Member of Parliament Zuraidah Kamarudin said the temple was not supposed to have been demolished and that there were certain procedures which had to be followed, prior to the demolition.

She said the council had demolished the temple without the state government's consent.

"The Pakatan Rakyat government is very particular about religious issues, including mosques or temples," she added.

She said the state government was in the midst of discussion with the local council on the issue and further action would be taken after a thorough investigation of the matter.

"We have met the temple management and the Hindu residents in the area and have explained the situation to them. They understand the situation and they agreed to be patient until investigations are completed," she added.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this country, same play, different actors?
The PR govt, should and must, get to the bottom of this matter and find out exactly who the culprits were. If they went against the directive of the Selangor State Govt, immediate dismissal must be enforced.
No excuse, no dilly dally, just act!

Anonymous said...

breaking a temple is not threat to internal security

but asking a mosque to lower down its volume ,NOT for prayer but for religious ceramah, is a threat to internal security !!


Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
I read your posts daily and they are usually fair but this time I must disagree with what you have written. It is obvious that the demolition was done in spite of PR's standing instructions to lay off. It's a clear act of defiance and sabotage to embarrass the PR govt. It seems to have succeeded if the likes of you can come out with such strong statements against it. Have you read the Star on Ronnie Liu's rebuttal?I fear your objectivity has been clouded by the lake development project which you so vehemently oppose and blame on the PR state govt. Have you ever considered that the state govt may be hampered by various exigencies and may not be able to reverse decisions concluded by the previous govt without running into possible legal complications?
I hope to see the righteous Zorro reemerging after this blip. I hope I'm not witnessing another turn around like Rocky....
Yours respectfully. BL.

Bentoh said...

I think the EXCO holding local government portfolio, and chairing the non-muslim affairs committee, YB Ronnie Liu (who is also one of the most unlikeable opposition politician) to resign for he can't even make MPAJ listen to him...

and how can no one inform him about the incident when the MPAJ officials were tearing down the temple?

RESIGN and uphold the dignity of DAP & PR...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Do we now have a 'run-away' government
Whereby some can do what they like as a 'department'
Without bothering about others and their sentiments
With damage done that's clearly foolish detriment

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260908
Fri. 26th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

i dont believe the state instructed, its the local council that so faithful to the bn .. a sabotage .. pandai the sami valu push all to PR ..

Anonymous said...

Let's not over react. Let the Selangor PR Govt conduct an enquiry to get to the bottom of this. The rakyat want straight answers and fast. No spins, no excuses but complete transparency. Culprits must be brought to the book. The rakyat is watching!!

Unknown said...

Hope that this is an act of sabotage by the local council and not by a mere mistake by PR.

However, shame on you PR goverment in Selangor. This demolition is a big slap on your face. You had betrayed all the indian brother who had voted for you.

You owe us a BIG explanation and BIG apology to all PR supporters on this.

Anonymous said...

It is high time to sack the MPAJ fellas who did not follow directives.

The new Pakatan government in Selangor and the other Pakatan-led states should monitor the conduct and performance of the civil servants, many of whom are not apolitical. As civil servants whose salaries and bonuses are paid by the rakyat, they should concentrate on doing their job responsibly and efficiently to serve the rakyat.

As in the private sector, disciplinary action should be taken against those who do not perform or are guilty of misconduct. There are many apolitical, jobless, retrenched, qualified and efficient workers who are interested in doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

As reported in "The Star", the MPAJ President has submitted a report for Ronnie Liu's attention but Ronnie Liu was away in China.

It is noticed that some elected representatives from Pakatan Rakyat do not seem to be concentrating on serving the rakyat.

Some are out of the country often; some start work at 10am or later and work 5 days (come on lah, many directors, CEOs and managers in the private sector work from 9 to 5, in addition to weekends, and staying late!); some do not seem to have time to even update their blogs - what a shame!

We just hope they are not living it up enjoying their new-found fame, position, power, salaries and perks, busy setting up and running businesses on the side (as many probably earned a small fraction of what they get now courtesy of the rakyat!); or going for their own "lawatan sambil belajar" otherwise they may find themselves booted out in the next election by their paymasters - the rakyat!

zorro said...

Anon 5:18pm

Please understand my function. I often take the role of a devil's advocate to elicit comments, feedback and challenges. I am not a card-carrying member of any political party. I have a wider mandate this way and my focus is the CAUSE...which is a New Malaysia. Any party be it PR or BN who veer from this cause will get my attention and comment. I do not claim to be a savior of anything, but just an advocate for a cause. I link the lake to this because Yayasan Selangor is a joint developer. Of course the agreement was with the former State Government. I was hoping that this present government can withdraw from this agreement. Here again it is a CAUSE. I hope you understand. This post ask many questions and we just want answers from the horse's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Other than demolishing temples,what actually can our MPAJ do ? They are trying to outdo our police force I suppose.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

More reasons to have local council election.
PR must be stern and have the will to fire any civil servants who are slacking

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:

Temple was demolished for rebuilding works as confirmed by its committee.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to wait for an answer from PR? ..Im still waiting to see what action is taken against the PR leader who disrupted the BAR council forum.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Premier said over the milk tainting scandal... Public confidence can only be regained by unrelenting punishment on those who have committed those acts! Can ours leaders ever learn?

Shanghai Fish said...

zorro, much of the work in Public sectors are still hampered by the "still in employ" and loyal sympathisers of the former state govt run by Toyo. Getting rid of these goons would be PR's first duty but no, they did not. Sack them now ? otherwise we get "the same shit different day" routine. situation.

Anonymous said...

You think anwar has time for temples?
he is only crazy to be prime minister