Tuesday, September 30, 2008


pic per kindness of BODOHLAND


Dear Raja Petra Kamarudin (and Marina and family)
It's the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri
A fellow blogger humbly writeth with warm wishes
And prayers for your wellbeing and safety
That you'd be secure in His abode divine
And to thy family: peace and serenity
I know thou art God-fearing and His Angels will watch o'er thee

My fellow Malaysian, this ode is in praise of thy sacrifice
Out of your deepest love for our NegaraKu
If after all human efforts fail to achieve your liberation
and that of some sixty fellow brothers giving of their life's best
I'll with other peace-loving Malaysians will not rest
We will continue the quest for thy release

We shall remember it's the kind of September ten years ago
Reformasi with thy comrades we sang our ode to freedom
In this season of goodwill
Among brothers and sisters above colour, creed and race
We will light the candle of peace
and seek the final release
From oppression of all human kind
Until everyone other chained by the Cruel one
Is release to the bosomy kiss of the Malaysian sun
and the embrace of tender September wind and showers
of blessing of love, charity and release
from all worldly bonds

Because you taught us to see the face of cruelty of Masters
of abuse, oppression and indulgence
Will one day be overcome by what is inherently Right
So well fought for by one dear to all we call Pete
One day soon, we will again celebrate

Till then, take care
Have faith, believe

Desi, 10.00PM September 29, 2008


from all the fishermen


Anonymous said...

United we stand.....and we all stand behind Pete.

Selamat Hari Raya dear Pete & family.

My 17 year old niece sent a Raya card to Pete. Funny thing is that instead of signing her own name, she signed off 'Your supporters' (that includes her 15 year old sister and 13 year old brother). Therefore, Pete should be proud that his effort for a better tomorrow is much appreciated by the younger generation.

Take care, Pete. We pray for your good health and safety.

bayi said...

There is no point in trying to get the government to change its stand on ISA. The government is deaf to us, the voters.

May the Lord grant peace and tranquility to all the ISA detainees.

We are with you, RPK!

Unknown said...

selamat hari raya Pete & Family.

also to all malaysians, have wonderful holiday.

remember not to waste our money, and energy attending BN Open Houses; they are spending our monies!

lucia said...

my friend, martin jalleh, a great writer who had already written lots of interesting articles, had one article in honour of RPK too. please read about it here.

last week i sent a raya postcard to RPK quoting one of the beautitudes - 'blessed are those who are persecuted in the name of justice, theirs will be the kingdom of god'.

zorro said...

Lucida, good girl....Pete will appreciate it and I will pass this on to Marina. On thursday, the 2nd day of raya, a few of us will meet the penang delegation at 11am in front of Kem Kamunting. Marina will be there too....she is allowed visits on 1st and 2nd day of raya.