Tuesday, September 9, 2008


YES, the title of this post refers to the Minister who self-annointed himself as the most powerful, the one who can give you the finger and then send you to Kamunting. Yes he recently threatened to send Raja Petra Kamarudin to my hometown. He played God, pooh, pooh, the PM and tells all that RPK should be in Kamunting. Only a few religious groups made police report against RPK but I did not hear anyone of them echoing Baldy's injunctions. God gives us certain powers on earth.If you MISUSE those powers, there will be retribution. Here I like to take my readers back to the Minister of Home Affairs who years ago gave the order to put the late Pak Samad Ismail under the ISA. Whilst Tan Sri Samad Ismail was incarcerated for five years, this Minister strutted the world stage and called himself King Guz. I am told King Guz is a pathetic figure of a man, languishing away lonely and summarily abandoned by his family. That's retribution. NO? Was it Thomas a Kempis who said among many other things: Man proposes, God disposes......; God's ways are wonderful.

Yester noon, at the CPI Website launch, Dr. Lim Teck Ghee asked me how RPK was taking the threat. I remember replying, "In his usual stride, but he could use some support from civil society."

The following is CPI's/All Blog's response:

Joint Press Statement by National Alliance of Bloggers and Centre for Policy Initiatives

SOS on Raja Petra Kamarudin to Fellow Malaysians

During the last few days there has been an ominous and increasing crescendo of messages – written and verbal – indicating the imminent arrest and detention of fellow blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

We hope that the Government is not contemplating this action. To alleviate the widespread public uproar and concern – national and international – that this shortsighted action will precipitate, we call on the authorities that may be planning this action to take heed of this SOS; to immediately cease all targeting of Raja Petra through the ISA or any other repressive measure; and to come out instead with an assurance that
1. no such ISA order is being envisaged to be served on Raja Petra
2. Raja Petra is free to continue his writings on the vital matters affecting the country
3. the draconian legislation of the ISA will not be used on Raja Petra or any other Malaysian blogger to punish them for their dissenting views and opinions.

In our view - and if the Government should care to undertake an independent survey, in the view of the great majority of Malaysians and non-Malaysians - Raja Petra in no way poses a threat to the country’s peace and security. Rather, he poses a threat to those individuals and organizations that he perceives as engaging in unconscionable and dastardly acts and activities that are bringing ruin to the nation. Many Malaysians too are of the opinion that his website contains some of the most incisive analysis on the ills that beset our nation. Further attempts to take down his website or to shackle his freedom of expression is not only an attack on a fearless, principled and ethical patriot but they will also be construed as an attempt to restrict our freedom of information and expression, a move that will take the country further down the road of authoritarianism.

While we respect the right to freedom of speech and information, we also advise all Bloggers and other online writers to exercise the same high ethical standards expected of journalists in the traditional media. We do not condone lies and malice in the Internet and should not only stand by what we write - we must be able to defend the truth of what we write.

We emphasise that in our view the current laws pertaining to Sedition and Defamation apply equally to print and online media and should be deterrent enough to check "irresponsible" writings. Hence we urge that there be no resort to a draconian law such as the Internal Security Act to hold peace-loving Malaysian writers to ransom."

A democratic government should not for one moment entertain - let alone pursue - the charges that have been leveled against Raja Petra. To isolate those forces in the system that are bent on using the repressive instruments of the state against various opponents for their own benefit, we call on

1. all fair-minded and honest leaders from the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat parties to speak out - privately and publicly - against any attempt to use the ISA against Raja Petra;
2. component parties of the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to publicly oppose any intended incarceration of Raja Petra under the ISA;
3. civil society, professional and other organizations and private individuals to demand that the Government guarantees Raja Petra’s freedom of expression and undertakes not to use the ISA against him now or in the future.

We hope that good sense will prevail in our country’s leadership. Any act of repression against Raja Petra especially at this particular time will not go unquestioned or unanswered. We are confident that hundreds of thousands - if not millions of Malaysians – will stand firmly to make their dissenting views known should the Government choose to silence Raja Petra through the use of the ISA.

Statement released by

Ahirudin Attan Interim President, National Alliance of Bloggers (AllBlogs)

Dr Lim Teck Ghee, Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives.

Kuala Lumpur, 9 September 2008




Anonymous said...

it's aweways CPI's pleasure and privilege to work wit' AllBlogs Prez and distinguished looking (I mean ala piper Sherlock Holmes:)Zorro:):) -- YL,Desi

Anonymous said...

If ever that bloke jail RPK under ISA I will for the first time in my life go to the street to protest (peacefully).

Anonymous said...

I have never demo before but yes if RPK is arrested under ISA I will have my first demo.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the same King Guz who, a few years(about 3) back bemoaned that Malaysian cannot think?! Thanks to his role in helping in creating such a situation! These buggers are always ironic.

zorro said...

wits0: same S.O.B. that our Baldy is trying very hard to emulate.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

We are being closely watched
By the good Lord up above
That we don't simply catch
Anyone with the wrong glove

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090908
Tue. 9th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

RPK is a phenomenal individual. They fear him, especially Syed Al Blur. That's why they're threathening him. But not to worry, like Zorro said, retribution is coming soon. A lot of people are praying for our nations deliverance and that includes the safety of its citizens especially the safety of YM RPK.

If ever RPK is detained, a mass civil disobedience movement must and will start in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

RPK is a great Malaysian. Should UMNO-BN send him to Kamunting, I will march with my fellow Malaysians to set him free.

God bless RPK.

Anonymous said...

hear hear... well done on d statement... well done all who made it happen.

Starmandala said...

The Umno/BN administration will be abolished before Syed Humid can hit RPK with the ISA. Before the end of 2008, the ISA itself - along with a host of archaic, 19th century laws all designed to suppress truth from toppling those in power - will be only a very bad dream we all had.

Let this be so!

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone rem tht plane crash king guz was involved in... the one tht killed the pilot? i was a kid then. wht really happened?

Anonymous said...

Not even a whisper from this bald headed monkey, on the racist remarks made by the ugly gorilla from the northern city. Now this monkey is active again, finding faults with RPK who dares speak the truth. This evil HM Syed Hamid, is a disgrace to mankind, even, when he spits, the grass below his feet will wither away.

Anonymous said...

saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya...

lihatlah ni...

Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

Rakyat Malaysia!
Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

To answer ella-mae's question...


On Jan 10, 1982, a light plane with three people on board plunged into the jungle near Janda Baik, Pahang. The crash made headlines for the sole reason that then foreign minister Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie was one of the passengers.

Ghazali survived but not his aide-de-camp, ASP Charon Daam, and co-pilot Vergis Chacko. RANJEETHA PAKIAM speaks to the Chacko family and friends of the genial co-pilot...

But foreign minister Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, then 59, miraculously escaped....

Sixteen months later, a much-publicised inquest into the deaths of the two men was held at the Bentong magistrate’s court on May 14-18.

On June 22, 1983, coroner Abdullah Sidek gave his verdict: "Death due to accident".

Abdullah said from the evidence adduced, it had been established that the cause of the crash was due to an error of judgment on the part of the "pilots" who entered a cloud over a pass called the Waterworks Gap.

("Pilots" - which one ? The owner of the plane or the co-pilot ? Alot of other unanswered questions?) flyer168

Abdullah said Vergis died because of shock and fracture of the neck combined with internal bleeding, and Charon had succumbed to shock and fractures to the base of the skull and neck.

"After the inquest, the chapter was closed," said Chacko.

Charon, a Malaysian-Thai, was survived by Teaw Suan Aim and four children, three girls and a boy, aged between four and 13.

Charon, appointed ADC to Ghazali in 1978 and described as a "soft-spoken gentleman officer", was cremated at the Siamese temple in Padang Sera, Jitra in Kedah.

Ghazali, or "King Ghaz" as the minister was known, is in his 80s and leads a quiet life now.

After his resignation from Cabinet, he continued to be active in politics right up to 2001 as a member of the Umno disciplinary committee.

He was also involved in social, cultural and sporting activities and was the head of numerous national bodies.

As for the Chacko family, the memory of Vergis still lives on.

"Although it is 25 years since he passed on, we will still remember this beautiful flower that continues to bloom in our hearts," said Chacko.

shar101 said...


How come this joint press statement is posted here but NOT at Rocky's as well?

Anywayz, am putting it at OBE, K?

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

Yes, the Statement released by Ahirudin Attan Interim President, National Alliance of Bloggers (AllBlogs) & Dr Lim Teck Ghee, Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives on 9 September 2008 is timely indeed to remind ALL on the "Intimidations & Threats" on our YM RPK.

The Powers-that-be, if at all, must apply the "Rule of Law" & nothing less on its "Targets" instead of "Hiding behind Mummy's sarong" with its Draconian ISA = Jungle law !
The “Dreaded” time & language has finally arrived - yes, the “Critical, Dangerous & Ugly” Political situation developing in this great nation, precipated by the “Evil & Desperate” Powers-that-be, provoking & inciting “Racial & Religious” divide amongst the downtrodden “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”.

Just give them more rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn towards their “Demise” soon.

“Devine Intervention” works wonders & with the “Anarchy” developing within their ranks of “Wannabe Young UMNOputra Heroes” aka “Pendatangs” also, they have their own “Enemies” from within !

PM & DPM have lost the “Plot” altogether & this “UMNO Anarchy” will be the “Mother of the BN Self-Desruct” mechanism in full action.

We have to be virgilant, stay UNITED, stay calm, have Faith in God Almighty for His Blessings, Protection & Guidance so that we will not fall into the BN “Chaos Trap”.

Anonymous said...

Ella-mae, that's a good one which I was about to mention. Apparently the fault all fell on the pilot who died and this monkey miraculously survived, dangling from a tree.

He also had a flying license and might as well have been at the control, instead, knowing such gung-ho types.

GobloKing said...

GOOD Question Shar!

I definitely would post this if I co-signed the letter; whether or not it is my initiative; but in defence of RPK

I have not seen it on any other blogs except this one either.

And kind of Z to thank those who initiated & authored this press statement

Yes RPK is a divisive figure but he's not alone in the asylum. Put me in too.

For me he is defending Islam to the laymen & slamming fake Muslims.

What is wrong with that?

Am I a good Christian if I went to church 7/week & proclaim to all I am a practising Christian but steal, lie & loot?

If through questioning we accept, the faith is much stronger in us

GobloKing said...

Sorry All
Rocky did post the statement on rocky2 on sept 10.

It's just that I read this sttaement here in Z's site Sept 9 & only now have enuff internet access to post my comments today sept 10

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
Appreciate if you could post pictures of RPK in more upbeat poses unlike this one which gives an impression that RPK is looking forlorn and lack oomph.
In politics perception is everything and such photos can give impetus to the enemy to be more determined in their attack on RPK!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

In 2004 GE11, the Malaysian Voters have had given the PeeM AAB 90% of the seats in Parliament with a Mandate of almost full support but what had he done to Malaysia, with his arrogance & ungratefulness, he tried to oppress & betray the Rakyats' trust in him and mismanage the Government and suppressed the MSM News and spun lies and deceits. What could PeeM AAB ever do anything to Ahmad Ismail BUT A SLAP ON THE HAND OF A MERE 3 YEARS SUSPENSION??? As he himself professes & shares like-minded with Ahmad Ismail the same common seditious thoughts BUT HE THREATENS THE DISSENTING MASSES & BLOGGER RPK WITH ISA THAT IS THE MISUSE OF EXECUTIVE POWERS AND DID TRY TO BRING IN THE ARMY TO OPPRESS THE MASSES.

Light-up the Candles now and but justice for all ISA detainees come the new dawn of Malaysia soon.

Where is the justice & freedom of expression because all our MSM News are suppressed or spun, where have the Truth and Merdeka gone to, perhaps the goons under BN Government, ok??? Malaysia is going backwards after 51 years instead of going forward under the Racist UMNO, calling the “Chinese Squatters” to leave and “Babi Cabinet” if Anwar wins Permantang Pauh and if he forms the Pakatan Rakyats’ Federal Government. What independence is there when there is none but a Police State in the making and where is the Justice for Altantuya and those in the ISA detention without trial or rights of appeal to seek natural justice???
The UMNO Government is afraid that more cans of worms will be spilled by RPK and therefore they banned his blogsite which is a futile attempt to block information in this IT age, of course this is because of this Present Moronic Government is corrupt and dirty therefore on the pretext of helping the Rakyats, they could extract, swindle and plunder more money from the Budget Deficit and with most of the Deficit Money coming from Petronas. Look for example at the Crystal Mosque’s and Mariner Club’s Fiasco in Terengganu’s Billions in Wang Ehsan, Billions had been lost as white elephants. The cancellation of the Johore Scenic Bridge, Penang Second Bridge and LRT Projects at the whims and fancies of the Flip Flop, Incompetent and Sleeping PeeM at the last minutes is wasting Multi Millions Ringgits in Public Funds had shown proof of the PeeM’s mismanagement of the Government and wastage of the Public Financial Resources and all these wasted funds could not be salvaged to aid and assist the Malaysian Poor Citizens of all races. If Malaysia still keep him in power it will further damage and erode the Wealth of our Nation and our National Wealth could be decimated in no time.
The same could happen to all the empty promises of aid and help to the Rakyats these could all be lip service only unless it is monitored by reputable NGOs. On the irreversible Food Prices inflation, the unnecessary Moronic previous price hike on Petrol & Diesel had caused great permanent damage to the Food Price Structure and even if the price cut to Petrol and Diesel revert to their original prices prior to their hike, it will not revert the Food prices back to their original state and only the PeeM is to be solely blamed for his unwarranted Fuel Price Hike. His 2009 budget did not help the Rakyats’ quelled their immediate hardship suffered nor did that help them solve their Transport Problems immediately with multiple schemes but none available immediately with all the empty rhetorics but nothing concrete that could solve their immediate problems after years of neglect from this incompetent sleeping PeeM. As it is he is still sleeping and still unaware of what the 27 Million Rakyats wanted, needed and aspired to have coming soon??? THROW THEM OUT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, Come Sept 16, 2008 send them home to sleep forever he is no longer needed.