Thursday, September 18, 2008


It is inevitable that the BN will never allow an easy or smooth transition of governance. The recalcitrant BN has too much to lose, materially. No amount of dialogue, diplomacy or horse-trading will help. It may even hamper and delay the coming of New Malaysia.

Those MPs who have made a signed declaration to cross the floor should step forward themselves, otherwise even your signature on the declaration can be questioned.






Anonymous said...

How many of the BN's MP dare to crossover on their own?

RPK will put these BN's wannabe heroes to shame and yet today he's under detention for the sake of Malaysians and Anwar Ibrahim.

Tunggu apa lagi?

Anonymous said...

Look at the accolades that Zaid Ibrahim received from the public from just standing firmly on the principles he believed in. The same too for all of you conscientious lawmakers who genuinely wants to see a New Malaysia free of oppression, corruption and abuse of power. Its not about being brave but being sincere, standing firmly on your principles and being unwavering in your public pledges of wanting to see to the needs of the long suffering rakyat. Is this too much for the rakyat who have voted for you to ask from you? Please come forward and join us to be part of a new Malaysia.

panca said...

No amount of wealth can replace your displayed sincerity again by coming forward, your guts will be cherished by the Rakyat that is awaiting your consistency in fighting for CHANGE. Hail to as what you have given your oath in the SD. IT IS NOW THE TIME TO STEP FORWARD AND BE COUNTED!

YM RPK is fighting for all of us. Please complete this IMPORTANT MISSION. This Bravery will be bring Great Reward to The Nation and RPK is our Nation Hero, Walk together in the MALAYSIAN HALL OF HEROES.

Anonymous said...


On Tuesday, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim needed 31 defectors from the Barisan Nasional to topple Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's government.

A day later, the number shrank to 29 after a small Sabah party, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), pulled out of the BN. Although it remained independent, the Sabah party's withdrawal indirectly helped Anwar's cause.

Nevertheless, Anwar was unable to muster enough support to take over the reins of power from the BN by the Sept 16 — Malaysia Day — deadline that he had set for himself months ago.

That has seriously dented his credibility but a big question remains: Has he failed, or has his rise to the PM's office merely been briefly postponed?

Thanks to his masterful manipulation of public perception, few people were willing to write him off immediately.

Anwar claimed on Tuesday to have slightly more than 31 pledges from BN MPs, and said that he wanted to meet Abdullah to negotiate a smooth transition of power.

Like all things involving him, though, opinion is bitterly divided as to whether he really does have that number of MPs.

Some observers insist it was all a bluff gone wrong. Others say it will only be a brief roadblock on his road to Putrajaya.

Anwar may or may not have the MPs he claims to have, especially enough Malay-Muslim parliamentarians. But what is clear is that he has little time left to make his move.

His credibility will continue to suffer unless he can show something for all his months of boasting.

“I think that his support from the crossovers is predicated on him being able to form the next government,” said political analyst Ong Kian Ming.

“If they firmly support Anwar, they would have crossed over by now, or shown open defiance like the SAPP.”

It is unthinkable for most MPs to leave the government and move to the opposition.

Anwar needs to make sure they remain confident in him. If he does not move within days, many doubts will be raised in the minds of these “defecting” MPs.

PM Abdullah has already rejected a meeting with Anwar. It would be seen as a sign of weakness for the Prime Minister to succumb to a demand from the opposition leader, even though it might pay off for the ruling party.

The opposition leader will be forced to produce a list of names as he promised, and thus reveal his hand.

Anwar has now said he would mull over his options with his Pakatan Rakyat partners.

His obvious move is to seek an audience with the King to inform him that he has the majority of the MPs with him. Under the Malaysian Constitution, the King appoints as PM the person who enjoys the confidence of the majority of the MPs.

Anwar could also wait until Parliament convenes again on Oct 13 to try to move for a vote of no-confidence.

There have been attempts by his supporters to point out the obstacles to such unprecedented moves.

But whatever he chooses to do, it is imperative that Anwar makes it clear soon. The fact that the SAPP chose to go it alone, which is rather suicidal in Malaysian politics, indicates that it does not believe that the Pakatan Rakyat will be in power any time in the near future.

Indeed, Anwar's options have narrowed considerably since Sept 16.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Its time for those MPs together with Anwar to come out as a group.
By remaining quiet will not do any good at all.
Since bodohwi issued a threat to use ISA on Anwar , this means any meeting between both of them is jeopardize.
By Anwar alone , he cannot seek an audience with the Agong , as Anwar is only armed with a list of names.
Not asking any of the MPs to be a hero here.
But to be responsible and to stand up for the rights of ordinary Malaysian who suffered under the reins of terror and oppression of the bn.

" Without today , there will be no tomorrow"

Anonymous said...

is that a picture of a TOTAL ECLIPSE ? tell you what old hound dog ,get your tooth paste , brush and a couple of goodmorning towels.Heard kickdafella need a checkers mate. CHECK !

Anonymous said...

the problem is, is there really MPs who want to do the cross-over? or is it just one of Anwar's tactic in playing the psych-war?
Even we don't really know the real details rite.

Anonymous said...

These MPs have more the loss than gain PERSONALLY!

The only things they will gain is SUPPORT FROM RAKYAT but they will lose freedom, pwoer and money

Pak Zawi said...

Hopefully they will heed the people's call for them to serve the people and not their personal self. Let us have a new government that have the people in their heart.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

David(SAPP) has struck GOLIATH for the people, now every one of the MPs must realise that they were voted to serve the people, those who stick to the old ways, we'll just have to RECORD them and remind the voters in the next election..... if the peoples matters than they'll know the right thing to do.

“Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it”

Albert Einstein quotes (German born American Physicist)

Anonymous said...

Haris rocked at DSAI's PC just now!!!!

Managed to get some screenshots from the live streaming & posted with comments...(well done Anil once again!!)

Shows that DSAI & PR are starting to feel the strain... just need that one good shot at it, but not getting the aim...

keep them candles burning for RPK, St Teresa & the rest.... this is not over by a long shot!


Anonymous said...

They won't cross over as it's not in their self interest to do so. I'm not holding my breath.

lanaibeach said...

The darkness sing
Of those who will be sunk
The hollowness of the dark
It awaits those greedy ones

The hammering in desperation
Looking for a way out
In darkness it is all black
No light no leading the way

The vultures bid time
Knowing the greed will come
Of desperate leaders on desperate measures
The darkness sing

The dark soldiers assemble
For the days and nights rule
Capturing the simmering light
If only they know the truth

The leaders of the light
Better move quickly
For the plotting has begun
Don’t you hear the darkness sing?

The truth will be told
No matter how many nights come
The light will shine for all
Believing it; a small step to freedom

Anonymous said...

Thursday, September 18, 2008
YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim leaving Pakatan Rakyat?
This is abuzz! Just go anywhere from the Concorde Hotel coffee house, to Taman Melawati food courtyard where people are talking about YB BABI is leaving PR to join Umno, with the help of some upstart Umno members, and the infamous 4th Flor boys.
Talks are some anti-Najib supreme council members and some old Umno members, not veteran, for the word implies something good, are trying to manoeuvre a move to bring YB BABI back into Umno and "forced" Pak Lah to make him the deputy prime minister and Pak Lah as a caretaker PM until YB BABI takes over possibly making KJ as the deputy prime minister.
I am willing to subscribe to this as just that, a rumour and nothing else but after seeing how NST spun a non-existing statement purportedly to have been made by Najib and condoned by the prime minister, I cannot scoff off the rumour about YB BABI as just that, a rumour.

This is what NST reported: "Najib also said that he would not accept any nomination for the president's post as he was committed to the succession plan"
But what Najib said to a question on whether he would accept any nomination for presidency, his real answer was this: "We already agreed to it, we are leaving it to the party. We are offering ourselves, we hope the party wil accept it."
On the side bar, I wish to say here that YB BABI has again successfully used the non-Malays to support him and now I like to know how will they react if YB BABI were to re-join Umno!
Posted by Pasquale at 10:16 AM

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

With the present Political deadlock, let us again focus on the need to reduce BN's majority.

Already the BN's self-destruct mechanism is in action.

More defections will be coming & they should all consider forming the 3rd Front with SAPP taking the lead.

PR only need to focus & hang on to its present numbers.

Let the neutral 3rd Front be the "King maker" with the reduced BN majority.

Devine Intervention will ensure the "Headache" will be on the Powers-that-be with the neutral 3rd Front.

With this, the "Morality" issue can be resolved and any coalition thereafter with PR can be considered to overcome the "Deadlock".

The ideal thought of calling for another election will not materialise with the "Powers-that-be in its present desperate predicament.

Anonymous said...

first and foremost, are the 31 mps really existed ? else no point harping on the same rhetoric, which is at the very expense of our country economy and political stability. Either make it ( change of govt) swift, or shut up and go back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

The longer DSAI waits, the more chances of the MPs back-tracking or being revealed, and worse,the more chances of him being detained.

First he makes a lot of noise to let everyone know his intentions (provides date n time also - Sheesh!)- completely looses the element of suprise.
Now living on borrowed time.


Anonymous said...

Is RockysBru against DSAI n somesort of spy for BN?
I read his latest comments commenting on DSAI's empty name list of defectors.

How can anyone expect DSAI to shown the defectors' names? Just imagine if the name list if shown. The whole lot would be in jail in an instant. Then more problems.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Can someone in Putrajaya go to Abdullah Badawi and tell him that, we the RAKYAT can no longer take him as our PM.

Secondly, pls convey my salam to Abdullah Badawi and tell him that I said his an Idiot. Opp sorry, he's double idiot. I don’t wants an idiot to be my PM.

Malaccan view said...

What DSAI did is correct...dont disclose their names until we are sure of control the gov.They are desperate now,they will not let go so easily.
DYMM Agong may not interfere at this point of time unless DSAI is able to convince his Royal Highness.
Let wait for a while..

zorro said...

Anon2:22pm. It figures that you still give in to NST spin!

Checkmate; YOU PICKED THE WRONG nick buddy. Checkmate means you take the game. What game have you taken except to spew your soured spleen. Sure. I am targeted because I still the flag upsidedown on my sidebar. I will join Sheih readily for the CAUSE! You, I doubt have anything in you to do the same. Surely you Pa gave you a name. I have if you have not noticed. Never hide behind a pretentious doesnt fit you. I respect if a person remains anonymous on this blog and post differing views from mine or other bloggers. But if you want to remain anonymous to insult and provoke, be man enough to identify yourself CheckMAID!

Jojo, my buddy Rocky may have differing allegiance from mine but he will never be and is not a spy. Rocky has better calibre and he is not a racist like some of his buddies. NO Rocky is not a spy.Believe me.

Old Fart said...

Conscientious is something that is short supply of at this time amongst the BN lawmakers.

It is fear that overwhelms. They fear their own "colleagues" in the BN more because they know what they are capable of.

There is greed of course. The BN power road is paved in gold and when you are a BN MP it is there for your picking.

Everyone there is compromised. If not, then very soon. Saints don't and cannot survive in BN. They cause too much discomfort as they prick the guilt and wake up the conscience of those with any still left. Saints stay on by suspending their conscience and any goodness they might have left in them.

MCA should remember. The moment Anwar takes over, all their businessmen members will also walk away from MCA. Just like the big time Chinese businessmen have looked at DAP with contempt all these years, these same Chinese businessmen will now very quickly change their allegience. Just look at Patrick Lim's conduct immediately after March 8. Sending bouquets to Lim Guan Eng.

What happens to MCA once the big time businessmen abandon them?

So, yes you guys have fought the good fight. Its time to abandon ship. Now!!

Shanghai Fish said...

against my better judgement, I went ahead and allowed a comment by this vermin who goes by the nick of "checkmate"....but I see you have given him/her or shemale a more appropriate name
....checkmaid !
Looks like the cyber-troppers are out of jobs but the desperation of itch to insult goes on !I am replying to his comment on my blog and if.... sometime today this moron digs deep into his pocket and plays around and can have the slightest "feel" of his balls, he can contact me !
A friend once told me to "ignore the idiots in this world".....I have a soft spot for these pathetic genderless souls bro, that's all !
Cheers !

Ben said...

Amigo, the window of opportunity is closing by the day. If Senor Anwar is serious he better cash his cheque to form new gomen now, you know. People power is organising hartal but its already very quiet in the streets. Many people are staying home because of fear of gomen abuse of power, ISA.

atorníllelos los imbeciles!Energía de la gente!Honor a usted zorrro. Hasta que nos encontramos otra vez, sea seguro.

Anonymous said...

Jangan takut,jangan gentar,jangan lari,keluar dan tunjuk muka kamu kepada Yang Di Pertuan Agong.Zaid Ibrahim dan Yong Teck Lee dah broken rank,mereka ta kena ISA pun !

Anonymous said...

It does look like the ISA has been quite effective to douse the flames of dissent. most bloggers have become quiet or suddenly have nothing to write, proving that there is none like RPK ( or is there life after RPK)

as expected our monarchy is impotent , as they shud be notwithstanding our thousand signatures and appeals etc etc etc

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your reply n reassurance. In Singapore, we have to read the various blogs to get more news, as we only get bits and pieces of information.

I'm sure you've been told this many times, but do keep safe and I pray that God will protect and bless all of you as you battle on to make Malaysia is safer and better place to live in.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...yeah...checkmate, have you got the bloody guts to show us who you are and which side of the fence you are sitting on? No good hiding behind and saying insulting things. Gosh...your parents must have regretted sending a galah like you to school and be taught to disrespect fellow human beings!

Donplaypuks® said...

Don Zorro

Perhaps, as a strategy, you might want to consider the Distress Flag symbol and abandon the one in yr blog. Refer the SOS flag in my blog.

No doubt, all of us are angry and martyrdom has its merits, but it's easier to fight from the outside.

Come the revolution, then we'll make them pay!!

Anonymous said...


Thank God for Contrast.

Contrast is a good thing. Contrast is the dissimilarity or difference between things. Just like the difference betweeen day and night, light and darkness.

It is when we are faced with a situation we truly don’t want any longer that we seek to want so dearly, what is truly good for all of us, the rakyat.

Cheers, to our New Malaysia, cherished by all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Anwar Ibrahim, the greatest drama queen -- in more ways than one -- is taking you and your readers for a bloody ride and you guys dont even know it. You blindly support him, his lies, his craze for power, and yet you wield that long sword on the newspapers for standing behind BN. BN is not by any shot angels either, but when do people like u stop making excuses for this megalomaniac. What do u mean by anwar doesnt have to reveal the names, shouldn't the burden of proof be on him?

Anonymous said...

The burden of proof lies on both, remember Dolah's the one who ask DSAI to 'showhand' and hence the PC this afternoon for the 23rd Sept Emergency Parliamentary session which only the PM could arrange, what was Pak Lah's answer?

Tak mahu-lah, why? Coz maybe even the future Mongolia Ambassador would be switch over if the session are to happen.

You would be such an idiot thinking Dolah would not come down hard on these MPs if he knew who they are. Fairplay, pls change name to Foolsplay coz you're moron.

Anonymous said...

change could and/or should do us good now..

Anonymous said...

Look fellas, it seems more n more doubtful if the 30 really exist, so stop all the goreng n just let our minds free. We all will still be ruled by BN, n we plead that BN correct themselves for once n care for all Races of Malaysians.

BN - First Send Racism n ISA to Hell n you can Regain Respect.