Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Jong said...

Memang tak dare, dah teloq kecut! Perakians, I assure will bury him instantly.

Crankster said...


You said thru pictures what I took many words to put forward.

COW-ards Bray On Mainstream Media

Abe Pasir Salak said...

We perak Malays will also want a new election as we want to correct the wrongs of the last election.

We were fooled by DAP and their band of bandits. Dont take it for granted that we will swing that way again. Word and vibe on the street is such.

Yes to Elections in Perak please..only because we want to hammer the nail in PR's coffin, and the matter can be put to rest.

Anonymous said...

Where has he the balls to take up Zaid's challenge. He knows deep down in his heart what he did in Perak was downright foul.

Any other person would have taken up the challenge but not the one who is still clinging on to his father's name and achievement.

What he has done so far is to have excess garbage (baggage) and he is not even in a position to exonerate himself.

When Mamak Mohamad Kutty has one of his balls and the other is being squeezed by Roseamma baby, what can the poor fellow do?

Anonymous said...

usual ball-less talk from UMNO.

good at instigation, lies and corrupt ways. what else, UMNO?

artchan said...

He has to ask Rosemary before he can say anything. Who is the Prime Minister....Jibby?..surely you joking. Everyone in my ofc thinks it is not Jibby