Sunday, September 27, 2009


COME 10 October PM Najib will get into copulating foreplay with recently but speedily registered Tamil political party Makal Sakti. He is lliterally giving the batterd Samy a "no-value get lost" two fingers. This will definitely trigger a BN implosion. Thats my gut-feel. Why is the PM bent on this? Probably this old ditty has some relevance......


Malaysian said...

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Crime Minister knows that his days are numbered, he cant even change whatever that has been destined for him, i.e. kabooommmm Doomsday!

Of course, he is aware the calamity if he bows to Makkal Sakhti 10 October Open Day, when Samy Vellu will turn LTTE Style to free his bad-name in Born Nuisance (BN) Coalition.

mauriyaII said...

Of late UMNO has been working assidously to further fragment and disunite the already chaotic politics of the Indians in the country.

These neo colonialists like those who colonised and enslaved them were behind the Keveyas and Murigaiah disaccord. Prior to that they planted the seeds that saw SemiValue and Subramaniam going after each other's throats. That saga is still ongoing!

The late Pandithan's IPF and Muthukaruppan's political parties were not allowed into the BN as a show of GREAT respect for the GREAT leader of the Indians by the GREATEST traitor, Mamak Mahafiraun a/l Mohamad Kutty to the Indian community. SemiValue has become of no value to UMNO now. Hence their intention to capitalise on the MAKKAL SAKTHI slogan of HINDRAF.

The unholy haste to register the Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party by the ROS could only be by the order of UMNO and its head.

This was another move to splinter the HINDRAF movement and disorganize the apparent unity of the Indians who brought about the downfall of UMNO/BN in the last GE.

What can the traitor Thenenthiran do for UMNO? Even SemiValue has failed to deliver the votes. No thanks to UMNO and the Mamak for that.

On October 10th Najib will signal the death of another Indian political party. Najib and UMNO can sponsor any Indian based racial party or even try to resusitate the dying MIC, but they will never get the votes from the Indians who are still marginalized.

If UMNO/BN thinks that the Indians will vote for whichever tainted candidate they propose for the Bagan Pinang constituency, they are in DREAMLAND.

The Indians have lost ALL HOPE IN BOLEHLAND.

vengai said...

This Thanentran fellow wants to reap the plant he did not sow.He is only an observer and part time care taker of the so call Hindraf

Those who realy deserve to be respected is not these fellow but those went to Kamunting.

These fellow will be another sami vollu in the making.He wont get the Indian support that he claim he has.

The Indians never forget what happen on 25 November 2007.Only those Indian who eat their meal without salt will follow these Selfish hipocrit Thanenthiran an support the tainted UBN.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Sakit Party in the making !

Anonymous said...

MSP ? ..adui ...sakit nya berparty !