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Thursday September 3, 2009



Not only must we condemn the cow-head protest in Shah Alam last week but we must look into ourselves and make sure we don’t think and speak like racists.

THE cow-head protest in Shah Alam last week left me feeling utterly disgusted. The men who organised and participated in that foul act are nothing but rank racists, and by cloaking their activities in a veil of piousness they show themselves to be even more despicable.

Yes, I was furious, but sadly I was not surprised. How can I be and how can anyone else be? We have allowed racists to have their way for so many years now.

Their appalling words and actions get progressively bolder and it just builds and builds until we have these men feeling they have the right to insult another religion in the most vile and brutal manner.

In the light of how Malay and Islamic supremacist thinking and expression have caught hold in the last few years, this sickening behaviour is simply a natural progression.

It happened because we allowed it to happen. Those bigoted thugs did what they did because we did not stamp down on the racists among us hard.

We allowed racist politicians to spout their garbage about “immigrant races”; we allowed them to tell our brothers and sisters to “go back to where you belong”; we allowed them to wave weapons of war; and we allowed them to ask for the weapons to be bathed in blood.

It’s too late for any politician to condemn something now when all the other acts of bigotry that have been brewing in the past few years were not even protested against because they suited their political needs.

It is too late to be making pleas of unity on National Day when not enough has been done before.

Let’s look at something recent. Two books that attacked the Mentri Besar of Selangor and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim are blatantly racist.

They claim that Selangor is for Malays only. They claim that the Pakatan Rakyat state government threatens Malays because they hire non-Malay staff.

In other words, the government must only hire Malays so that only Malays get benefits from the government. This is racism pure and simple. But because it suits the ruling party, as these books attack Pakatan, nothing is said.

Racism is racism, be it some vile words published in some cheap self-published drivel, or a bleeding cow head stomped and spat upon. Racism is racism and it must be fought.

When it is not fought, when it is not faced down every single time, then those without the courage to fight it are merely accomplices who, through their cowardice or selfishness, support it.

And how should we fight it? The law that should be used is the Penal Code. The Sedition Act is a blunderbuss of a law and could be used against genuine dissent as well. Let us not look to that archaic leaving of the British.

Use the provisions in the Penal Code that make incitement an offence. Charge these people under the Penal Code and lock them away.

But that is for the authorities to do, if they so choose to. We, the people, must look into ourselves and make sure we don’t think and speak like racists. We must be even more careful that we do not infect our children.

We should speak out against racism and we should tell our political leaders that if they do not fight racism then they are supporting racism and we will not support them.

We must make sure that what happened in Shah Alam faces utter and complete public contempt. Only in that way can we ensure it is not repeated.

Dr Azmi Sharom is a law teacher. The views expressed here are entirely his own.


Anonymous said...

Just a point we all need to ponder. Why all these racist incidents seem to come out openly from one sector of the Malaysian society only? Do we see the various facets of Christians going out to harm or offend other religions? Do we see the Buddists or Taoists trample out of their temples to ridicule and provoke emotions on other religions? Do we see the Hindus chanting to offend the other religions? The answer is fairly obvious. And all these other faiths do not do it not because their religions are any lesser. So those culprits who know who they are need to re-examine themselves why they debase the harmony so glaringly to others in Malaysia. Obviously, the Government shares a major portion of the blame to let these incidents keep on occuring. This is a dangerous trend because it may reach a flashpoint at some sooner time and we would not be able to turn back the clock. Especially when you have a Home Menteri who spills out more venom ater this cow-head fiasco. I bet my arse can fart and talk better sense than his head and mouth.

Anonymous said...

People like this preserve any faith we have in humankind! Thank you for speaking up..

Anonymous said...


hew said...

well said azmi, you are so totally right. racism has got to be confronted. unfortunately, here, the racism is solely govt manufactured.

this govt needs to be booted out.

yapsir said...

The problem with racial extreamist and religious extreamists is that they are the minority but yet could intimidate the majority of the moderate people from all walks of life and every religions.
But we are to thankful to the moderate and opened minded riligious people who took courage to speak up and speak out.
Malaysia still a great land for all,when all of us making it happen.
Thanks to Dr.A and Zorro in this comment.

Starmandala said...


That's what Hishammuddin has just put in his mouth after stepping on cowdung.

Azmi Sharom rocks. But is he being too harsh in demanding jail sentences for the rabidly racist & religionist cow-head mob? Yet it was such a spiteful and dangerously provocative act, a heavy fine alone wouldn't convey the gravity of the offence (Umno will pick up the tab anyhow... or, rather, the rakyat will, as usual). A 6-month stint behind bars might deter other lunkheads from attempting to spark off racial clashes. It's all part of the "1Malaysia" concept - which mistakes unanimity for unity and resorts to brute force and hooliganism to enforce it.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Those 50 idiots were just following "orders" from their nazi leader.
Hindus stayed calm and kept their cool.
Then Hisapudding sided by the 50 idiots hoping the Hindus will react.
Bad news to him, nothing happened.
Both plans back fired.
And now, he changes his "mode".
Protest against the temple is only the half truth.
The other half is to bring down PR.
I dare to say it was not a spontaneous protest but it was planned event by umno

teo siew chin said...

ahhhh......wouldn't it be grand if ALL political parties be they ruling or opposition, unite in a mass press conference to declare an all-out fight to end all forms of racism. Now THAT will be some Merdeka !!

Anonymous said...

Well said. Thank you.

mauriyaII said...

Spot on Azmi.

Hope more and more rational Malays speak up and make up the majority that abhor racism. Racism and religious fanaticism are two ideas that have propped up the UMNOputras and BN for the last 5 decades. If the only way to remove these two archaic and obtuse facets of our society is by kicking out the myopic and hate-mongering UMNO/BN, then let us do it in the 13GE.

Say a big NO to race baiting and religious bigotry. Give the BOOT to UMNO/BN.

When we have leaders who are flip-flop, educated but with pea brains like the Home Minister, the DPM, etc. what hope is there for this beautiful country?

One day the Kerismuddin is seen with the cow-head demonstrators condoning their vile and crass act, saying they did not mean to incite racial or religious hatred, but were just letting off steam.
He even hints to the PDRM and the AG to handle them with kid gloves.

The next day this inconsistant idiot asks the police to charge them under the penal code. What sort of flip-flop is this? Just like the stupid DPM and other Education Ministers before him who play with the future of our children with their flip-flop policies on the teaching of Maths and Science. One clown implements English as the medium of instruction for Maths and Science. Then another buffoon reverts the policy to Malay just for political expediency. What a bunch of nincompoops?

Can Malaysia ever be 1Malaysia with these racist idiots at the helm? Can Malaysia ever hope to achieve the status of a fully developed country by 2020? Fat hopes; not with these mediocre dickheads around.

PickToTell said...

Azmi, you are our hope.
I urge the Government to Deal with Racism before it gets under the skin of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Well said Dr.Azmi. We needs people like you to run the state.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Azmi.My hope is for more right-thinking Malays to speak up and stand up for what is right and not allow these uncouthed bigots to continue to bring shame, not only to their race and religion but ultimately damaging the image of the country,if it hasn't already.

pheedom said...

BN politicians keep talking about living and competing in a borderless world, trying to attract foreign investors to invest in Malaysia. Pray tell, if you were hindus from India or any other country for that matter, would you invest in a country where non-hindus can get away with such utter disrespect to the Hindu faith? As a muslim, I am ashamed to thik these people call themselves muslims. Islam clearly directs that muslims are to respect the faiths of non-muslims.

GuaBohSong said...

So UMNO... there shouldn't be any Hindu temple near any housing area where majority are muslim. I belief this should apply to Buddhist or Tao, or Christianity.....

So do means in Malaysia, we should split like Shah Alam for Malay, Kepong for Chinese, Batu Cave for Indian... Then TELL me, how the HELL you can ARCHIEVE 1MALAYSIA?!!!

You are not working toward unity of Malaysian... you are working toward the split of Malaysian....

You still treating the rakyat as idiot, YOU YOURSELF IS THE IDIOT!!!


k a l a m b o n g said...

It's easy to say that we must not think like racist...

But when it comes to the "Hak Istimewa" thingy... who wants to give that up?

Get real, Azmi, please get real

Ever tried to get a drug addict to give up using drug, Azmi?

Ever tried to get a video game addict to stop playing video games?

Try the two above first, Azmi, and then you can try to get the Malays to stop relying on their Hak Istimewa

I am not rubbing salt on the wound, I am stating the fact

The fact is --- Non-Malays have beared all the sacrifices while the Malays are reaping all the benefits, and yet, it's NOT enough

Do you know how many talented Chinese and Indians kids don't get to further their studies just because they are NOT Malays?

Do you know how much our country have lost in NOT developing all those talents?

And do you know that by being a Malay today you are enjoying your Hak Istimewa Melayu even without having to exert it?

Do you know that, Azmi?

GuaBohSong said...

In the fate of Islam this protestant called up.... NOP!!!

The truth is in the FATE of UMNO and THEIR POCKET!!!


Anonymous said...

For the simple reason that there are people like Azmi,Zorro and the others there is still hope for Malaysia. It is b'cos of his coloum that I still sometimes peep into the star. To you guys up there, you all are just simply sincere, honest and great. You all just do what you all believe is RIGHT. My salute to you all.

Anonymous said...

to borrow a quote from the lingam fler - correct, correct, correct!

Anonymous said...

enough talk lah..

just talk talk talk...

pakatan organise a peaceful gathering - MASS gathering - in a stadium (najis said it's ok)...

then SHOW UP u all. give it 100,000 strong. in shah alam or in stadium.

then we really show 'em.

pathetic, even the anti-isa rally recently attracted only 10,000 strong. pathetic. all talk and no action. especially the malaysian chinese. all f-king kiasu... talk only.


camcamni said...

To support further racism, MCMC has now ordered for the deletion of the 2 videos. Is this responsibility by the Govt? Why hide when everyone knows what has happened? Is it becuz BN Govt wants to destroy evidence just as the infamuos Vijendren case?
WE are no longer so easily influenced by all the MMC media propoganda of BN but we are now wish to such dirty tactics.
The Indians and Chinese will be keeping quiet now but when GE13 comes, they will show. Just as KPB has shown that no one can help the residents as its a lost cause as the Federal Court has decided agst the residents but trying to brin g it to be a racial issue, the "hantu" behind the residents are actually trying to score points for their own.
WE can also see more Malays who are rational and responsible for their doings and these are the people who will not go for such extremism. I used to think PAS was the extremist but apparently its UMNO whos palways playing the racial card. This will not work anymore in this modern IT society.

Eugene said...

Big thank you again Azmi for speaking on behalf of rakyat Malaysia who have been suppressed/oppressed.

I'll vote you to be the next Home Minister, if not future PM of our beloved country!

Anonymous said...

why don't you start with the malaysian chinese who still lives in the middle kingdom mindset? there are real racist to the core,notice the degrading remarks utter by these cowards towards the people of kampung buah pala.get into reality malaysian indians ,do not trust dap and the majority of chinese in this country ,once there get hold of political power ,that's it forget about social justice and honour,there will play you out,kick you,spit you .and that's a FACT!.so indians,vote for pas or pkr or psm or maybe FAHAM.

Sivakumar said...

Wake up wake up!

Time for Special Brunch to go swim in pantai Port Dickson!

Joe the Blogger said...

More on the horizon from RPK

Anonymous said...

I do not support the dead COW head bashing by some idiots who I feel had intentionally wanted to offend others

How do you define racism, can I call someone racist if the person employs his/her own race without giving consdiration to the qualification. if yes I would call many chinese in Malaysia are racist as well.

Anonymous said...

Since after the Perak take over by "force", their next target...... Selangor lah....

Why use "racism" as a GAME...??????

Do you all know how "HUGE" is Selangor...?????

Didn't someone say to take back Selangor "at all cost"....????

Is that the current "cost"..?? More to come..??????

ahoo said...

Yes, we must fight racism and of course we need to live that talk by not being one ourself.

What Malaysia needs today is for more righteous and sane people to take back this nation from racists and morons that think this country consists only of the breed. Without honouring of the nation's law & order, we will end up having a failed nation pass on to our future generation.

In any quarrel or fight amongst citizens, the damage done cannot be quantified. Let peace and good sense prevail and we need to take these rogues to task for behaving in such a racist manner.

k a l a m b o n g said...

True, Chinese hire Chinese because the they can't afford employees who claim sick leave once every few days, and then sometimes gone missing couple of days and came back to claim that their baby sister's cousin's husband's mother-in-law is sick

With that type of "qualification", no one other than the GLC would hire those people

zorro said...

Kalambong, let's not stereotype. We have this type of employees in all races. I have worked with all believe me. Cheers.

Anonymous said...


Very wise advise, you are very right, even in New Zealand, its the same. Good on you mate !

Ziggy, NZ

Anonymous said...

Azmi, thank you for your rational and forthright opinion. You, Art Harun and Imtiaz are such bright stars. I would be most happy to be governed by an ALL MALAY government
if the leaders could be of this calibre.

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

The 50 protesters are racists right to the core. They are beyond redemption.Inciting hatred in this holy month of Ramadan.What a shame! If no action is to be taken, these mudheads will become more violent and their goons will follow suit.They know they have the support from Umno.We should be tolerant of each others religion and beliefs.If the cow is a stupid animal as said by Toyol, I wonder why they can enjoy the beef rendang and what not.Does not this make them more STUPID.

Emmanuel said...


We await the day you join the ranks of Khalid Samad, TGNA and Nizar! :P

Anonymous said...

PAS, PR for all! PR the real deal 1 Malaysia.

Thank you Azmi. You are a great relevation! There are many good Malays, I would say the majority of Malays are good in this country, except those parasites that are being paid to perform stupid acts by the Bangsat Negara!

I concur with you absolutely that rascism must be tackled and nipped in the bud, but can we? Look at two different incidents and the two sets of different reactions, one, the severed, bleeding cowhead, incident, which is rascists and seditious by any standards, and the peaceful march by the Hindraf guys last night? Can we fight the establishment who are corrupt to the core, and who would use anything at their disposal to suppress any form of public gatherings, even with innocent people who carries candles and roses? We need more people like you and you should really put your good sense of responsibility and reasoning to action. It would be good if you can joined up with Datuk Zaid, another such anak Melayu! PR needs more candidates who are committed and educated like you! Get into PKR, help Datuk Zaid organize the party and bring in fresh capable Malays like you. Malaysians will support capable candidates regardless of race in the coming GE13 to wipe out the BN! They need more Malays who think, speak and act like wise. This is to preempt attempts by the Bangsat Negara to push their agenda that they the Malays had lost their politcal sovereignty once they lose. There should be more Malays in both the PKR and DAP to ensure that the PR would not be viewed as a non-Malay coalition.

Thank you Azmi, you made my day, I am not surprised at all that there exists a very huge numbers of fair thinking and educated Malays in your ranks and it is therefore reassuring that all is not lost for the Malays when people like you speak up. When the educated speaks up, the folks will listen and this is especially important to the kampung folks who had been imbued with the BN propaganda for the last 50 years!

There is hope, there is chance, will more Malays of Azmi's calibre speak up? Zorro is definitely one.

Malaysians for all!

k a l a m b o n g said...

To Unker Zorro,

I am not stereotyping

I was stating a very common fact

I hired and fired a lot of people and of course there are all types of people from all races --- it's just that I can fire the Chinese and they just leave

But if I fire those from the "privileged" group, oh boy, there will always be a lot of "follow-ups" from all kinds of jabatans, demanding this and that and some more !

With that "experience", Unker Zorro, you tell me... How can I afford to hire any more from those "privileged" group?

I have a business to run and I just don't have time to go see some department head from some jabatan to answer a lot of nonsensical questions

zorro said...

Hi Kalambong....Your comments noted and thanks. I can empathise with you and can understand what you have to endure running a business.

Anonymous said...

I salute U,
The fall of Taliban the baniyan Satue.
Fall of Thyol bodoh Kg Jawa,
The fall of Barisan, sek 23 Shah Alam pity cow, where billion of human consume it milks as adopted mother. The nature sure will punish them. It is like telling own mother as stupid. He must dog meat to be cleaver. One day mother nature will punish them.

Anonymous said...


time to leave your lecturing and offer yourself to the electorate. you will win hands down even in the town of Pekan. reason?

the righteous,like you, will always prevail over evility.


zewt said...

If only we have more people like Azmi.

I have a fair share of such friends. Unfortunately though, they are all no longer residing in this country.