Monday, September 28, 2009


THE once permanently temporary PPP chief is partyless but can still be  a Deputy Minister,  rattled his little pen-knife today.  NST Online reported this:

PORT DICKSON: Anyone bringing up the Shah Alam cow's head incident during the Bagan Pinang election campaign will be detained immediately and could face charges of inciting racial tensions.
The warning was made by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk T. Murugiah, who said that it applied to Barisan Nasional and the opposition.

"We will assign officers to keep tabs on all ceramah and other activities during the campaign and they will alert the police immediately if the issue is raised."

Murugiah is the deputy minister in charge of the National Unity and Integration Department.

"We want a clean and fair campaign and to ensure no racial or religious issues are raised to incite the people."

Who the fuck, who the cow are you to throw these threats at us. We are not cows you know. Clean and fair cannot say anything agaist your chief cow-herd! I used to quite like you once but of late your cow-sense repulses me. And I don;t remember you taking a stand during this cow-head episode. We call this COWardly or COWardice! Were you COWed?

ASIDE: That paper crown becomes you! 


You YBs just got to say MOO MOO, say it cow cow, (kau kau) and we will get the message! 
Don't step on his cow-dung! 


Wong Pencen said...


A Deputy Minister in charge of National Unity cannot even stay united within his own political party?

Oh Malaysia Tanah Air Ku.

zorro said...

Wong damn choon! Spot on!

artchan said...

Muru...hahahahaha..talking cock?

Last time I remember cannot mention altantuya, now cannot mention every election there will be banned words..soon there will be nothing left to say.

Flying fxxk to you Muru.

Go start a new indian party..and be president

Old Fart said...


Don't be so harsh on him. He is only saying that it is quite alright to walk around with a bloody cow head. Just don't talk about it only ma!!

Old Fart said...

And when you meet an Indian in Bagan Pinang, I suppose you can tell him that because this Murugiah fellow has said that you are not supposed to talk about the bloody cow head, you will not talk about the subject of a bloody cow head. Otherwise how is that guy going to know what it is that you are not permitted to talk to him about?

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
This murugiah is partyless and holding on to the deputy minister post. Never did this happen,if he was a senator different lah.
What he is trying to do is BODEK umno so that he remain as a DM.
I used to respect him for going against KV ASS, but what his statement means is "HELP I WANT TO BE A DM ,IM BENDING DOWN NOW " !
Fu@@ the SOB.
Im sure very sure The New makkal sakti ,mic,ppp,mindraf ,gerakan ipf all this CANNOT CON the indians to vote BN.
I believe these Mfuckers will sell/rent their daughters/mothers to be noticed by you know who and who know who is grabbing any indian straw that floats by in the buy election.
Prediction by swamiji, BN loses BP by 1 vote. So close yet so far thingy.8-1 and counting
Lets all do our part, in our own little ways and within our means for PAS to win the BUY election
You and BR bloggers are doing just fine.
Mooooooooooooo Moooooooooo Mooooooo
all the way to BP or should it be Maaaaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaaaaa to Muruku aiya.
This i say to him"poooooodaaaa pundekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Anonymous said...

They created this shit and they want the rakayt to pretend it's not there anymore. Rather, they now threaten to make arrests even when this shit is mentioned in the coming by-election. Why were those repsponible for this shit not been arrested in the very first place? Why were they not charged? Barisan has a very peculiar way of applying the Nation's laws. Peculiar because it suits them at their whims and fancies. Yes, by all means, no reference be made specifically to cows. Moo moo is good enough to tell the whole story. Just imagine some Malaysian getting arrested and charged for inciting racial violence for uttering 'moo moo'. Only in Malaysia. UNTRULY ASIA.

Jong said...

That's an ASSHAT alright, dah jatuh lagi nak tunjuk, tunjuk apa?

pinsysu said...

dei! u wrote the script, u set the stage, u recruited all the cast, u directed the whole show for all to see & now u tell us the audience not to give a good review of ur ingenious box ofis?? why not xtend ur list to include no mention of tuya, no submarine commission, no khir palace, no PKFZ scandal, no TBH, no kugan etc, etc, etc ...

this guy is juz a piece of shit, aka cow dung! pretty dumb too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this Murugiah is a real lembu. Hentam him cow-cow!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this Murugiah is a real lembu. Hentam him cow-cow!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

i think those ceramah will sound more like NZ's milk ads (or Old Mcdonald's farm song) with a lot of moo moo here and there :)

I seriously pity the Growling Party - its 'gangrene' continues to give out 'foul smell' to all bye-elections so far. It better 'controls their sugar intake' or suffer 'lost of limbs or organ functions'.

Utamakan 'kesihatan'. Hentikan penyelewengan


Starmandala said...

"National Unity"? Only possible when samseng, ah long and murderers no longer misrule the country!

Anonymous said...


the fact IS, EVERYTHING that THEY DID has BACKFIRED BACK on them....nothing BENEFITS to umno/mic....

so the issue saw the COMPLETE and UNILATERALLY absolute CONDEMNATION on umno and the mic by EVERY malaysians....till Isham has to 'cover' the SONGKOK TINGGIS and make a press conference to ensure DAMAGE IS CONTROLLED....

toyol, hassan ali's episode also gain maximum condemnation....

so this murugaiah has to make sure the seal is not the underwear will be showing AGAIN!

the MIND!!!

Anonymous said...

this cow is a real puNde*! MOO..MOO..

Anonymous said...

You got to excuse him lah. Just trying to keep his bloody job you know. And for that, he will do anything Umno tell him to do. Notice how Umno is using non-Malays to do their dirty work.


Anonymous said...

I have read through all the comments. Some allegely don't eat cow, and some do.
They all seem to have mad cow disease, anyway.
Why? there seems to have no factual evidence. Have there been any attempt to get the truth from the organizer?
All the write-up and comments are racist in nature. They take advantage of the situation, because they understand that people who have been consumed by mad cow disease, do not seek truth!!

julian said...

gonna take out his pen(i)s knife during the by election and report whoever mentions the cow head incident--------hey didnt he just mentioned it himself??????
paper crown souits him just like a title of paper tiger?????? lol
am enjoying myself reading about these loosers.

Anonymous said...

people make problem with your own kind , but tis fucker still close his eye , what kind of "animal" this fucker are ?

CAT Bin COW said...

What's Malaysia's favourite animal?

A cross between a cow and a cat.

Penang and Selangor seem obssessed with these two. SelCAT, CAT and just yesterday, Cows were sent to the Selangor MB's office.

mauriyaII said...

The MIC donkey, SemiValue is too old and yucky to be screwed by the bigwigs in UMNO. As a spurned lover even by the Mamak this idiot is still lashing out at all his opponents and would be competitors. Once a donkey, always a donkey.

KVAss, another wannabe Indian leader is out of favour with the UMNO mafia.

No point mentioning the kucing kurap leaders like Muthukaruppan and the IPF. They are just suckers waiting for the UMNO warlords to open up their fly.

Thanenthiran, the latest traitor to stab the Indians in the back, has already shown his true colour to the Indians. He has invited his sponsor, Najis to screw him and his followers to his heart's content and then pass on to the other UMNO sodomites to do their evil deeds. Another m-fcuker from the same mould as the SemiValue moron.

As for Murugaiah he crowned himself as the king of a party that has no need for him. He is now like a mangy pariah mongrel that is waiting at the whims and fancies of UMNO for the little crumbs.

One thing about this mongrel. He is a fast learner. Even K9 will lose to him. Ever ready to do the biddings of Don Najis to sodomise the marginalized Indians.

What has the Indian so-called leaders become. Self castrated, eunuchs. Just for power and greed. Willing to sell everything - honour, intergrity, pride and even their Indian brothers, sisters and mothers, just to suck Najis's dick and play with his balls.

Good! Keep it up!! All of you including your UMNO mafia goons will be totally wiped out in the next General Election.

Good riddance to filthy and stinking rubbish.

ahoo said...

He is in charge of National unity but can't stand his ground when others are trampling on his rights. There should be no shame in calling a spade a spade !

A wrong is a wrong and not even after covering it with 9 right can that overcome that 1 WRONG !!! He Muru may be forgiving with regards to Sec 23 incident but certainly not his country men as he has a career to take care. A partyless man can still talk so much and no wonder we are the best in the world for all the wrong reason as we can bend the rule to suit the situation.

Anonymous said...

what saddens me is the calibre of this man, who is appointed as DM. Do they ever stop to think before they open their mouth.

TheWhisperer said...


Lets Rock Bagan Pinang With MOOs this time.

sikembangcina said...

Uncle Zorro,

Borrow this article to post on my facebook! Thanks.

Lin Chor Mah said...

Be careful, fellas, the Special Branch is out in full force as usual. I heard they now also recruiting local criminals to be their stooges and spy and do dirty work for them. In return, the Special Branch will close an eye to their crimes.

Mike said...

Tried my best to find out whether Murugaih was instructed or sanctioned to say what he did specifically to the Indian community. Through my network (same network of Admiral Tojo's) nobody seemed to know anything. In fact, some senior numbers in Putrajaya and Home Affairs were upset that Murugaih prohibited any discussion on the Cowhead disaster in Shah Alam coz he has alienated the Indians against the BN. Nobody can stop the Indians from discussing on the subject and canvassing area to area and house to house against the BN. Murugaih is a floater without locus standi with the Indians. He did it on his own initiative to score Brownie points with Putrajaya which has backfired against him. Poor SOB, the Indians will throw shoes at him if he goes to PD.

Unknown said...

cow taking heat off mongolia and altantuya? now can mention both ka? every bye election has its own sacred cows ya uncle zorro?

Anonymous said...

This is the result of HM's motivation for cow and bull show that spark a caos.Now the 'kepala lembu' is kept under his bed.

Anonymous said...

toyol : ' ...bodoh macam lembu laa !'

Anonymous said...

Yes..! Yes...!!!
We all know he "needs" to suck-up to keep his job.

Is he doing his job or what..???

Anonymous said...

u forgot.... cow tow