Friday, September 4, 2009


Friday, September 04, 2009

Cows galore!

The content of my stomach flew out of my mouth onto the floor after reading Minister Hishamuddin's apparent defence of the cow-head demonstrators yesterday. Before I had finished wiping it out, I was hit by another nausea inducing curve ball in the form of Dato' Mukhriz' statement supporting Minister Hishamuddin's.

Apparently now an offence should not be prosecuted if such prosecution might cause "further unrest". Yes folk. It is the fasting month. Quite obviously, to certain Muslims, when food and drink are not consumed, blood circulation would be affected thus preventing the supply of oxygen to the brain. The result is calamitous. And not to mention rumbustiously funny.

Dato' Mukhriz must remember that when his father, Tun Mahathir charged Anwar Ibrahim for a cooked up offence circa 1997-98, 100,000 people came out on the street. What do you call that? Peace and tranquility? People resting? Or was that "unrest"? So, please answer this. Since when has an offence become un-prosecutable for fear of an unrest? No wonder that guy from Penang who called the Chinese and Indians "pendatang" was not charged. That would have caused unrest too, huh? I think I should speed up my invention of a talk cock eater.

But as event would have it, while I was spraying Febreeze on my carpet - to clean out yet another puke after that statement - my stomach churned again. This time from Minister Hishamuddin's statement that those responsible for the cow-head demonstration should be charged in Court. I then felt faint. Everything went black. My head was spinning. I blacked out. Apparently I suffer from u-turn phobia.

Speaking of u-turns, guys and gals, you all would remember Minister Rais' internet filter debacle. One minute he wanted to filter the internet and was driving 200 mph in his Proton Perdana to Filterville. The next minute he made a u-turn to his Excellency's usual Boringville. Of course, to the delight of all and sundry. But not after the whole world had read about the earlier decision though. The World - 1, Malaysia - 0.

Then His Royal Excellent I-have-changed-my-mode Minister announced that the Black Eyed Peas concert in Malaysia was only allowed for non-Muslims. Again, Minister Yen Yen of the Tourism Ministry was so thankful for the wholly free publicity that Malaysia was having world wide. It looked like Ambassador Todt would be out of job soon, if our Government continues at this rate. The World - 2, Malaysia - 0.

Of course, a couple of days later, when the anger caused by the first announcement had barely subsided, the decision on the BEP concert was reversed. Now Muslims can go. I thought the news page on which I read the news did not upload completely. Because I was dead sure there must be catch right? Like Muslims can go but shall be confined to a male and female only area on the roof of the stage or something. And they shall not dance. And Fergie must wear only batik baju kurung with a slit of not more than 2 inches in length. But no, there weren't such limitation. Phew.... Anyway, by this time, the World led by 3 to Malaysia 0.

Apparently this is getting to be some sort of a tradition. This u-turning aka flip-flopping like some penguins walking on ice while wearing a diving foot wear. Fleep fleep. Flop. Like that. Fleep fleep fleep. Flop. You get what I mean.

Before this, of course when Teoh Beng Hock was found dead at MACC's office, our DPM quickly said there will be no Royal Commission. About 3 days later, a Royal Commission was duly established. The World - 4, Malaysia - 0.

Before that there was the issue of teaching Maths and Science in Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Kebangsaan aka Bahasa Malaysia aka Bahasa Baku and back to Bahasa Melayu. Fleeeeeep and then flop. U-turn.

Ahah. Now His Excellent Minister Refined Rais is thinking of imposing conditions on ASTRO, contrary to the license being granted to ASTRO all these while. OSK has warned that this might have a negative impact on foreign direct investment.

Of course it will. Who in his or her right mind would want to come and invest in Malaysia if the parameters within which his or her business is to be carried out cannot be ascertained with certainty? The World - 5, Malaysia - 0.

But the one which stole the thunder form everything else was His Excellent ex Minister -we-have-erection-once-every-5-years Zainuddin Mydin. Singapore was "sacked" from Malaysia because of Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese-centric mantra. As if now, all Chinese Malaysians who are perceivably critical of the Government could be herded onto an island - ala the stray dogs in whatever pulau recently - and left to become cannibal out of hunger.

Of course, he had to leave the best for last. Yes. Singapore apparently has a third world democracy with a developed world mentality. Malaysia on the other hand has developed world democracy but a third world mentality. Mr Ex Minister, a democracy, unlike sex, does not have many positions or level. Either you have it or not. You do not have a doggie style democracy, a reverse cow gal democracy or whatever. Just plain democracy.

As for third world mentality, well, you can add Mad Cow disease to that as well. But it is not common among all Malaysians mind you. It only afflict some people. They know who they are. The World 6, Malaysia 0.

Then, yesterday, TUDM received its first ever ever ever submarine.

The World 6. 1 Malaysia.



ART...sorry I did not get your permission to post this.....I owe you one!


Anonymous said...

6:0 score would mean a very big payout from the Bookies. No wonder we all know these Bookies make good bucks from the gamblers. Every which way, Malaysia lose. Just like the rakyat who place bets on 4-D, Sports Toto and EPL.

Unknown said...

Stupid people usually do not know they are stupid,that's why they are such in the first place!This applies to all in government at the moment it would seem.

k a l a m b o n g said...

In regard to the submarine thingy --- hmm..... no disrespect but it really really looks like a toy !!

mauriyaII said...

Sorry to digress. The indon botox- faced has come out of his multi-million ringgit hole to give his two sen worth. He, like the predictable UMNO dimwits supports the protesters.

This idiot, when he was the MB did nothing to promote racial harmony or inter-faith dialogues to lessen any untoward incident such as the severed bloody cow head. Yet this stupid scum says that a cow is stupid.

Knowing that kerismuddin might be suffering from mad cow disease, this indon pendatang is careful not to say anything in case he gets a tongue lashing from the ham (pun intended) minister.

All these UMNO racist goons are bent on playing the race and religious cards. They have run out of constructive ideas to be leaders in a multi-racial county. Most of the time they behave like brain-dead zombies.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When there's no basic 'cow-sense'
Please don't talk about common sense
We're getting more than our fair share of nonsense
Can't help wondering if we have lost all our senses?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050909
Sat. 5th Sept. 2009.

Anonymous said...

1 Malaise for a diesel sub? i think not. it should be the world 7 malaise 0!
diesel sub... ppl can hear you coming miles away :)-

Anonymous said...


their party is truly -

United Moron National Organization.


Anonymous said...

diesel subs can be herd coming miles away?

know your facts before u post

teo siew chin said...

I am quite disappointed with Art Harun actually.
He writes about the governance of a nation when he should BE governing the nation.
Get in there mate!
Swim amongst the sharks...but probably not as a dolphin...them sharks are voracious critters! LOL

Nordin said...

You mentioned TUDM receiving the sub marine.That's hllarious!

Anonymous said...


Such sad & depressing times we are in now...!!!
People making the most "stupidest" remarks & decisions...!!!!

I would like to comment more but I'm so damn pissed off with the governance.....!!!

Will NOT be very nice words lah...!!
Just waiting for the next GE.....

Which "ARE" being brainstorm. PKR better start their "brainstorming" NOW too......!!!!

You are warned.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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k a l a m b o n g said...

To Anon 459,

Yes, diesel subs can be heard not miles away, but some tens of miles away

Plus, diesel subs have to surface once every couple of days for air

I do know my stuffs

Anonymous said...

Art Harun, you are STB ,
Nothing can shake those who are righteous.

Those clowns conform the truth to their desires so One can only voice out but nothing will be done.

For them The world is theirs and not yours and your Land is their Land , All belongs to them.

sss- syok sendiri syndrom


Anonymous said...

kalambong, u do know your stuff.

ppl-who-know-about-diesel-sub 2,
anon @ 4:59 0


anon @ 1:38

Anonymous said...

These first class UMNO dingbat morons sleepwalking through in a third world country is more like it.

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

cows stupid?

remember how they sacrificed cows in the Parliament compound to celebrate Badawi's special occasion.

Where is this Toyo from? Surely not from Java, no?

Anonymous said...

Ta Kalambung,

if a subs want to will dive and turn to their electric motor and powered by the subs battery.....when the battery is low then they resurfaced and turn on their diesel engine....if this is doing war time...usually they only surface on friendly area to recharge and dive back....if they are equip with normal

there is various type of AIP system and our Scorpene are equiped with this...this meant that it can run the diesel engine with stored oxygen and treated the fume of the diesel engine....which equal to longer diving durations...

the other type of AIP is hydrogen (unproven) and nuclear (too expensive)...

and i dont see why its wrong we buy buying this subs...

little knowledge is very dangerous my friend

PJU Voter said...


Yes, I do agree the protest involving the famous COW HEAD was extremely uncalled for but we can't simply put the blame onto the BARISAN NASIONAL Government.

Look.....this sad episode happened in Selangor whereby the State Govt. is PAKATAN RAKYAT. It was the Selangor MB (Khalid Ibrahim) who gave the greenlight to relocate a Hindu Temple into a Malay majority area (Section 23, Shah Alam). It's only NORMAL for Muslim folks living in Section 23 to get furious & mad. It's likened to pouring petrol into one's rice bowl. Without WIND (temple relocation), trees wouldn't swing (Cow head involvement).

I simply cannot comprehend the WISDOM & INTELLIGENCE of our Selangor MB to even think of such move. Perhaps (just perhaps), PAKATAN RAKYAT indeed doesn't have any qualified leaders who can adminsiter & govern a State with due wisdom & intelligence. Perhaps, PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders are only good to fight from the OUTSIDE of which is being as an Opposition.

Now that PAKATAN had become the State Govt. in Selangor, everything seems to be in HAY WIRE. Ranging from the issue of BEER to now COW. What's next???? Bak Kut Teh stall closure???

Based on what had happened in Selangor, I finally can understand why PAKATAN RAKYAT fell to BN in PERAK. At first, I though it was via UNETHICAL POWER GRAB but after what I witnessed in Selangor, I can now regard it as "PAKATAN caused their own DOWNFALL". Short say, it's SUICIDE (similar to the pathethic case of Teoh Beng Hock).

Now that damaged has been done, PAKATAN RAKYAT is pointing finger to the BN Govt. This is likened to a CROOK accusing its' victim being the actual CROOK. It's a BIG TIME JOKE, my friend!!!

I foresee Selangor returning to BN in the near furture & I can smell EXTINCTION for Pakatan Rakyat come the next General Election. I won't be even surprised if PAKATAN RAKYAT goes down as a "1 TERM WONDER" in our grandchildren's history textbook.

The BIG HOO HA of the Political Tsunami occured during the last General Election might all go down as a "short term" CHEAP THRILL for Pakatan Rakyat & its' NOT-SO-WISE supporters.

Anonymous said...

Hi PJU Voter,

What you've wrote might not go down well with most here. However, if we look at this episode with a sound mind.....

"I've no choice but to agree with what you've written"

Brilliant piece of comment.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Respect must be truly mutual
For any nation to have a bright future
Otherwise it simply goes against nature
To treat respect in such manner casual

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060909
Sun. 6th Sept. 2009.

Lim Kok Seng said...

Hi all (especially PJU Voter),

You wrote....... "PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders are only good to fight from the OUTSIDE of which is being as an Opposition"

My comment:
Very true!!! What many voters didn't realize prior to the last election was that many of these candidates fielded by Pakatan Rakyat were actually ignorant individuals who had no whatsoever experience & wisdom in governing a State. People who voted against BN was merely simply making a vote of protest. When these Pakatan Rakyat leaders had been voted in, 'the rakyat' in the end paid the heavy price for it. 'The rakyat' now have to face stupid issues simply becos' these Pakatan Rakyat were too useless as compared to the ones we previously had. Although most BN leaders are corrupted but I would rather have them in come the next G.E.

I believe most people will do the same as me. We're tired & fed-up with stupid issues of which caused racial tension & distability caused by these useless Pakatan Rakyat idiotic representatives. Honestly, even a COW can do a better job than these Pakatan fools.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the video of the Dialogue between MB & section 23 residents at Marina's blog. Wow, pretty strong stuff ... These guys, & gals, acted like they were willing to die over this issue. How did they managed to produce so many hate-filled mob-like residents in that area? Forget ISAing them, pack them all up & ship them out to some Redneck country or Jewish state. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Only then they will learn the meaning of the word 'racists'

Anonymous said...

Lim Kok Seng - if that is indeed your true name, which I doubt, ... you sound so clever lah - next time, why don't you put your name up for election.
Did you actually read what you wrote? It is such gibberish I won't waste my time. All broad sweeping statements supported by no facts & bombastic accusations like those made by a 5 year old child ... aiyah, I go nap nap now.