Tuesday, September 15, 2009


THIS I just heard from HANTU: Khairy wants in as candidate in Bagan Pinang. Following are furtive exchanges I had with Hantu...me in red and him in blue:

Rubbish, garbage

Isn't that the name of the game in UMNO?

Where's your proof?

In UMNO you dont need to prove anything....ask Rohaizat....the boss picks you....you do it?

Who is the boss here?

The MOO-hiding guy.

He is MOOny, he is going against the boss' pick!

That's a MOOt assumption.

Let's cut out this mooing here and mooing there....we are pitting two pit vipers here!

Proxy for #1 and #2.

But both are price-tagged!

Who in UMNO is not PT? That gives UMNO character! Licence, for want of a better word.

KJ is greedy....he is already Youth head....he is already MP

But he is not in the Cabin. This is the only access into the cabin - winning in BP and being inevitably Negri Sembilan chief.

You are sharp there Han!

So top it up then....burp....

You got to go slow on the spirits Han....tis only 3:00PM

What's so wrong in being spiritual? I get spiritually sharp, no?

But KJ can't beat Isa.

Nobody is invincible....didn't Tun M made reference to Japan's LPD?

You are intimating that the Tun feels that Muk has better chance of moving up with Khairy than piggy-back on some tired and tried donks like Hisham etc.....and like always Tun whispers into MOOhiding ears and things get moving.

Wah Zee you getting sharp too....here let me fill up your .....burp....

Between us, did Wenger J Khairy put you onto this?

Pade doh? That's priviliege information. I have to protect my sources.....

Now we have secrets between us, huh?

Down the hatch, Zee I have a meeting cum buka puasa with your old ex-general friend on those postal votes thing. See ya!

DANG, impertinent owl!


Anonymous said...

'slipper-garland' utk siapa lagi !?

shar101 said...

Hmmm .. nice 'rumblings' here, Z. Wink2.

Jong said...

LOL!! ...screwed up trying to decipher those rumblings from afar! :D

Anonymous said...

the ghost who flew in

Anonymous said...

Hahaha the old man wants who he call corrupted to stand in NS....what a hypocrite if its true n should be garland with you know what.

julian said...

that was great uncle ----made my day. still unable to connect to mt-----will be cool though and wait

telur dua said...

If KJ can be chief in NS, he'd want to be MB. He doesn't want to be in the Cabin. Seeing how well an ex-dentist has become is enough to make up his mind.

'The way to high office is by the crooked stairs.' ~ QE (The Movie)

telur dua said...

KJ can't stand all those buggers in the Cabin. So, being the MB of NS is better. That would be my advice to him.

Oh, those in the Cabin can't stand him either.