Thursday, September 24, 2009


THREE days into the Permatang Pasir by-elections I wrote and complained that it was getting to be a bit of a yawning drag. But the fourth day was like a prayer answered. There bloomed the Rohaizat issue.

However, even before we start on this next mother-of-all-by-elections, we already have a clown performing on a tight rope. The tight-rope walker is none other than the shit-stirrer Hassan Ali. Besides an uphill against Postal Votes, PAS cannot afford to sacrifice the Indian and Chinese votes. Hassan Ali created a near havoc immediately after the March GE. If not from an UMNO insider, we would not have known that he was in cohort with Toyo to engineer a PAS cross-over to UMNO. Had it not been for the fortitude of PAS MPs and Aduns in Selangor who honored the PR pact, we would have seen Hassan Ali as Menteri Besar of Selangor.

And yet the PAS leadership did not do the right thing.

He stirred some more shit when he went head-on with Selangor PR over the sale of Beer by 7Eleven outlets in Shah Alam. When he was cautioned by the MB he layed off into his snake-pit to hatch another scheme.

And yet the PAS leadership did not do the right thing.

Who would ever believe that Hassan Ali was not in league with UMNO in the cow-head episode that made a universal capital fool of the Home Minister. His finger-prints were all over the place and those finger-prints were lifted at the fracas in the Section 23 residents meeting, I was reliably informed.

And yet the PAS leadership did not do the right thing.

This shadowy figure emerged again, when he called for the ban of beer in all Pakatan States. The Sultan of Selangor took exception!

And yet the PAS leadership did not do the right thing.

After the Sultan rapped his knuckles, he must have consulted UMNO, and he now goes after SELCAT, the formation of which he was part of. PAS, and PR MPs and Aduns have rapped him

And yet the PAS leadership did not do the right thing.

Battles have been LOST because of one Benedict Arnold aka TRAITOR !

Will the PAS leadership do the RIGHT thing NOW?

However YB Salahudin Ayub and YB Dzulkifly Ahmad will still get my support, because these are good men we must hold on to.


Ray said...

Uncle Zorro,
Barisan Rakyat Bloggers should boycott the Bagan Pinang by election unless the Pas leadership takes disciplinary action on the useless pariah hassan ali. He creates more problem than solving problem for the Rakyat. Maybe you guys can come up with a petition to the Sultan of Selangor to send the wasting the tax payers money and good for nothing hassan ali to the dump site.

superstarrajinikanth said...

i wonder how come when there is a by-election, for sure the PR will have all sort of problem, or maybe this is part of their strategy..

Yew Sik Kow said...

What about their call to ban concerts? They want to ban everything except turbans.

But looking from another angle, Hassan is just being democratic by speaking his mind, which has been the battle slogan during the last election.

We should allow him to carry on otherwise it will look like he is being gagged by dictators.

Freedom of speech is allowed in the constitution.

shar101 said...

Give him a front row aisle for the Beyonce concert and handcuff him to the seat for the entire show.

And get two scruffy looking hugh dudes with farting inclinations who likes chilled ones to sit beside him for good measure.

k a l a m b o n g said...

Dear Unker Zorro,

Judge not lest thou be judged

Please remember that

Anonymous said...

b4 someone sigh ...'a life is still a life' !!

Starmandala said...

Hasan Ali deposed Khalid Samad from the Selangor PAS exco because Khalid represents the voice of reason and sanity - and that, in the twisted minds of wannabe inquisitors like Hasan Ali and Zul Noordin - is a definite threat to their brand of perverted Islam. Hasan is part of Nasharudin Mat Isa's camp, not Nik Aziz's. He commands a lot of grassroots support amongst the less progressive, more betempurunged segment of PAS, and I suspect he has maintained close ties with his old Umno support base. I strongly suspect my blog got locked down because Hasan Ali got his cybercowboys to flag it en masse.

zorro said... what? I could not care a damn for being judged, unless judged by people I admire and respect. And stop unkering are getting irritating! If this blog doesn't measure up to your lofty expectations, please go somewhere some blogs on animal grooming or petal offence to those blogs of course.

Anonymous said...

he is envious of toyoy for his 24juta mansion laa !

Anonymous said...

It applies to you too. Leave it to God.

In actual fact, in your blog, you suppoertive of the banned beer thingy. It's immaterial now.
Nightcaller has mentioned before to beware of the media of manipulating the whole events.
I say press ahead woth the support for Pakatan Rakyat. I have left a comment with Iskandar, Hassan sidekick.

No need to be so harsh! Force Hassan Ali make public statement. Remember PAS Selangor is not always about Hassan Ali. Let Khalid Samad's team neutralise him.
Advise you to read Men in White. PAS is experiencing the schism. Lets help Husam's team secure the mantle of leadership in PAS

lanaibeach said...

The line is drawn
Backdoor key registered
If Pakatan Selangor sleeps on it
The evil will march in

You have one
Branding out of line
Brewing his lordship
As if he is running the State

The team spirit
He never shows he has it
Time to kick him out
Let him stick his neck
On the wilderness of his choice

Learn the lesson
Silver State gone
The leaders forgot
When rumblings hit
They didn't take notice

Now in Selangor
One is trying to dig in
Take him out of the equation
Let him rot in his own garden
Do it before it is too late!

Malaysian said...

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Unknown said...

Those who cannot do anything are making noises.The MB who is the head master does nothing.When we have a useless Head Master,all the teachers will be waywards and the innocent students suffer.The parents is good at making noise on the teachers yet fear to face the MB.

Shanghai Fish said...

to Shah101,
Do you actually suggest Eva's Shaven to sit beside this MORON in the Beyonce concert ? Gimme a break Shah. This scumbag deserves shit....and all due respect to Eva...cannot measure up to anything logical.
.......and Bernard,
The onus is on those idiots in PAS and PKR to put a leash and a muzzle on this mangy mongrel. PR must stop this "horse (or is it cow-head) and pony" show and kick arses....otherwise they are no different from the shit we are so used to for the past 52 years...get my drift bro ?
Get real and lets see some heads roll.....starting with this mongrel and then that 'bucket-of-shit' called Zulkipli....aka the Bar Council bombardier.

I hold Anwar and Hadi personally responsible if nothing is done about these 2 loose cannons.
Sheeeeeesh !

Anonymous said...

Is PAS deaf and dumb or something more sinister? This moron MB wannabe was a pain in the ass from day one even before the PR state government was formed. It seems that he can't let go that he cannot become the MB. He knows that even if PR win the next general election he will not become the next MB but somebody else will. His only chance is to ensure Umno win the next state election and then he'll jump ship to be the MB. That's the crux of the matter. The question is, are PAS going to go along with him? It's time Pakatan think carefully about putting up ex-BN bigwigs in particular those from Umno up for election.


Unknown said...

I may even rejoice silently if PAS loses badly in Bagan Pinang because PAS leadership did not do the right thing.

I am simply sick of Hassan Ali.

ZIK said...

How about people starts to do demo against these knucklehead Hassan Ali..if 50000 people can march to protest's time to let PAS Selangor, who is their bos..they just simply can not do antyhing without people approval..if Hassan Ali want to do otherwise, it;s better for him and the people of Selangor that he join UMNO..Uncle Zorro pls organise a presure group for PR...don let this clown get away like that!!!he already done it when they intended to form a goverment with UMNO last year!!dont let they get away this time..presure Hassan ali to resign and quit from PR!!!gather the people..let this UMNO clown hear the people voice!!!

Anonymous said...

I simply don't know what people like Hassan Ali belives in, politically or even spritually. What is their stand.
I've said from when he first meet and discuss with that toyo he should have been SACKED already. His intention is clear cut already.

Anonymous said...

told you flers, 90% of pas reps cannot be trusted...

Anonymous said...

Yew Sik Kow,
As long as someone eg Hasan Ali is a member of an organisation eg PAS/PR then he has to respect the position taken by that organisation. His right to freedom of speech is limited by being a member of that organisation that he willingly is a member of. He has a choice to resign from PAS/PR and join another political organisation that is more aligned to his personal beliefs or to become an independent. He can then speak his mind (subject to our Country's laws) on any subject then.

shar101 said...

Yo Shanghaifish,

How could you equate Eva to 'farting inclination' lah, bro.

Ok, to be fair, put a blindfold on the idiot so that he's gotta continually ask those two beer swilling dudes - "Tell me what's happening? Has she taken it off yet?". If only suspense can kill ....

Anywayz, Nutgraph's got a infamy list on this Hasan bloke -


Anonymous said...

No need to punish the whole gang just because of several recalcitrants. Hassan & his sidekick, Iskandar.
Perhaps, it's Hassan's intention. Rather make sure PAS win big as long as it's Husam's team

M.m said...

PAS untuk semua !!

Hahahaha i bet the non muslims who bought that feel like a bunch of nitwits now..

Funny seeing you all dig your own graves as shit pops up like mushrooms after a rain...

Save selangor! Take it back from Triads, Bigots and their merry men.

buck stops here!

Richard Loh said...

Why are PAS leaders keeping quite with this hassan ali mutiny? Silence means consent. MB Khalid must act boldly to remove him even if Selangor were to fall, just disolve SA and call for fresh election. People who voted for PAS are feeling very agitat...ed. Do something now before PR disintegrate because of this one evil person.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Ray & Michael. BR Bloggers has to sit this Bagan Pinang out; a statement must be made to the PAS Top Leadership of Hadi,Nas Mat Isa,Youth Chief[Nas], etc that BR would NOT Support PAS BLINDLY.

Action must be taken against Hassan Ali, but I doubt it will happen. Because it will be construe to be giving in to DAP & the Rakyat.

zorro said...

Ray, Michael, let us see how this will unfold. I will be patient. I don't want to over react. Lets be proactive. We cannot abandon Bagan Pinang. Lets wait out what PAS will do. They have a good election machinery. DAP and PKR have vowed full support in the Ceremah Perdanah. I was there at the 10pm ceremah on the 16Sept. I have faith in the coalition for BPinang. If PR does not win, a decreased majority for BN can be considered a win for PR. Pls keep faith with us.

Anonymous said...

a good time for the malaysian indians to abstain from voting .there are a lot of indian bashing comments going around the malaysian,makes no different to us either way.

so to dap,pkr,pas and umno,mca,mic
sod off! you power hungry induced gits!

Jong said...

How come PAS President Hadi Awang and his deputy Nasharuddin Mat Isa are extremely quiet on Hassan Ali? ...lempar batu, sembunyi tangan?

zorro said...

I inadvertently rejected this comment. Here it is:

Dari apa yang berlaku, saya boleh beranggapan analisa saya adalah benar seperti berikut:-

En. Bernard, anda telah diperkudakan dari awal saya melihat anda duduk dibawah pohon kelapa di Restaurant. Bagan Pinang dan semua yang lain-lain sebenarnya tak penting langsung bagi PAS pusat tetapi penting bagi PAS Kelantan, PKR dan DAP. Kepada semua, tak usah nak marah dan bising kalau kamu tak faham apa itu politik. Yang paling mengetahui selok belok politik pintu belakang hanya YM Raja Petra.

Kamu sekalian telah diberi amaran dari awal oleh Presiden and Timbalan PAS tetapi kamu tak faham maksudnya.

PKR adalah lemah serta kekurangan ahli politik berwibawa untuk memtakbir negara dan PAS pusat tahu perkara ini. Itulah sebabnya PKR ingin menarik sebanyak yang boleh ahli politik yang berpegalaman ke PKR.

PAS Pusat hanya mengangap satu negeri sahaja yang betul-betul kerajaan PAS iaitu Kedah. Perak (PAS MB dicop sebagai boneka) dan Kelantan di anggap celup dan tak tulen Islam kerana pemerintahan berlainan idealogi PAS Untuk Semua. (Hj.Hadi teramat pantang kepada Patung dan Kelantan penuh dengan patung gergasi)
Kerana itulah golongan atasan PAS Pusat memberi kata dua bahawa mereka akan berkerjasama dengan pemerintah untuk umat Islam….. kerana Malaysia ialah Negara Islam. (cuba fikir kenapa PM asyik mengulangi perkataan ini)

Negeri yang paling dikehendaki ialah Terengganu kerana sebilangan atasan dalam PAS Pusat telah hilang negeri kaya selepas hanya satu musim memerintah. Pintu belakang yang dimaksudkan ialah PAS akan diserahkan negeri ini dan Selangor akan PAS serahkan kepada pemerintah. Yang buat bising-bising tu hanya alasan tunggu masa.

Hakikatnya golongan atasan PAS pusat yang kecundang negeri akan mendapat kembali maruahnya dengan diberi kekayaan royalti minyak sekali. (cuba fikir kenapa Kelantan yang tak setuju dengan cadangan ini telah mengistiharkan perang untuk mendapat royalti minyak) “Pemerintah akan melakukan apa saja untuk mendapat kembali Selangor” Kamu tak dengar ke ayat ini?
(dimana letaknya maruah pemerintah Negara kalau Ibu Negara dibawah pembangkang) Untuk tunjuk bukti dan kemampuan, Perak beralih pemerintah dan adakah kamu dapat melihat usaha bersunguh-sungguh dari PAS pusat?

Adalah sekalian, idealogi memtakbir Negara dengan memtakbir Negeri Rakyat Hidup Aman Damai ( walaupun miskin) adalah dua yang berlainan arah tuju diantara TGNA dan Hj. Hadi. Hakikat ini perlu diterima oleh semua demi membangun negara dan kesejahteraan. Jangan anggap hanya DSAI ada penasihat hebat dan Kerajaan tiada. Jimatlah segala cerlaan dan cacian anda untuk apa sekali pun kalau bukan POLITIK.

Anonymous said...

Khalid Samad & co came to the rescue. See, just hold your horsey. As for Iskandar, I will hold my wrath for the time being. Perhaps, I should apologise him in his blog calling him Hassan's sickick. Azizan, the Kedah MB has seemed to learn his lesson too....Becareful for anything spewing out from the mouth. It's biblical as well as Islamic
Husam Musa was probably in control in Negeri Sembilan. Let make sure PAS win in Bagan Pinang. We don't need a repeat of Manek Urai

Anonymous said...

Need to add a clause. I would probably apologise Iskandar provided that there is no ulterior motive behind all these hocus pocus

mauriyaII said...

Hassan Ali and his sidekicks in Selangor PAS have proven their intention to topple the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government.

Hassan Ali reeks of the qualities of a product from UMNO University aka UITM and BTN. Once an UMNO warlord, he will always be one. A leopard cannot hide its spots unless it becomes a black panther. That is only possible at birth.

Even the Mamak has chastised and rebuked UMNO not to consider taking back this known traitor.

This tempayan kosong can make all the noise that he wants and he can even collude with the cow-heads in Selangor (Shah Alam) but he is not going to make any headway.

So let him stir some more shit. That is all he is good for. What he and fellow recalcitrants like him need is a resounding slap to wake them up to the reality of living in a multi-racial and multi-religious country.

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Mind Power

Anonymous said...

dear zorro,

the comment that you inadvertantly rejected....

This is written by a 'political analyst' from umno......he thinks just his theory is true. Umno peoples are famous for this kind of theory. Being a malay, I have seen and heard many of such theories.

My contention is simple....too much POLITICS (which umno is fond off and very2 good at) kills umno!. After 8 by election, has umno progressed?. they thot so....but in actuality, more malays are distancing from umno. I know as my own siblings who defended umno are shying away, quiet now! uncles who talks with smoke and fire about Pas are quiet this last raya visit!....he dared not talk anything now as everything that he defended has BACKLASHED on him. and mind you this is a pulis pencen!.

So zorro, keep up the pace, have faith in Pas and those in PKR and DAP who have good intentions of doing good. Hassan ali got his PhD PAID FOR by mahasei...he confirmed this yesterday when interviewed....he said umno spent a Million to make him (hassan ali)a DOCTORATE!...

The writer and his theories are nothing....I judged from my own siblings and the pulis pencen own uncle of mine!.....Have faith in truth, justice, equality, fairness....and religious values UNTAINTED by self glory of MBship!.....

Allah is making all this possible....for us to identify the TRUE leaders to lead us all in this NEAR future!

The MIND!!!

Anonymous said...

Hassan Ali is in dire need to be Chief Minister.

Could Selangor MB offer him the post of Chief Minister for Pulau Ketam 'state'? If he successfully could tackle abandon stray dogs there, he could then assume bigger role in Selangor, say EXCO for Stray Dogs and Unwanted Domestic Animals...

It takes Sick Man to understand sick animals mah...