Tuesday, September 8, 2009




Anonymous said...

I am absolutely certain their souls would rest well ONLY if this Nation gets back on her proper tracks. It has been derailed for far too long since the days of the Tun. THe other Tun fared no better during his 5 year duration. In fact, the situation worsens. And the current PM has not shown there is any concerted concrete efforts to wash all hands clean. More unexplained deths in his midst. The ghosts are sure hungry this year. No thanks to Barisan. Especially UMNO. And no thanks to the blind allegiance from their allies specifically the Police, MACC and the AG. EC included.

pinsysu said...

not only are these hungry ... they are also very angry as jsutice is not abt to be done yet. pray their souls will descend on Bagan Pinang by-election to continue to burn the BN_UMNO until chaoda ... they won't see justice until the BN_UNMO gomen is completely annihilated!

Starmandala said...

Well, your old friend Rocky believes Musa Hassan is a perfect gentleman and an excellent law enforcer. His buddy Pasquale feels the same and is happy to see Musa Hassan rewarded with another extension. Obviously, there are those amongst us who think the only thing wrong with this country is Anwar Ibrahim's impatience to become PM! Massive corruption, police brutality, murder, rape, bogotry, hypocrisy and dirty tricks semua okay - but Pakatan Rakyat wanting to take over the wheel tak okay. People like Altantuya, Kugan and Beng Hock dying at the hands of law enforcement officers - collateral damage! If I were born in one of the royal houses, I would be forced to do an RPK... I salute him for not abusing his genetic privilege!

lanaibeach said...

The month of Hungry Ghosts
The restless souls must be appeased
For lives had been unceremoniously dumped
For crimes they didn't commit or proven yet

The way decisions made
The silly statements we read
Cane tapped on his chair
“Yeah you can cane the woman
There is no pain with the cane”
“I want Selangor”
Atlantuya died in her soil
Kugan severely injured and died in custody
Teoh Beng Hock fell to his death in Macc

And don't forget the cow head protest
Idiotic and seditious campaign
Out from Umno the party cracking within
Atlantuya slowly venging her death

The month of Hungry Ghosts
The gates open the spirits roam
It is this time the vengeful spirits fly
Searching for revenge to appease their souls

And MCA cracking within ranks
PKFZ will be its sinking bed
It is time to taste its own medicine
Instead fighting for the community
Its leaders only fight for themselves
And the business opportunities entail

The month of Hungry Ghosts
The susurrus calling in the night wind
The vengeful spirits will wait
When the fire is low the time to hit
It is happening the way I see

Unknown said...

I hope they'd do us a favour by spooking the shit out of those people.

Anonymous said...


What is your take on this blog article?


Any truth in it?

Anonymous said...

All they talk about is maintaining peace and the justification of utilising Government machinery for the maintenance of peace, but what they forget is that THERE IS NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE AND EQUALITY.

Yes the ghosts are hungry and angry alright.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo