Monday, September 21, 2009


Analysts and commentaries asking for the closure of Kem Kamunting since there are now less than 10 national security-risks interns occupying the sprawling ranch have somewhat angered the Home Minister. It was reported that he would not have any qualms filling Kamunting to the brim with anyone who is a threat to national security, definition of which would be his prerogative and his alone. Given such powers unto himself you can bet that he will outdo his sand-harvester (for Singapore?) predecessor who put a lady reporter in to protect her.

Collectively all these contribute to national security:

- Unexplained deaths in custodial detention.

- Desecration of religious practices

- Publishing hate

- Plundering of Native Rights Land

- Exorbitant charges for tooth extraction

- Collusion by Government Agencies to hoodwink the rakyat: MACC, MCMC, ROS, PDRM, EC, AG Department…..and the list can go on.

- The masterminds behind PKFZ.

- The revelations of the leaked Cabinet papers.

- The judge who condemned two cops to the gallows for killing a Mongolian lass that the Government thru its Immigration Department says did not enter the country.

Just a few of many more.....for another time he opens his mouth.....

BUT his boss-cousin says otherwise:

PUTRAJAYA, April 7 2009 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today his administration would not use the Internal Security Act (ISA) arbitrarily but would give importance to the principles of human rights and civil liberties.

He said the ISA was undergoing a review to ensure that it incorporated several provisions which upheld these principles.

"Several provisions (of the ISA) will reflect our (the government's) intention to uphold civil liberties and establish a check and balance so that the ISA is not used arbitrarily or according to the whims of the authorities without regard for the fundamental rights and civil liberties of the people of Malaysia," he told a group of journalists from Indonesia at his office, here.

Najib said his decision to release 13 ISA detainees recently was a government gesture which gave importance to the fundamental rights and civil liberties in a modern, mature and civilised society.

And here swings in a monkey seeking recognition (as reported in Malaysikini)

On the other hand, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) secretary-general Wilfred Nissom is in a definite minority of one in backing the ISA.

Other Sarawakians including journalists, politicians and senior civil servants beg to differ with Nissom. However, Nissom concedes at the same time that the Act in its present form may have outlived its usefulness and needs to be brought more up-to-date.

Irresponsible people who are out to cause chaos should be removed to Kamunting where they can't harm the peace of other people, according to Nissom.

These irresponsible people, in his view, instigate and create ill-will between communities and eventually cause disorder in the country.

“I haven't seen BN or heard them going around preaching hate towards any community,” said Nissom without batting an eyelid. “We know which group seems hell-bent on creating chaos in the country.”

Of course, you haven't being so preoccupied with poking!
I dont wish this on you because I want the total abolition of the ISA, but if you support the ISA just remember anything is possible in BN.....

Brunei-based senior Sarawak journalist Mikhail Muthu thinks that the ISA proves that “politics is the last resort of the scoundrels”.


lanaibeach said...

ISA review or amend
It serves no purpose in running the nation
It is just for the leaders and supporters afraid to face the truth
So with this draconian law to silent the critics

The elected leaders work for the people
In managing the affairs of the country
It isn't a free authorization they could do what they like
The checks and balances must be locked in
A leader shouldn't be afraid to admit mistakes
A leader shouldn't be afraid to be open like a book
Let the critics come along sign their works

Catching people who tell the truth
For the best interests of the country
ISA has no place in the nation
We mustn't be afraid to change it

Enough of Bee Anne antics
Afraid to lose in any battle field
The head and tail seems to go astray
The sins finally come home to live

We read the silly statements
Each trying to score points for KPI?
The fabric is frayed slowly it will be torn
The stitches will just barely holding it
The next round in the ring
The wallop and the fainting spells

ISA throw into the bin
Let history talk about it
In our daily lives we don't need
Marching to our destiny

Anonymous said...

The entire cabinet headed by Najib do not work in unison like a well-oiled orchestra would.

Najib says this and his cousin Hisham will spout something else. Rais talked about the green dam and shortly, he was over-written by Najib. These animals sent conflicting messages to the Rakyat.

It shows that the animal farm do not hold regular meetings to know what each other is doing and where the entire cabinet is heading. They just shoot off their mouths aimlessly.

These animals are a joke to the outside world and to the Rakyat. They don't seem to realise....they still think they are the kings and powerful warlards clinging onto their seats and continue to siphon the Rakyat's money.

They can't carry themselves well....can't speak well and when they are in public, act as though the Rakyat is their enemy. There was a video clip showing Rais Yatim "jeling mata" at one reporter who was not very well-versed in Bahasa Malaysia. Only BN politicians are such. WIth their bau busuk and perangai as such, how can they ever win the hearts and minds of the Rakyat except their own kind.

Starmandala said...

Enjoyed the accompanying graphics, Zorro, especially the Garbage Mouth image (definitely should replace the official mugshot of Kerishammuddin on the homo ministry homepage :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember Ms Tan Hoon Cheng, a Shin Chew newspaper reporter who wrote about a Penang UMNO warlord inciting all the chinese as pendatang haram. She was rudely arrested and "protect in ISA prison" for reporting the crime Ahmad Ismail did. Ahmad is still a free man (free from UMNO politics and prison)even until today.

Anonymous said...

the isham pondan wants to fill kem kamunting to the brim....this is his obsession....and he has no choice but to do this....this talk is infact a dare...a challenge....a pre-empt warning of a SURE action coming....

musa assan has been quiet since his contract extended....never heard anything from him.....he will TALK when they have taken the action....TO ISA SELECTED peoples....

As one commentator have written...."Hisham, fill the camp to the brim and WE will fill up the CITY of Kuala Lumpur LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!"

and surely, I WILL BE THERE!!!