Sunday, September 13, 2009


SORRY LAH, SALANG.....I spelt your name wrongly.....slip of the finger. Two of my readers CHIDED me for blogging about such frivolities like the MU-Hotspur game early this morning. They said I should do a post on you and the MAMC. I listen to my readers, most times.

You said:

"The MCMC is the custodian. The public won't like it if they (MCMC) did not take any action." .

If you took the trouble to read you would have noticed that some of the readers of this blog feel that you are bringing disrepute to the people of East Malaysia. You see, we do not know who your public is. As such, we are extending this invitation to you tomorrow to come to the Malaysiakini office tomorrw at 10:00am to meet our public.

But before that, I'dike to iinform you that your utterances have made many LOL and they have exclaimed OMG, Hadi is right about the cawat. If you are most of the time AFC they expect you and the MCMC boys to be BIAF. Although we may not be BFF, I am etending this advice to you or you may lose your seat next GE, JK. I am sure you do not want that to happen IRL. BTW, GTG fishing, will TYLL, maybe tomorrow morning.

WTF, (What the Fuck....I didnt have space on my palm to write down this one) since I am at it I might also advise you that should you continue to harrass Malaysiakini, our public have deveoped a code of communication in cyberspace that your MCMC yes-boys would take a long time to catch up with. SO HOW. Just to give you an example.....starting with what our youngsters are in the chat room.....their security codes etc.

9/99 cool/real cool

POS parent over shoulder

EEP emergency eavesdropping parent

QQ quiet, quiet

The secret code that only teens know and use. Used while chatting, it can be the savior of the teen in question to keep their parents ( or snooping MCMC boys looking for cheap thrills from finding out the chat topic. It is used to subtly tell your chat buddy to change the subject.

Gus: I luv Y’s tits.

Duke : 9!

Gus: Nice day at school, wasnt it mate?

Duke: 99.

Parent Over Shoulder Teen Code (pos) –

Virginia: Joe ate me out but i had a yeast infection.

Agatha: oh crap,pos

Virginia: We should make cookies next time we sleep over!

Jodi: Okay she left. Did he have dough on his lip afterwards?

Art: dude, we should totally smoke reefer tomorrow. QQ

Benny: I love to read books.

Art: Ya, me too. Harry Potter is so great.

Samantha: Im pregnant! eep

Jerry: I hate homework!

Larry: I love my wife.

So Joe Salang, until you learn about cyberworld,

STFU (I have forgotten this one, somebody help him)



Office Address:
48, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama, 59000 Kuala Lumpur


new fart said...

Yes, Lallang....shut the fuck up!!!

shar101 said...

See, I knew acronyms would catch on.

STFU ah? Simple mah.

Super Task Force United. It's the new football team ordained by our PM in the PKFZ league.

Dalai Baru said...

Real FUNKY post, Zorro! You're on a ROLL and we gonna ROCK the BN boat, you better believe it! ;-)

Dalai Baru for now
(inspired by New Fart)

zorro said...

New Fart, Shah & Dalai Baru....yeah, we're gonna rock, rock, rock, till broad daylight.

You guys are GMAHO....come collect your beer at the fish pond if you get the correct answer.

vengai said...

Bro Zorro,
Sodomised The Fucking Umno.Is this corrrect.
Just like RPK said in his "The Court In Session"articel that Umno been sodomised in Selangor.

bennyloh said...


Unknown said...

Why doesn't Malaysiakini run a poll at their website on whether subscribers/readers are offended by the video clips?

Malaysiakini is a subscription service news provider and one needs a subscription to access Malaysiakini video. They should ask their readers if the latter are offended by the 2 video clips.

Of course, the same video clips that were later accessible in You Tube (ie. in the public domain) is another matter as Malaysiakini does not have the right nor access to them.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


If you have nothing good to say
It's better to keep so very quiet
Otherwise you'll be haunted one day
For the wrong thing said about diet

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140909
Mon. 14th Sept. 2009.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When you want a media buster who do you call? M'siakini!
When you look for a truth buster what do you read? M'siakini!
When you see an action video buster what do you view? M'siakini!
When you seek for a trash buster what do you look for? M'siakini!

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140909
Mon. 14th Sept. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Public..! What public..?????

I'm a public & I wasn't asked. How can he put words into my mouth..???

Don't simply use the "public" for your own game & "mess-ups"...!!!!

I only "asked" for MCMC to leave Malaysiakini alone...!!!

They are doing media job just like "Utusan"........
No harm on that mah......!!!!

julian said...

may not be a malay or malaysian spoke to a few muslim friends (they were fasting) about thoes videos. i felt bad but they assured me that i did nothing wrong and one even invited me to his house during buks puasa.
as i am not in the pink of health and stopped drinking (temporary)i spend my time at home reading.