Sunday, September 13, 2009


with 10 men

ONE (1 only)
with 11only

First minute ecstacy
93 minutes chasing rainbows.

I thought it was cruel and sadistic of MU to concede a 50seconds goal!
You need to have a word with Fergie, chegu.


Unknown said...

I was just off the phone with Fergie and told him to stop ordering our players to let in early goals.

kit said...

Yawn. :-(

DanielYKL said...

And next week derby against Man City, " the Reds go marching on,on,on!"

MU was just awesome! That one goal for Spurs is just to stir them on. Give them a bit of encouragement.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

if its mere consolation to my weekend's agony, glad it was the fucking yids (spurs) at the receiving end.

anti MCMC said...

Instead of football, why not highlight the protest against MCMC harassment of Malaysiakini re: cow head incident and encourage your readers to support.

zorro said... read my mind well...coming up for tomorrow's gathering at 10am. Hang on...a few things to wrap up on a Sunday.

JM said...


...[A]nd Fergie likes to have some good wine with the special one.

Ir. hydir said...

Great game by MU but Spurs is just a third ranking club in London!

Melvin Mah said...

Aha! I was very certain that MU will win. Well, that's a dent for our friend Haris. And the margin's better than what i expect!

bury MCMC said...

sigh! such trivilaties. Who cares which guoi lou football team wins. What relevance could that have on Malaysians. How about what anti-MCMC proposal - highlight protest against MCMC kill the messenger

huligun said...

Hi Bernard,

How about doing a piece on "Football fan psychology" or something. We will like to know what is inside the brain of footies who will brave the wrath of female companions watching football matches till wee morning, etc.

Anonymous said...

It was MACC then. Now MCMC. Both stink like shit. Cow dung can smell much better.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Pretenders are aplenty in early season. Every year for the past 3 years is the same old story played by MU. Slow starter, let everyone have some hopes and then bang, bang, bang, MU sitting pretty at the top. Ahhh.... pity the other supporters.