Wednesday, September 30, 2009


FOR a spell I kind of believed the PM and his Deputy swore that UMNO must get out of its current mode of encouraging and living amidst corruption. Their posturing hoodwinked some of us. We started having our doubts when Rohaizat, the disbarred lawyer was chosen as candidate for Permatang Pasir. Even then, the DPM swore that Rohaizat was innocent. When proven wrong he defended Rohaizat when the 2nd spouse made a complaint about his not caring for her. Did Moo-hideen learn. Did Najib throw caution to the wind despite Tun's and KuLi's strong call to not choose Isa as the candidate for Bagan Pinang. The way I see it both these two leaders have agreed to WIN AT ALL COST, and damn those two old foggies! I might be wrong. They might have some other reason? Maybe they will engineer something to ensure Isa loses as a lesson to the ohter warlords that it is twilight time. You don't dictate (with your threat to boycott) to us? Possible?

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Anonymous said...

This is baffling. It has caught both sides of the divide pants down.

A 'tainted' politician would be easy victory for the untainted.

PAS surely would love to challenge a tainted candidate because they need not manufacture new issues but just ride on it. It should be a welcome move and PR should thank Najib for that.

Maybe there are other plans? Is Najib planning to join PKR?

Or is this a 'silent' pact with PAS?

Let's keep on guessing. At least it keeps our minds working. (Even harder!)


Anonymous said...

put saifool there oso can win laa if a corrupted one can ....wat's the difference ?

Unknown said...

It has nothing to do with strategy as all is in the hand of Tuhan.The kithab state very clearly.Tuhan can close the eyes and ears of any group of person,so as to advance his will[do not take Inshaallah lightly as it is the core of the one TRUTH]
All praise to TUHAN such that umno have eyes,but cannot see,and have ears,yet cannot hear.
Nothing can come to pass,save for the will of Tuhan.

mauriyaII said...

A PKR fellow seems to be the spoilsport now that he has decided to stand as an independent.

Is he another donkey like the Tanenthiran shit who has formed another MIC like party to play with Najib's balls?
Would this PKR guy too become the vote splitter?
Can't the PKR and PAS guys have an electoral understanding?

The only enemy of the rakyat is the ARROGANT AND CORRUPTED UMNO and its corrupted candidate - Isa.

Anonymous said...

at 1st , AG said it's a 'murder' !
but SEKARANG , DEATH's not caused by 'beating' !
after months & bulans of 'thinking & planning' ....finally an indian polis has to be sacrificed !!

Anonymous said...

Their plan is not as complicated as we thought. Simply- WIN AT ALL COST.

1st Perak then Selangor soon.(something is brewing and many will be caught by surprise).

They are programmed with immunity to Win and whatever you guys say does not matter to them anyway..

Pat said...

Aiyoh, Bernard! Why is that PKR fler standing as an independent?! Splitting the votes is not the way to go lah!! Don't the bigshots in PKR have any control over their people? Like this how, man???! I am very the worried!

What we need on our side are the fence-sitters. Like this, ah, the 'other' side will have lots to say about PKR, and half of it will look like it's true!

Anonymous said...

When there is battle between giants, the dwarf will eat their shit.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


With so much hot air
You may lose your hair
Forgetting what is fair
Sitting on the wrong chair

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 021009
Fri. 2nd Oct. 2009.

mauriyaII said...

Finally the great arbitrator and upholder of law in the country, the AG Abdul Ghani PakTail (Pak turut) has said only one lowly Indian constable was the cause of Kugan's death.

Navindran, the Indian constable is not charged with murder because according to PakTail, Kugan did not die immediately after the severe beatings.

He only succumbed to the beatings about 5 days later. According to PakTail's logic, if a victim of a snatch theft dies a few days later, the snatch thief cannot be charged with murder because he did not cause death. He only caused the fall. It was the victim who chose to die.

PakTail should teach straight and crooked thinking but mostly CROOKED THINKING because he only knows CROOKED THINKING.

To digress a bit, the inquest into TBH's death has come up with the DNA of a very dead Gobala Muniam on Teoh's belt and jacket.

Strange, isn't it? No, anything is possible in Bolehland.

Was it the ghost of Gobala Muniam who pushed Teoh to his death? Ask PakTail or ask the DG of the Health Ministry, the Merican character.

PakTail would readily give his undisputable verdict in law and Merican would claim it as cardiac arrest or micarditis or whatever shit that is most convenient.

Both these scums do not realize that even the average Malaysian cannot be fooled by their spin.

All these so-called Muslim guys have to pay for their sins on hari akhirat. Their souls will NEVER EVER rest in peace but they will have the company of their UMNO brothers and sisters.

The one leading these zombies will be no other than the mahafiraun, Mamak Mohamad Kutty.