Tuesday, September 29, 2009


UNDER intense pressure from within and without, Selangor PR state government must stay focused. They have allowed themselves to be distracted and as such lost certain priorities. The cowherds should have got immediate attention. It is the rakyats' problem. The rakyat's dilemma takes priority over your internal party problems. Of course we are aware that Hassan has been generously dropping his dung in the "family" home. The state government cannot be so easily distracted and lose sight of the immediate plight of its citizen. Get Moooooving before Hassan and his UMNO handlers make the next mooooove.

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Anonymous said...

...the $$$$Isa is the calon for the
$$$$-election laa !!

Anonymous said...

They are not those rich people in BT Antarabangsa so the Selangor PR gov can afford to ignore them

citi said...

if they can afford to bring trucks load of live stocks, they do not deserve to be compensated. This is a stupid act and completely waste of resources.

Anonymous said...

They set up illegal farms, when things go awry...then request to be compensated.

Then next day, business men set up illegal business premis and then request for compensation also..

all in the name of rakyat!!! Good luck.

zorro said...

Tanct....good observation! Any unseen hand behind this pilgrimage?

zorro said...

Anon620...you might have a point there.

Lin Chor Mah said...

One of Special Branch's business is to convert an "enemy". Looks like this Hassan fella has been "converted".

Anonymous said...

All politician are corrupt
Whether you are BN or Pakatan
Money are their GOD

We the ordinary rakyat is so stupid (including myself)

Just check Lim Kit Siang's a/c, Anwar's a/c.Lim GUan Eng's a/c,
Kamaruddin Jaffar's a/c, Husam Musa a/c.

Here we are quarelling among ourself.

Just think how STUPID IDIOT we are.

Just my 2 cent

lanaibeach said...

The cows and the lorries
Run a business without proper documentations
On a landfill site what are these people thinking?
Milk the State government when things get wrong

Maybe these people think
Cow the State government get a lucrative compensation
Read so much about High Chaparral..........
Play the innocent party handout plenty

This is another political game
A chess board Khalid Ibrahim should sit down
Study the moves the opponents play
If these people talking about losses....
This is the element of political game
Hiring lorries bringing the cows
Is this way to fight for illegal business?

The black knight wants Selangor so baaaaaaaad
He can't sleep peacefully as the night lights up
He dreams about the State wealth
So many ways to make his plan work
So the potholes dragging it on

Pakatan Selangor decisive action on the card
No more fighting internal demons..............
You don't see the devils at your door?
Hungrily waiting for your fall

So wise up
Canned the wayward members
It is better to lose them
Then allowing them to make a fool
Out of the people votes