Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This from a Malaysiakini report:

As pointed out by Universiti Malaya antropology and social sciences lecturer Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad: "If we remember what happened in Perak, we can infer that Selangor is next in Najib's sights; he has promised to take over Selangor and he is likely to do it."

In contrast to the surreptitious manoeuvring, prior to the fall of the silver state, Najib's recent campaign started with him blatantly telling the nation that he intends to "win back Selangor". He said this while officiating the Kuala Selangor Umno division meeting on Aug 9.

He is breaking down walls and building bridges, so lets help him......more so if he is using the tried scheme of frog-breeding. Lets suggest to him who are the possible froggies in Pakatan Rakyat. A sure bet is Menteri Besar in waiting Hassan Ali, so give that blank to somebody else who also wants to be the next MB of Selangor.....somebody from PKR, yes?

After all, once they are over there.....they will eat anything.....even each other.....dont blieve me?


Unknown said...

The PR government will use the rakyat's choice as reason to stay in power.What the rakyat say is we put you there to fullfill our request like the people declaration.The state with its immense power and resources hardly assist in condemning the ISA and the rakyats have to resort to candlelight vigil.On the ISA,there is ONE exception and that is the PAS leaders ask all their members to turun padang when protest march was organise agaist ISA.I will never forget this and the apparent silence from pkr and dap.

cancan said...

We all know that there are moles in PR. Yes! Let us identify them before it is too late.
Hopefully, the leaders of PR have learn this lesson and be extremely careful in screening the candidates for any elections.

lanaibeach said...

What Pakatan Selangor doing?
The demons at the doors
They are so silent afraid to fight?
Apparently silence is golden?

The black knight has declared his intention
Selangor Pakatan must fall into his lap
He can't sleep seeing the star shining
Opening his windows he feels so angry
He is breaking the walls
Is again through backdoor
Pakatan Selangor get your traps ready
You can't be ala Perak caught napping!

Few incidents the works of greed
Macc relentless pursuing cases
Bee Anne reps no files open
Though many reports made

Pig issue cow head demonstration
The Albino running thugs ways
Pakatan Selangor better get your traps ready
Catch them once and all
Don't be a sleeping beauty
Get up then talking about ISA!
He was way too late!

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia=cloak and dagger politics=anything goes

you still want 1 Malaysia?

rather be somewhere in northern China and drink cow's milk though i heard hai-o has exclsuive distribution rights for the milk in this country.

nightcaller said...


PR better act fast before Selangor becomes Perak II. One way is to get all the reps together and sign SD if that helps.

Another is for them to report at regular intervals to their respective parties (sort of detention class) and failure to do that deems that they has vacated their post. We can't be backing these jokers's time for them to stand up and be counted or stand down and vacate their seats...

Frankly, BR bloggers should be defending Malaysia from those accusations that we stole someone else dance (Balinese pendet dance) and song (Terang Bulan) and call it own own. In fact, we should be taking the officials from Ministry of Tourism and KRU group to task for making a brouhaha with tourism promotion...(sorry, I am loosing my cool now)

Anak Perelih said...

I believe, to take Selangor, BN will not use the way they used for Perak - by using frogs as they need about 8-9 frogs.... just too many... which means, too risky... what they will use is the way they took Kelantan in 1978.. ie , by using MAGERAN - darurat - emergency. In Kelantan, BN at that time want to kick PAS out from BN and UMNO took over the state by creating some tension in the state... that is the similarity with situation in Selangor now... with racial tension BN hopes to gain back peoples' support to force PR government out... But, so far, it failed as in the cow head demo and because nowadays we have internet as alternative media. They will try again... but I'm sure, not using frogs...