Saturday, September 19, 2009



Anonymous said...

Better sell the property and move out quick!

lanaibeach said...

Bukit Antarabangsa
Nature send her sneezes
Uprooting slopes ground opens
Falling trees and debris

The dwellers look
What to do?
Hill slopes developments
The developers sing their tunes
Like the Paid Piper of folklore story
Wake up before it is too late

Now she sends warnings
The natural disasters will begin
Sending physical messages
Don't's only a matter of time
Disasters will knock your doors
You will be shell shock to run

Enough nature warnings
The natural settings destroyed
For nature can be kind
She too can be angry
When you knock her too many times

What now?
It's only a matter of time
The falling cards the crying fools
They still sit on it
“Aiyoh good feng shui
Sitting on the hill
Kings in the clouds”

When the legs aren't on the ground
Asking for troubles the saying of old
Get out before it is too late
Nature sends warnings
Heed the advice run for your life!

julian said...

my prayers are with you and your family-------hopw you are the niamah guy no big deal if not ok?

Anonymous said...

better sell the .....! to who ? the blind & the deaf victims ah !!!???

Anonymous said...


The mainstream media, except for RTM Radio news (which I hear regularly) is not stating anything about this grave incident....

Did a check of the online pages of NST, The Star, Bernama...

No mention.

Majority affected are those not celebrating Hari Raya? hence no media coverage and 'sos' for support?

Funny lah the way our main stream media works....

Even the guy in charge of the paper that where to be found with his/his paper's concern for the residents of that area.

All using Hari Raya as the excuse?

Funny...real funny....

Another point for use at Bagan Pinang?


Anonymous said...

Got so much choice, why buy a hillside property and challenge mother nature? Ask for trouble, then don't cry!

Anonymous said...

Those who stay in Bt Antarabangsa are mostly from the rich and upper middle class. They should have no problem of moving out to another property. The gov should just declare the whole area unsafe.

Anonymous said...

hello another malaysian,
why the racist view? tv3 showed it last night. its a minor one. but one car owner was unfortunate though. MPAJ should handle this. not the msm medias.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Patrick,

Guess ignorance is not BLISS.... normally bumper sticker says ' You Bang You Pay". In your case, " You Pay You Get Banged".. you pay to live in high rise condo, you get banged by irresponsible developers and Municipal Caouncil ler....