Sunday, February 24, 2008


HANTU just landed....I could smell his wasabe breath. But he perched quite a distance away. He sensed that I was in a pissed state over Kelana Jaya. When he flaps his left wing, he was asking if I was in the mood to talk. I signaled him over. According to him this Gwo-Burne Loh fellow, fully decked in tie and long sleeves have been following Anwar around for some weeks and even sat on the stage, but never once did he speak. I smell something here.

Realising that I was in a more accommodative mood Hantu asked, "You want to know what Baginda's father whispered to him to get him so violently riled up in court." I stopped him there, "Let's focus on the GE.....your big revelation will have to wait till after the GE. Now, tell me why Dr Syed Husin did not offer himself for Kelana Jaya?" Always aware of my reaction if his answer was provocative he flew a distance away and said, "He doesn't want because he is tired."

Dang, dang, was an opportunity when he could step aside after capturing Kelana Jaya and force a by-election for Anwar's inevitable come-back. No eye-contact, Hantu just flew off....he read me too well. Certainly a lost opportunity.Shit!


Anonymous said...

Fight the goood fight, uncle zorro. Remember, 2/3 is the target!

Wah Lau said...

Give him a chance, why so angry? Later Anwar and take over Kelana Jaya from him lor.....
Concentrate anger on BN please.

backStreetGluttons said...

betrayals,stabbing you while you are asleep, kicking your balls when you are down , screwing your #@%EDs behind your back ...thats politics so never be surprised, shocked nor devastated...afterall you are the unmovable rock and you are zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Yes, shit! It happens!!

Anonymous said...


...You want to know what Baginda's father whispered to him to get him so violently riled up in court."


if this is not for show what is?

consider this ..

father has plenty of opportunity to aggravate him in the comfort of his private cell ..

why the hell would he do it in public???



Chauncey Gardener said...

Support the Chinese film maker even though he is a novice.

He at least stood up to expose what we all know now to be a vicious conspiracy at the highest levels in Malaysia, despite the RCI's obvious denial of some facts.

This kid has put his life in Malaysia at risk for the rest of us.