Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yeah.....those are maggots and we believe our national carrier MAS is infested with these. One reared its ugly head and got nabbed in Australia. Somehow or other our guys get caught invariably in Australia. Remember that shyster who smuggled millions into Aussieland and claimed he could not read English. Of course he had to vacate his lofty position but the grapevine has it that he is making a return to active politics. Just goes to show that the BN is so bereft of decent candidates that they have to fall back on felons. Urrrggggggg!

Why do I call these maggots? Maggots feed on carcass, the more rotten the faster the job is done. Here is what happened, and like I said earlier, he got downed in DownUnder:

A Malaysia Airlines pilot who was caught importing child pornography to Australia yesterday has faced court.

When Ahmad Said, 25, arrived at Adelaide Airport yesterday he said he did not have anything to declare.

But customs officers searched his laptop and found child sex videos.

A handcuffed Said has faced court.

Magistrate Simon Smart told him the videos were cruel and violent and it was a disgrace that the married father of two had brought the material to Australia.

The magistrate said people like Said encouraged the market for child pornography.

Said, whose wife is expecting their third child, was fined $6,000.

He left court with a jumper over his head because of television camera crews.

What some aussie pilots commented on PRune, a pilots blogsite:

What do we do with this low life guy with the porn? usual in OZ it's a slap on the wrist, a few bucks fine then he's gone..........only to keep doing it elsewhere ! GRRRRRRRRRRR far too lenient this country is. I bet if it where the judges kids exposed to this garbage it would be another story!

Life ban to this country, that's s start!


The answer is simple all you have to do is put him in the slammer for a month or so.

The other inmates will show their feelings towards anyone who is found guilty of child sex offences.
Let him find out what it is like to experience an unatural act.Then let him go home to his wife and explain his extended stay in


IMHO, this could be a tip off by one of his peers. Boredom in long haul flights will always make one to pull out his laptop and start fiddling in whats available in it.

Maybe not his colleague ( his captain) on that particular flight but maybe on another leg of long haul. Pornography is a definite no no but child porno is an absolute shame!

Let this be a lesson to all,not just in OZ but to all of us

But the truth hurts more coming from home base! This is what a commentator said when Rocky posted his take on this scandal:

Nervous Pilot said:


This pilot has done wrong to commit an offense under foreign law on foreign soil. Such indiscipline should not be taken lightly.

Nevertheless, I would like to highlight a more serious problem looming in MAS that will have effect on passenger’s safety. This problem has its roots in the lackadaisical attitude of the top management under Dato Idris Jala.

It is an "open secret" in MAS that quite a few of the new crop of pilots are habitual drug users. There have been few cases of these pilots caught doing their habit in flight. Few cases have been brought to the attention of management. Unfortunately, these pilots are untouchable sons of high officials of Malaysia Airport, Government and Politicians.

Lately, children of influential parents have been using their contact to get their undisciplined and spoilt children into MAS pilot programs. As a result, the new crop of pilots from these influential family carry an attitude and this has resulted in a rise in indiscipline - no show for work, negligence and etc. The drug use problem is only the tip of the iceberg.

Despite knowing the grave danger it pose to passengers, Idris Jala is dragging his feet to kow tow to their influential parents. He is believed to have explicitly instructed the Legal Department to hold back actions on the drug using pilots.

It does not help that the MAS Legal Department is filled with son and daughters of "birds of the same feather". The son of Minister Tan Sri Hamid Osman heads the Legal Department. The lawyers under him is a "whose who" of the daughter of Rafidah Aziz, daughter of a Perlis royal family, son of a GLC Director and daughter of Diplomat.

Most trainers and senior pilots expressed their preference for “commoner” and out of town applicants/pilot. They have shown to be generally more disciplined, dedicated and focused on their job.

The interference from the top is seriously affecting the professionalism of MAS pilot. Morale among the more senior pilots is low because they are burdened to take up the slack of the problematic young pilots. Given time, it will affect passenger safety and God forbid, put human lives in danger.

Stocking the fire another commentator has this to add:

This is so disgusting and i am not surprised at all that the offender comes from MAS. Do you know that many of these young pilots are drug addicts... this is because of MAS policy and work culture (silo mentality, rampant leakages - sounds familiar? ) that chased out competent personnel and attracts any Tom, Dick, Harry, drug addicts and now paedophile??

Our lives are in their hand !!!

Let me put on record what Rocky wants Nervous Pilot to do:

Nervous Pilot,

Have you lodged a report with the MAS management? You should. Also with the MAS Pilots' Association. The authorities need to be told. In your shoes, I won't assume that Idris Jala knows everything.

I'd lodge a police report, too. But they would want your real name, I believe.

But what the heck, kan? Berani kerana benar.

If you have lodged those reports, let me have the copies. I know what to do with them.

Whilst the cabin crew are winning numerous awards these vermins, the child-porno purveyor and these pilot drug-heads may probably get a slap on the wrists and told to behave or daddy or mummy will have to know . SOMETHING HAD BETTER BE DONE BEFORE WE LOSE ONE PLANE TOGETHER WITH ITS PASSENGERS. THOSE SUSPECT SONS OF BIG SHOTS SHOULD BE OFFERING URINE SAMPLES BEFORE THEY BOARD THE NATIONAL CARRIER!


You big shots at MAS.....see that little girl in red? She is Allison, third child of Chief Stewardess, Audra Atkinson. You terminated Audra because she did not terminate her pregnancy. Then, your crass CA says no to a third pregnancy. I believe you allow three now. Good for you.....but definitely not good for Audra. Are you aware that her case is still with the Industrial Courts? What do you propose to do now? Weigh her case against what is festering now......smut-peddling and drugged pilots!


(passenger warning on sidebar - top right)


mindful mariner said...

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet it is said “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Now to paraphrase this, it appears that:

Something, [or perhaps it better be ‘Somethings’] are rotten in Malaysia Airlines.

The first rotten thing must be the recent news about the young Malaysia Airlines co-pilot being arrested at Adelaide Airport, Australia, when his portable computer was found to contain child pornography.

This is indeed a shamefully rotten thing, which brings disgrace not only upon the pilot himself, but also on his family, his employer and his country.

The other things which have been said about certain rotten things concerning Malaysia Airlines should be fully investigated, since these issues will, if found to be true, put the airline, the aircrews and the passengers at certain risk.

There is no room for complaisance, lack of commitment, irresponsibility and poor work ethics in any business, but for an airline, such a combination is lethal, a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

The good safety record of Malaysia Airlines is at stake.

Something drastic must be done now, after a tragedy happens, it will be too late.

Rockybru said...

Idris Jala must make a stand on Ahmad Said. Malaysia Airlines cannot say that it's between Ahmad Said, its co-pilot, and the Australian authorities. Ahmad Said was flying the "national carrier", for heaven's sake. And unlike Audra, he's brought disrepute to the national carrier.

Mr Bojangles said...

Hey! Easy, on the maggot stuff.

Apologies are in order to the humble maggot since calling human scum maggots is to insult the latter.

Maggots have their positive values having been used for centuries to rid wounds of decaying flesh in a way found to be cheaper and more beneficial than using conventional medicine.

The creatures, considered the world's smallest surgeons, devour dead, infected tissue and kill off bacteria that could block the healing process without damaging surrounding tissue, since they cannot ingest healthy flesh.

The use of maggots even has a name, maggot debridement therapy or MDT. Also, they excrete substances which inhibit and may even kill bacteria.

So, just as calling nasty humans as being worse than animals is to insult the animals, maggots should not be placed in the same category as that high-flying two-legged slimebag.

Anonymous said...

Boycott MAS until it rids itself of drug addict pilots & crew ... May we all have the courage and conviction to make our money and vote start talking LOUD and CLEAR.

zorro said...

bojangles, acknowledgment maybe, apologies to maggots no way...any maggot-hugging fraternity or sorority will not be able to elicit any apology from me. I make reference to the Malaysian species who have not been 'cultured' yet to contribute to the medical field. To maggot sympathizers and fan-club members go to for another specie of mangy maggot (wednesday 06 february posting.)

zorro said...

anon1:28, tks for that minister who choose the wrong place. this has appeared in many postings, so I hope you dont mind if I give this a miss.

the witch's broo said...


i hear that this ahmad guy is a son of some big shot - dunno how big but big enough to stop the msm from mentioning his name in their earlier reports.

i agree with rocky that malaysia airlines must make a stand on him. he's a pilot flying their aircraft, for God's sake!

that aside, i think the police should investigate him, at least to get some answers on the video clips.

can't help but see the link between the child porn clips he had and nurin and nini. and possibly other similar cases.

surely, that seems to be the first thing we see.

there may not be any. but i'd like to be sure of that.

cheers, Sir

zorro said...

Spot on about it please, we need the tighten the screw on the top dogs who think that they can get away with all these. I hope my side bar will sustain the pressure. U always say the right thing. Cheers and take care.