Friday, February 15, 2008


Over a few midnight malts, Wee Choo Keong told me that he had announced his candidacy in Bukit Bintang, his former constituency. Of late Wee has created much breaker-waves as counsel to VK Lingam's brother Thirunama Karasu. It was observed that every time Wee stood up, RCI chief Haidar body language reaction was akin to him sitting on a pile of durians.

Wee Choo Keong way back in 1990 won the Bukit Bintang Parliamentary seat, as a DAP candidate, winning with a 25,000 majority.

In 1995 after gerrymandering by the election commission about 15,000 voters were alienated to Cheras and a few thousand to another constituency, However he still won with a 6,500 majority.

On 2-8-1995 he was disqualified by none other than Tun Ahmad Fairuz when he was a High Court Judge who saw it fit to appoint the MCA losing candidate, Lee Chong Meng (popularly known as Dr Ayam) as Bukit Bintang MP. Back then the dark hand of the judiciary was already casting its pervasive shadow over loads of nefarious court decisions.

Fong Kui Loon, a used car trader, was picked by the DAP to stand in the 1999 General Elections and he won by a 1,100 majority.

In the 2004 General Elections Fong Kui Loon won with a very thin majority of about 300.

Always relishing the role of a devil's advocate and realising that this would bring about a three-party contest, I cynically volunteered that his money would be better spent on 30 year old Balvenie Single Malts. In short I told him that no way was DAP willing to give back that seat to an ex-DAP man. Typical of him he stood up (but I was far from inebriation and was not sitting on any durians) and pointedly asked: "Is DAP still relevant....their popularity vote has slided (see above). If it has to be a 3-way fight, so be it."

This type of situation is what is worrying about the opposition. Sacrificing for a common good . If the focus is to deprive the BN of the 2/3 majority, old animosity must be purged, detoxed to fight together on a common front. At this point in time, the opposition cannot be wishy-washy. THEY HAVE TO BITE THE BULLET!


* Wee Choo Keong is the sec.general of the Malaysian Democratic Party


Anonymous said...

uncle bernard, if wee choo keong does that, he will indeed make DAP lose.
for personal glory, he choose to give the fatty MCA fler the seat.

proves my point how selfish we chinamen can be.

to wee choo keong if you are reading this, YES DAP is still relevant, more relevant than MDP. Please unite with the oppositions. you are not going to win the seat but you are going to make DAP lose.

you do it, and thats ONE seat to BN. we want to deny BN 2/3rds. not deny DAP 2/3rds. see in yourself and learn to fight the common enemy, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wee, forget about contesting in bukit bintang. Don't split the votes, take your private agenda,vendetta and go fly a kite.

Concentrate on the royal commission where you are making waves and the best, the people will thank and remember you.

But for you to take the potential '1107' votes and try to make DAP pay ,the people say very nicely politely "GET LOST".

Anonymous said...

wee has forgotten that when "he" won, it was actually the rocket which gave him the ride.
his attempts post-dap days has shown just how much weight his name carries.

hate to have to say it but, it is selfish ambition to run there and split the vote.

Anonymous said...

I find your wishing Good Luck Wee inconsistent with the message being conveyed about sacrificing for a common good. I would think you should advice Wee to back off from contesting and instead help unite the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Wee, you are irrelevant. Your time's up. You just have too many chips on your shoulders. You are a spoiler, a spoilt brat. That's what you are. You won because of DAP. Don't be deceived by Fong's 300 majority last time. Thats 2000. This is 2008. And you still are a spoilt brat.

Hussin said...

Lets see if these so called politicians who want to deny BN two thirds majority are really up to it. If they are, then Wee should just forget his MDP as it is a non-starter and DAP allows Wee to contest Bukit Bintang on DAP's ticket.
DAP should also allows PSM candidates in Perak to stand on its or PKR's tickets. The objective of having straight fights should be of main concern by all opposition parties.
While it may seem DAP has to forego these seats to outsiders, their actions will go a long way in convincing fence sitters all over the country that DAP is really sincere in fighting for the rakyat and the well being of the country. The support of these fence sitters may be crucial for DAP to win more marginal seats all over the country. In the end, DAP and the opposition movement will benefit.
If these so called veteran politicians cannot even see this, then there is no point in having Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi, Dr Ramasamy and all the professional strategists in DAP. They might as well stick with being opposition members. And I'll guarantee that they will lose one vote in Petaling Jaya as I will not bother going out to vote for them. If I'm pissed off enough I might even go out to vote for BN.

zorro said...

Anon8:44pm. I think you have missed the nuance of that greeting.

Hussin....I feel your grief and frustration....but I will still vote for any opposition just to erode their majority. My friends in UMNO tells me to contribute this way to a possible IMPLOSION. SALAM MY FRIEND.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority to advise Wee to back off contesting in Bkt Bintang. Times have changed and so is the sentiment. Hate to say it but under the current state of affairs, alleged rigging, redelineation of the constituency boundaries, apparent mass exportation of opposition supporters to Timbaktu, etc. DAP faces an uphill task even if its a 1-to-1 contest against the BN. The latter have all the backing of the MSM and abuse of government machinery which the opposition does not have access to. So my plea to Wee is to set aside personal animosity and let's all fight for the common good - which is to deny the ruling BN the 2/3 majority. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wee, I don't know what is your call. But three corner fight in Bukit Bintang?
Bad blood out of the window, we are talking about our future and denying 2/3 majority for BN.
Hello brother, please lah, think again.
Why don't you come over to Shah Alam or Klang for one to one fight with BN, IF there is no PAS,DAP or PKR contesting.
My eyes only see anything other than Dacing.

Anonymous said...

Back off Wee. Let's go for one opposition. Think of Malaysia and not your pride.

By the way, I refuse to deny the BN a 2/3 majority. I am not a loser. I want to win and I want a new government. Period.

Anonymous said...

Wee should stay on. DAP should give way after all there is only one seat that Wee was fighting. Why can't the DAp give way to Wee.

No one has the propreitary right to any seat. Fong Kui Lun, the used car dealer won only 1,100 in 1999 where it was a straight 1-1 fight. In 2004 it has won only 286.
The result show that Fong Kui Lun was not performing well that's why he was not getting the support.

The DAP should not treat the Chinese majority seats as theirs as of right. The DAP should also consider the rights of co-existent of other parties like Keadilan, PSM, MDP and PRM.

Wee should stay in to fight in BB. To deny BN the 2/3 majority is not the sole right of the DAP but of all oipposition parties. The sole criteria for Wee to back out is the DAP must have a better quality candidate than Wee otherwise the DAP shouold back out. The DAP should also back out in Sungai Siput and give way to PSM candidate, Dr Sivakumar.

Wee must not allow stay on if DAP insisted to fight. If it has to be 3 cornered fight, so be it. Because MP must be able to speak up in Parliament. I have been told that Fong can't even speak proper Bahasa. So how is he going to represent the people of BB.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the DAP gives way to a few seasts to other oppossition candidates of better standing than the DAP?

Let all look at the DAP candidate before we ask Wee to back off. As far as I am concerned, I known about Fong Kui Lun, who is a used car dealer and depent of UMNO politicians for importing cars. I have also been told that Fong Kui Lun had a business partner, who was an ex-UMNO minister, Datuk Sharil.

At thsi stage I am not convince that Fong Kui Lun is a good candidate for BB. Given Wee and Fong, I will definitely vote for Wee, who is without doubt a much better qualified candidate for BB.

The DAP leaders must learn not to be selfish and look at the bigger picture. The DAp must learn to sacrify a few seats for others. The DAP has no monoploy right to all potential opposition seats. The DAP must leran to give and take in politics.

After all the DAP will be fighting for more than 50 parliamentary seats, why the DAP cannot give way to Wee in BB and a few others - PSM candidate for Perak.

WEE don't back off, BB voters need you to stand up in Parliament against the might of BN.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians must not vote blindly or vote based on party symbol. All parties are good. The problems are with the leaders or candidates.

Malaysians must not be fooled by the DAP, PKR, MDP and etc. Malaysians must examine the standing of the candidates.

There is no point in voting for a candidate who is unable to represent the people in Parliament. Lets look at the qualitities of Fung Kui Lun and Wee.

Fung, who is a used car dealer, with no outsttanding records, except having to work with UMNO leaders to get APs to import cars to sell.

As for Wee, his record has been tested and everyone knew that he dares to speak up and fight for justice like in the case of Lingam Video Clip Royal Commission.

Fung is just a businessman and his interest is not to upset the BN government otherwise he will not get his APs. Whereas Wee need not have to subject himself to such patronage.

I would advise the DAP to give way to Wee/MDP so that he can represent the people better than Fung. The rakyat should look at the respective positions and standings of Fong and Wee and judge who should represent them in paliamnet.

Teh result is obvious and therefore, Fong and DAP should proceed to fight another seat and let other oppositon candiate, who can perform better to fight in Bukit Bintang.

The DAP must stop asking other people to sacrify for them when the DAP leaders were not prepared to sacrify for others.

The better qualities candiate must prevail as such candiate can speak up for the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Fong, the used car dealer/businessman, should stay in the business arena to make more monies for himself and also to get more APs from UMNO leaders for his business.

The DAP should now advise Fong to give up politics so as to avoid conflict of interest between his buiness itnerest and the community interests.

Yes, I agree with Lim Kit Siang that the fight in Bukit Bintang is the fightt for justice. So who is the better person to fight for justice. Of course, Wee Choo Keong is the person who suffered injustice in every sense of the words:
1. He was sacked from the DAP because on the most filmsy ground that he had caused DAP memebrs to show disaffection to the party leaders,

2. He was victimised by the court for exposing the financial scandals in MBF and he almost went to prison for 4 years;

3. He was disqualified as the MP for Bukit Bintand by none other than Tun Ahmad Fairuz, who was heavily implicated in the Lingam video clip scandal.

4. He was kept out of politics for 14 years by the court and it was only in April 2007 that it set aside the ex-parte injunciton obtained by MBf.

What injustice has Fong Kui Lun suifferred? NONE. So please,DAP send your used car dealer Fong to others seats, which you are contesting more than 50 seats. Can't you sacrifice one seat to a better qualified candidate?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, seems to me like someone's ego's gotten the better of him and his ability to think rationally
This election's not to be about avenging one's personal vendetta ...Wee should have focused on the bigger picture...very very dissapointed actually.

GobloKing said...

Too late to wade into the fray but here goes!

aunty here thinks

1. Vote for the candidate and NOT just the party.

If the guy's not ethical nor willing to fight for what is right, the party (s)he belongs to is not gonna matter

2. Ego? Name 1 man without an ego & I will show you a chicken with 6 legs.

rich, poor, handsome, ugly, lame, healthy - ALL men have egos...but does that somehow diminish the worth of the person?

I am willing to pander and cater to any men with a HUGE ego so long as he puts that to good use.

Heck even Mahatma Gandhi had an ego. In his times, he was accused of trying to pander to the poor to get at the rich.


DAP is corrupt? PAS is corrupt? As far as I know so far the proof has been that BN is corrupt and that's all I need to know.

Peace & Love !!