Monday, February 25, 2008


EDWARD LEE is making his debut under the DAP ticket for the Bukit Gasing State seat. Edward Lee has been a fearless and tireless campaigner for most of his life. Go here for his acheivements. Yesterday he offered himself as a politician to redress the wrongs that have been so conveniently brushed aside or swept under the carpet. To the people of Bukit Gasing, Edward has fought for you, always gratis; it is your turn now to reciprocate. Go support him at all his ceremahs:

Date: Feb 26 (Tuesday)
6pm - 11pm
Venue: Section 17/1A
Main speaker: Edward Lee

Date: Feb 27 (Wednesday)
8pm - 10.30pm
Venue: St Francis Xavier's Church, Jalan Gasing (opposite EPF)
Main Speakers: Edward Lee, Datuk Lim Thuang Seng, Datuk Donald Lim
*15 minutes' presentation + Q&A
*Open to SFX church parishioners only

Date: Mar 4 (Tuesday)
8pm - 10pm
Assumption Church (Next to Assunta Hospital)
Main Speaker: Edward Lee

Date: Mar 5 (Wednesday)
6pm - 11pm
Venue: Section 5/44 (Petaling Garden Night Market)
Main Speaker: Edward Lee

Date: Mar 7 (Friday)
6pm - 11pm
Venue: Ceramah at Section 17 (venue not confirmed yet)
Main Speakers: Edward Lee



Edward Lee said...

Hello Zorro,

Thanks for your post!

Would like to mention though that Edward is only running for the state seat this time. Parliament seat perhaps in the next GE ;)

Charlotte (on behalf of Edward Lee)

zorro said...

Corrected. Tks Charlotte. Edward has good help.

sp lim said...

Met Edward this afternoon after more than 15 years. I knew him when I volunteered for Malaysian Care Day Training Centres. These are centres to equip children with mental disabilities with social skills, vocational skills etc. In short helping them to become independent adults.

Edward used to fetch these children for outings to places like Port Dickson. The children just adored Edward. This is because he has so much love for them.

I lost touch with Edward after I stopped my voluntary work, went back to Ipoh to do my chambering. Didn't really take notice of the Save Gasing Hill campaign, Puchong incinerator controversy or the MPBJ billboards fiasco where Edward was actively involved. Even when I saw his picture as the candidate for Bukit Gasing State seat, it didn't cross my mind that it was the Edward I knew. Not until I read his resume. 15 years have added a lot of white hairs to his head. But it didn't diminish his love for those people with mental disabilities. He shared with me that he still keep in touch with some of the students and would take them out every now and then.

Yes, Edward is really God sent to the people of Bukit Gasing.

I envy the folks of Bukit Gasing for having such a candidate as Edward Lee, someone whose track record in the public arena is impeccable as well as someone who is full of compassion for those who often cannot speak for themselves.

Edward Lee - The next State Assemblyman for Bukit Gasing. Amen

Anonymous said...


Hope all oppositions would give an over view of the special people’s declaration when stumping?

The people need to be inspired and motivated in order for changes to happen.

They can be motivated only when they are made to feel like they are part of the process of changes.

What better way to make them feel that way then by sending them a clear and viable message that their participations are very important and very much needed.


Edward Lee said...

Hello SP Lim,

In the past four years, I have personally seen Edward carrying out his social ministry in various ways.

I've even met the two boys whom he mentors. They've played badminton in Ed's house too! Other times, Ed would take them out for a movie (I know he's watched Garfield with one of them).

He talks to them, listens to them, jokes with them and most importantly, encourages them on.

This is the man I and the committee are working hard for.

We can only do so much to reach the community. For now, we really need polling agents to ensure clean fair elections.

There were seven objections hurled at Ed during nomination. We imagine that this election may be quite dirty.

Please go to our campaign blog and click on the "Polling and counting agents" link and send word out.

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

to YapChongYee,

I symphatise with your situation. But to be heard in Malaysia is first to be a Malaysian. Not sure whether your letters will be entertain when they are sent from Aussie. We are sick with the system but we love our country so much.