Sunday, February 17, 2008


Malaysiakini reported this morning:

Indians across the world demonstrated outside the offices of Malaysian embassies and high commissions on Saturday to condemn the government and police, hours after tear gas and water cannons were fired in Kuala Lumpur at people bringing flowers to persuade Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi to release five Hindraf leaders from detention.

The demonstrations – which took place almost simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, London, Belgium, Northern Island, Indonesia, New Zealand, New Delhi and Mumbai – were believed to be the first internationally-coordinated action in support of the Indian cause in Malaysia.

"Which sicko of a prime minister would allow his police to fire tear gas and chemical-laced water at people trying to bring him flowers?" asked Anantha Paskaran, one of those who led the demonstration outside the Malaysian Consulate General's office in New York.

Fiona Lee (photo), an ethnic Chinese from Malaysia, said in comments to Malaysiakini that she decided to join the protest in New York "because these are issues affecting all Malaysians."

"I grew up in Cheras and I belonged to a church group that used to visit Indian slums where the children had little access to education, food and even clothing," Lee said. "To say they are being equally treated is the biggest sham."


"There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall....think of it ALWAYS."

"Not one rose was seen..."

so reported Fadhal A Ghani and Marc Lourdes of the New Sunday Times, Prime News, pg 9. We are aware that you cannot be in all places all the time, so if your have not seen roses, just dont make up stories...don't join the ranks of the running dogs.....too many scavenging around unless you have been told "write that" or you two won't ever get another by-line again. Is truth and integrity so cheap these days:
To both of you I dedicate these three videos: have a truthful Sunday.

"In a time of national deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"
George Orwell

"In matters of style, swim with the current.
In matter of PRINCIPLE, stand like a rock."
Thomas Jefferson


mindful mariner said...

Those who are uncertain and indecisive fear not, believe only the truth.
Truth will always triumph over lies
Good will always overcome evil.
The tyrants and plunderers will be defeated.
The united voice of the people will be heard.
8th March 2008 will be a watershed, a day of change, election fraud notwithstanding.


Malaysian PM AAB is the number one enemy of ethnic Indians in Malaysia. He can't go away scott free, We, Makkal Sakthi will make him pay for all the atrocities to us.

MakLijah said...

This is too much.

I was obliging my mum and watched a tv2 drama with her (Janji Diana). Smack in the middle of it, (during advert break) it showed a clip on Kelantan's rising crime rate.

In this clip, it showed some 'statistics' and mentioned that rapes, robberies and motorbike thefts are the top 3 crimes. Also they got some people to say that they are unhappy with the state government. They said that they thought the 'state government' would do a good job but they are becoming a big disappointment.

Next advertisement break had a pathetic clip. Some guy had a flat tyre and another guy stops and hands him a mineral water. Tag line: Hadhari. Toleransi.

Ok, lame.

Lastly but the one that really drove me over the edge, was the third advertisement break:

First scene was the lawyer Latheefa Koya (i think that's her name) holding a banner and shouting at the police. Next was a scene of the lawyers marching, then the Bersih March and next, Hindraf (some violent ones)..

Throughout the whole thing, the words 'MEREKA BERKONSPIRASI' were shown at the bottom of the screen. Then something about although they were from different parties, they are all the same.

Or some shit like that. You gotto watch it Zorro. And help me with a video comeback..maybe?

Kenapa ada orang bodoh dan zalim macam ni? Orang yang paling zalim adalah yang mengambil sesuatu yang benar dan menjadikannya sesuatu yang palsu.

I feel like I can go really nuts if this goes on. Will pop a vein soon.

Tantech said...

PM Abdullah is timid. He used police force to cover his timidity. He will regret on Mar 8. The defeat of BN at poll will enable Najib to overthrow him, like the latter's father Razak did to Tunku Abdul Raman, he 1st PM.

Anonymous said...

I have big ears, says pinochio.

Anonymous said...

@the other press

Wei, what you think, tamil movie ka?

About the ads, ya, sure made me puke. hadhari, toleransi my balls.

As much as i want AAB monkey out of the pic, I would also like to see all these chaotic situations ends la. Enough la. Chaotic enough already. Traffic jams, water cannons, violet crowds, etc blablabala ya like its making this country a better place to live

All this dah turn into like some chaotic revenge themed tamil movie la. Except with kids.



"I have big ears, says pinochio."

It smells really good thru' my big ears. He even claim to have big mothg mouth to shit, so what? Latest shit was "saya pantang dicabar" and it's happening almost daily....and he can smell thru' his big ears. Clear ur senses........

Anonymous said...

another 2 prostitutes disguise as reporters. sad to say they dont even know whats a rose.
never mind, stop buying nasty pee since the day they tried to silence rocky and jeff with the degrading suit. readers, join the boycott. thats the best way to stop lies coz it hits them hard at their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Badawi should have just accepted the roses. No one was marching to Parliament armed with parangs or something. Bloody arrogant and insensitive of him to instruct his Polis Raja Di Malaysia to take such drastic actions.



zorro said...

KLConfidential....I dont have to watch those "commercials"...your take on it was sufficient graphic and concise. as to a comeback...we wont play their "dirty" game, we are professionals. we will collectively prove to them that their antics don't hold water with discerning voters like us.Our biggest comeback to their spin is how we vote on 8 March.

tantech: you have prophetic insights....waiting for an implosion in UMNO, yes?

Captain Stu Karim....our sails will catch the wind and bring about this watershed come 8 March.

anon10:07....male prostitutes...we used to call them gigolos yes? a state of paranoia, an aroused prick woould be intrepreted as you carrying a knife or some weapon of mass distraction....or destruction.

the other press:...ears to smell? PM has really improved himself in the 4 years.

gelimat: chaotic but necessary, because dumbhead can only hear and smell, and cannot see why citizens are not pleased.

Anonymous said...

dont you guys understand? it does not matter if the demonstrators bring roses, wads of money or nasi kandar, the police were still going to act because at the end of the day, it was an illegal assembly. Period. As far as I could see, the organizers were trying to use the flowers to hide the very fact that it was illegal and to avoid police action (to no avail). Did they really think that Pak Lah was going to accept the flowers and release the ISA detainees? Absolutely not. If it is that easy, then I'll be the first to send a cargo of roses to Bush and request for the troops to get out of Iraq or to put all those Guantanamo Bay inmates on trial and free the innocents.

A certain Fiona Lee was also adamant that the Indians received unequal treatment just because she visited some Indian slums. By the same rationale, we could also say that the MAlays received unequal tratment. What about the countless slums/squatters that are predominantly Malay? The fact is poverty and hardship go across all races. If there comes a day when all Malays and Chinese live decently and only the Indians slums left, then I would the first to join Hindraf and bring roses to the PM.

zorro said...

by extension the Rose Rally has in mind the disadvantaged amongst the other races. I will not make any comment why the Malays did not come out to champion their poor but there were Malays amongst the Rose Rally. will the Chinese do a similar? NAH...slim chance...they will not rally behind their destitute poor although the chinese parties will come out only to give ang pows during the CNY season....that is about all. Champion the abject poor amongst them? No way. They have to look after their stocks, their business, their dealership, their dVD operations, where got time to rally behind the poor.... and moreover if we the chinese rally, we can lose millions a day because business will be disrupted...remember what Dr Ayam claimed? The Chinese will not make time to make a concerted effort to help their disadvantaged. They think clan; they are all business rivals; political rivals;oneupmanship! They cannot be distracted by such frivolities like giving flowers to a seemingly doped
leadership.That's my take on the chinese, of which I am one. By and large, essentially selfish. It is only the mavericks amongst us that will cross the line and think countrymen - the Malaysian poor and hungry, incapable of stretching out their hands or mouthing a plea to seek alleviation of their impoverished state.


Hindraf's intention is clear, when we say it's a rose parade, we mean rose parade, that's it, don't build up stories though you have right to your view. We decided to send roses on Valentine season to show that we are peace loving people, we are democratic people, we are not thugs, terrorist as labeled by the PM and his bunch. We followed the law and applied for a permit, it's the duty of the police to approve and guide the people to a safer parade, not labeling us defiant law breakers, we mean business, we are citizens of this country, we have all rights under the constitution to gather peacefully, and we just did that, the police can say anything but still they are not the law makers but mere enforcers, their blatant disregard to public safety is condemnable by any means.
We will not back off just because the police showcase seems to be mightier than us. We will lead according to existing laws, perhaps the police and the BN doesn't understand much about our constitution. They have to go back to refresh themself. To make it short, we will further our cause of fighting for our civil liberty and equal rights in this country no matter what...

zorro said...

the Other Press: you said:
don't build up stories though you have right to your view.
Are you meaning me when you said YOU?
Need clarification.

Master Baiter said...

When a law is unjust it is the duty of the citizens to bring this matter up with the rulers, in whatever way is available to them.

Gandhi-ji decided that the law prohibiting ordinary Indian citizens from making their own salt was unjust. So he chose to defy that law.

The British Raj tried to defeat that disobedience with violence. Many people were injured on that fateful day. But, at the end, satyagraha prevailed.

The law prohibiting peaceful gatherings is unjust and must be defeated. If appeals to the authorities fall on deaf ears, then the law has to be defied.

BTW whatever one may think about the motive behind the Hindraf activism, it is these very actions that have brought to the fore some of the worst characteristics of the present regime. This couldn't have happened at a better time.

BTW2 the Rose Parade was not about Hindu or Indian rights. It was about the release of the 5 ISA detainees. In this, at least, the other communities should have shown their support. I'm glad to say a few individuals did.