Thursday, February 28, 2008


In my Sunday 24 February I registered my, Saiful's, Tan's and Gregory's disappointment on the appointment of Gwo-Burne as potential MP of Kelana Jaya. The majority of blog readers have also voiced their consternation. PKR have not come out with any statement on this choice and we are not privy to the "big picture". We have 10 precious days more. I have talked myself hoarse on this topic.

PKR was amongst the first, if not the first, to endorse the People's Declaration. That's good enough for me. PKR supports BARISAN RAKYAT. We owe them that much and we need to vote their candidate in. Let's cross that bridge first. Once crossed, BARISAN RAKYAT will embark on some remedial posturings, you bet we will and Gwo-Burne had better be ready to answer a few questions that will be good for his soul.



Anonymous said...

yup! i agree!

the important thing now is to deny BN 2/3.

Opposition is not perfect, Anwar might not be 100% trustable, DAP might remain Chinese majority forever, PAS may bring up their Islamic state ideology later, and PSM... who the heck are they?

But again, the important thing now is to deny BN 2/3.

All opposition, let's stay united and not get derailed elsewhere from this rare chance. This is where the downward spiral with BN stops!


Anonymous said...

i must say i disagree. like many, i was quite disappointed hearing PKR's decision to field Loh. His background and agenda is completely obscure and detached from Tanahair that i foresee he'll face an uphill battle to win many votes. it might have been the wrong card for PKR to play. but we'll see.

while i'm all for denying BN 2/3, i'm just glad Kelana Jaya is not my constituency so i dont have the burden of such a choice!

Anonymous said...

Don't care and not bothered, any opposition will have me and my family's vote.

vote barisan nasional out

Anonymous said...

Just deny them the 2/3. PAS,PKR,DAP,PSM,Pasok,MDF...just vote opposition.Don't lose sight of the goal. If the players are not up to sctratch, change them at the next election, but this round is a spring cleaning time !

Anonymous said...

You want to know why you shoul vote for Gwo-Burne? Ok, here an honest man's account.

Go to


Anonymous said...

When Barisan Rakyat becomes the government after 12th GE, LGB will then have to walk the talk and serve the ppl of Kelana Jaya with his best. that time, if his best is not at par with what kelana jaya ppl would expect, then tell PKR to internally tiau the fella lor...Janji Barisan Rakyat dapat undi! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I'm from Kelana Jaya but working in East Malaysia. I've bought my flight tickets and I'm going back home to vote. My choice is clear, my vote goes to Gwo-Burne. A breath of fresh air compared to the stale moldy BN candidate. BTW, the flight tickets were not cheap but this is a price I have to pay. So, to all Kelana Jaya residents, please come out in full force, vote the opposition and deny BN 2/3 majority.

Anonymous said...

it's also time to let the chinese voters realise that the ol' song of no chinese rep in parliment if we don't elect mca is rubbish. time has changed. it's nothing to do with race anymore, it has gone beyond the skin colour! don't let these 'big heros' intimidate us ever again.

roserhapsody said...

Come on lah. It has been quite some time since a leader can actually unite all Malay, Indians and Chinese together like Anwar can. I grew up with Barisan and have always seen DAP as a bunch of Chinese punks trying to take over Malaysia. It is Anwar who opened my eyes on ONE Malaysia. I am a Malay Muslim born a Kelantanese and now residing in PJ. I am proud to say I voted for Tony Phua of DAP. I have full trust in him should he win, to treat all of us as equals. Why can't you do the more open and accept that in order for us to go forward we have to turn away from all this race issue and stick together. Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Deny BN that 2/3 majority.

Honestly, I would have even voted for Saiful Apek if he is the opposition candidate.

Anonymous said...

Hey this guy stuck his neck out and testified before the Royal Comm. How many are brave enough to do that? That to me is good enough test to have my vote.

Anonymous said...


What a smart choice of fielding

an inexperience and ‘innocent’ candidate
who embodies the spirit of people’s declaration


a sitting pretty one with experience
but “voiceless” in a true sense

people should wake up and see the bigger picture
that ‘national problems’ due to crappy bn policies are
more prevalent as it will affect them all in the immediate future.

Can you imagine
if an inexperience and innocent candidate got vote in???

what better way to send message to the govt. than this.
that people are not buying their crap no more…

Well if the people in that constituency know what is best they should know what to do, I hope.

yapchongyee said...

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Master Baiter said...

No matter how good the BN MP is, he cannot vote for me in parliament. He can only vote for the UMNO goons.

Any donkey in Barisan Rakyat will vote for me.

Whom do you think I'm gonna vote for?

Kris said...

Hi Zorro,

Have you noticed the screen and radio ads that the BN have been playing over the airwaves? There's one where this bloke talks about how safe and secure he is and that there is no where in this country he fears walking around in. Another has these girls talking about how together and integrated we are and how we are one in Malaysia.

The first thing that came to my mind was what were the producers smoking when they came up with these lines? I don't blame the actors, they are hired professionals and even a prostitute has to give a sublime performance for pay. But to write these lines even though they haven't the remotest bearing on reality? Is the BN so far removed from reality with the state of crime and polarisation being what it is that they can come up with such hogwash? Simple surveys and studies should have brought them down to earth. And these studies and surveys have been done. Crime is on the rise and no one feels secure. As for xenophobia and polarisation, just take a look around. Is the BN not paying attention?

And then it hit me, they don't care. Just like the PM who promised during his last campaign to wipe out corruption, improve the integrity and ethics of Police and Government as a whole it's all lies. It worked for them once and they are hoping, no actually believing that it will work for them again.

There was this old sci-fi movie some years back about this alien that comes to this planet. Every time he approached someone he would mouth the words 'I come in peace'. A greeting that was calculated to reduce their guard as we all want to believe in goodness and altruism in those who approach us. So he would say, I come in peace.... just before he jabbed a needle in their heads to get at their brain.

Lull them into a false sense of security and they will hand over the keys to the kingdom.....

Anonymous said...

I m voting for the Opposition no matter what. If UMNO-BN gives me goodies, I will take. Thank you very much BUT my vote is still for the Opposition.

Enough is enough!