Thursday, February 14, 2008


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I got this email this evening:
Dear Friends,

Look at today Star Special on elections. Turn to last page and look at names of members of EC especially a certain Dr Chu Ling Heng. Now turn to the obituaries on p55 and look out for another Dr Chu Ling Heng who passed away recently on 5 February. Looks like him, feels like him, but not him? Just pure coincidence? Now we have even phantom members on EC itself?


It could be a coincidence. I lost an evening of beers to the Late Bar Council President Ronald Khoo because I refused to believe that our names are similar.


Trashed said...

Ahhh, no wonder they can't find any phantom voters in the electoral rolls.

They have a tough time finding phantoms in-house.

Let's see how long it takes for the EC to correct this. That may give some inkling on how they work to clean up the phantom voters, if they actually do ?

Anonymous said...

Wah!!! Every member of EC has got some kind of government connection.
How to be an Independent Commission. Almost all Malays too!!! Is this how we share power and responsibilities?

Anonymous said...

correction by the star:

zorro said...

received this email from a dear friend Tengku Nazaruddin:

Bro Bernard

Clarification from a friend regarding the Doctor.


Dr Chu Ling Heng (he was in EC in one of the previous by elections) was from Kuala Krai and a very dear friend of mine and classmates during the form six days in SIC.

I have got confirmation that he passed away in China. His name must have been listed earlier on and the EC is not aware he has passed away. He was there for holidays and developed some pancreatic disorder.

May he rest in peace.