Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Launching a book and compact disc Dr Rais Yatim decided to pick on Bloggers although he declared it is not the our culture to do this. So what made you decide to bash bloggers. None of us blogged about you except to say that both your e-Village and Movie village before they could take off, collapsed. Yes we even expressed disappointment that you did not accept to contest the post of Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

This is what the press reported: "bloggers should evaluate themselves before indulging in an unhealthy culture of bashing others including government leaders, on their blogsites."

He said although government bashing in the blogsites was among the challenges faced by the Barisan Nasional (BN) in facing the general election, it was not the nature of BN leaders to resort to using blogsites to attack others in their campaigns to win the elections.

I for one, have a lot of respect for you as a senior cabinet minister. I have never featured you in my blog and it is sad that when I have to do it, this first time, I have to bash you, short of putting you into my Fart Chambers,of which the majority inmates have been your government colleagues, mostly males and just two females. I was tempted to, but your pluses outweighed this one you do not qualify.........yet. However, rules and policies can change to accommodate pressing situations.

I remember you made a speech at some function where you were the key-note speaker and you spoke on:

Democracy and Civil Liberties : Shaping The Way Forward

Democracy is not of one definition. It is not of one set of ingredients that calls for straight jacket interpretations and understanding. Democracy and rights must be seen as per the determination of a people that have come to set up their own system of government. Whilst democratic values and norms decide on the type of civil rights within a given legal system, the view that democracy must only conform to a certain format must be one of the most undemocratic viewpoints.(ahemmm......I don't need to paraphrase this,no?)

We continue Dr. Rais rantings: "They (bloggers) condemn the prime minister, ministers and other members of the administration but not themselves. As the Malay adage goes, it's pointing the forefinger to the front and thumb to your chest."

Sir, I will have you know that we bloggers bash each other and our commentators also bash us or kena bashed by us. It is part of the blogging culture. We learn, we make mistakes and we learn from mistakes we all make. We even went to the extent of exposing a rabid Taliban blogger amongst us who had bookmarked as his favorite some infamous porno sites! You don't make time reading blogs, you should you know in your twilight career.

Of course we dig at the PM....he has been the most disappointing. He came in and we welcomed him as a breath of fresh air......stale air though it has now been. And you think we can tolerate elected people who have turned clowns think we have to spare the near-rotten judiciary (when as Law Minister you did little to stem the bleed) think we will allow the Mainstream Media to be be the mouthpiece ....sorry, sorry, not politically correct to use the word mouthpiece these has connotation to fellatio or its politically incorrect euphemism blow job.....mouth-organ would be the appropriate choice....a much more culturally desired terminology, that the honorable minister of culture, arts and heritage would be more agreeable to. So we will not allow the MSM to be the mouthpiece....opps....hard to shake off this word....already deeply embedded.....we will not allow the MSM to mislead, misinform, deform, distract, distort, and and take the public for a spin!

Let's spin on. Dr Yatim continued: "Not only are the bloggers having a mental block but the PAS' spiritual leader's mind too is blocked when he equated UMNO members to orang utan." Sir, you are either wondering or wandering.....I see, got chance to whack, whack all lah, election time mah? Let me again remind you that before Tok Guru hantam you UMNO blokes, your honchos labelled us liars (especially lady bloggers); we were called monkeys by the Mule (in the glossary of Indian Names, his name was equated to the asinine family); goblocks by the infamous stammerer of mis-information; and "stupid" by your unsuccessful pretender-successor.

He gets little coverage so making the best use of this he continues: "the bloggers are getting bolder, but I see it this way - the election is the season for condemning or "killing" others with words, but this is not BN culture." Yes sir, we had good teachers, we learnt this from BN politicians during elections, especially at Ijok.

He signs off: "I suggest that they attend courses on good manners as good manners is Malaysian culture." Referring to lady MP as bocok.....can see thru their uniform.....if raped might as well give in and enjoy.....close one eye lah......disabled people are cursed by remember who uttered these profanities and in the hallowed floor of Parliament at that. I am tempted to tell you, sir, go tell it to the marines. I cannot or my two mariners Captain Yusof and Captain Karim Stu Russel will make me walk the plank. So let me keep it short and simple (KISS): #@*I<> offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Go paddle your culture somewhere else. Go spemd quality time detoxing your orang utans.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Doctor.

I never write anything bad about them politicians like others, I just wish that they are dead so that the everyday malaysians will benefit from buy elections.

I am only doing this for the good of the common folks. as judging from the buy elections of Ijok and Machap, the governments bought overdue development to the people for once.

imagine what a few of these YB, if they die suddenly would please the Malaysian public to no end.

comedy and contribution all in one.

that's why I never write bad things about politicians, I just wish that some of them are dead.

we don't need name callings like "pondans" nor "monyets" or insults such as "bodoh, bocor" or balik tongsan, we are civilised, we just wish alot of them are dead, that's about all.

so dear doctor, i am not one of these people you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I also want to join in the name calling group. You are no better than my anjing kurap that scavenge the rubbish bins near my house.

And I wish also that a BN wakil dies everyday so that we don't have to wait 5 years for another election. A death every time promises a lot of money at every by election.

And before I forget, the anjing kurap near my house also licks ass of all the bitches around him.

backStreetGluttons said...

As I have aptly predicted about those sunkened suhakam misdeedsfellas and now this old "holy cultural well mannered " man , one thing he cannot deny ( to put it mildly ) is he's another one of them , the cliff-hangers on whatdoyaexpet ?

antiheaven has a place for them not your gas chambers

Chauncey Gardener said...

Dr Rais

Bloggers/commentators will not be "bashing" the govt or any politician if they are not given cause to do so. It is well documented that the current incumbent govt has much to answer for. And one of the main documents is the Auditor-General's Report. Please read that document to have a feel of what is been done wrong by this govt.

Secondly, how do you reconcile the elements of you 1994 University of London thesis "Freedom Under Executive Power in Malaysia" with your current position when your thesis clearly pointed out the decimation of the principles of separation of powers in government? You sound like a turncoat to me.