Tuesday, December 9, 2008


courtesy of Malaysiakini

What is becoming of this country: cyclist harassed and arrested; bicycles burtnt or destroyed (and this cannot be the work of the police. But if it is not the police, will they attempt to find out who the arsonists were?); politicians and activists harassed, manhandled and arrested.

I also noticed stony silence in the mainstream media. No comments? No pictures? Just embarrassingly silent.

Except for Guan Eng, I have not heard any protest form other Pakatan Rakyat MPs or Aduns? What's up people. Your rakyat are publicly being terrorised! NO?

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Anonymous said...

Who gave the orders you ask? Some fanatical History professor at a public university (Remember Yoga?).

9th December 2008. Now think back 9th December 1941. Pearl Harbour. Jap soldiers land at Singgora (Songkla) and on the beaches in Kelantan.

Within days, they f)-0 the Brit Tuans and cycled all the way down to Singaporra where the Empire surrendered this part of the world. The conquest was complete.

Now about two dozen teenage youths want to cycle down from the planet Alor Star to Kuala Lumpur. And another group of youngsters cycled upwards from the New Mountain (JB lah) to meet up with them in KL. They only want to tell Sleeping Beauty aka Rip van Winkle aka Bapak Lalala that he's just got about 100 days more to sleep and count his sheep before his Tuanship is over.

But the Secret Police aka Kam-petai got so worried that the country will quickly fall to these bicyclists and had to do something quick.

But will they, like the Brit Tuans, see their Empire fall? Will there be battles at Sungei Siput, Slim River and Muar? Will the Empire be outflanked? Will there be more landslides? Will there be a embarrassing surrender? The next few days and weeks will tell.

Banzai!! Banzai!! Banzai!!
Tora!! Tora!! Tora!!
Go!! Jerit!! Go!!

Unknown said...

samseng behaves as samseng; dog behaves as dog. nothing is wrong there. very natural.

Anonymous said...

These police goons have to do something to account for their pathetic existance.

They are not good at preventing crime or even catch criminals and interrogate them further to glean information to prevent further crimes. They look for the shortest cut and that is to kill first and question later. Who gains? Nobody. Only miserable lives are lost.

To show that they are indeed capable, they are the best in the region in getting high-tech toys. Latest being very high performance cars such as the latest Mitsubishi Evolution. They even use BMWs. I wonder how it helps to nab mat rempits, snatch thieves and murderers.

Most of the time allocation of resources are prioritized. They want another 40 60 thousand additional mata-mata to milk the taxpayers' money.

When the top is brain dead and can't think and act rationally, what can the rakyat expect. More roadblocks and more harrassment of ordinary civilians.

PDRM, you are doing a fantastic job and it reflects in your utterings and actions. Malaysia memang Boleh.

Anonymous said...

When no MSM covers the cyclist campaign, how do we expect news from them?! Worse when there is no MSM reporters accompanying them, the police will have more courage to sabotage the campaign. Even UMNO thugs would like to land their hands on some bosoms.

Is there freedom of press and freedom of expression in Malaysia? Bill Clinton, you have been blinded by that dunggu Petra Sekhar boy who paid you millions just to tell a lie. BTW, that dunggu is always reaping the benefits of his father's hard work, thus ending up being a pseudo philanthropist.

It' ain't over, when it's really over! Malaysia is rotting........

Anonymous said...


Abused of Power by Si Botak UMNO to suppress the Rakyats's dissenting voices is another form of corruption, which is the corruption and abuse of Power.

Why was the ISA enacted in the first place decades ago? It was enacted to make possible the protective measures to curb the activities of terrorists and communists during the emergency confrontations and now this ISA is exploited by the present UMNO Home Minister against dissenting voices from RPK and others and used this to protect the DeePM from political oppositions after being implicated in the Murder of Altantuya, the Mongolian Model. Those UMNO ISA supporters are ignorant lot and they are not protecting Malay rights but the excesses of the wrongdoings of their Leaders in which case is against natural justices for self promotions and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, remember our local councilor Richard on last Sunday's vigil asked us not to be too hard on the police? He said they take orders from the above? It's time the rakyat get rid of the orders-giver warlords sitting in the white castles, ONCE & FOR ALL ETERNITY!

Anonymous said...

Riding bicycles on public roads can be dangerous.

What will happen if a speeding truck rams into them?

Will they be covered by insurance or newspapers?


zorro said...

Anon 7:18...all precautions and insurance are in place.Lorries transport the bicycles....rest areas are identified....lodging is provided. Road etiquette have been impressed on the participants. The authorities just want to harass the cyclists because the theme is CHANGE. And you and I know who do not want Change. Change means many things will be different for them.

You are unaware of the preparation nbecause the Mainstream media has not reported about this. The blogs are full of it.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, Zorro.

But, I think cycling will not arouse the public as much as the naked dudes.

Hey, how about a nude cycling event?

Nah, just pulling your leg!


Anonymous said...

Change? nhahaha change what? change for who? for the racist chinese bigots isit?