Thursday, December 4, 2008



Of course this clown is history now. He has lost this Bad. Badder, Baddest race. He has learnt, although too late that people remember only the filth you use and the shouting in Parliament, that they miss whatever you were trying to say....which most of the time is nothing. Even now, he laments that the BN government has not built roads in his constituency. See, stupid, the BN remembers your foul language and your loud-mouthing.....they did not hear you asking for roads.

It has been rumored that he might cross-over. I am starting a novena that Pakatan Rakyat reject any overtures he may be making. We need the likes of him to remain in BN to destroy the coalition.


When Sabah and Sarawak finally woke up to the fact that if not for them, the BN would have been history they began their tribal war dance wagged their little fingers at BN. BN got frightened over stories of shrunken heads etc. But the BN supreme council was discerning about the posts to give these cry-babies. They god rid of the drift-wood speaker from Perak and bestowed the positions on two Sabahans. Speaker (don't even remember his name) and Deputy Speaker with clear instructions. SPEAK less, OBJECT more. Everything was spelt out for them. They were to only use words like: not relevant; not important, not urgent. So fluent these speakers. It is because of this that they breed the

(does his children follow proceedings in Parliament....what a father!)


Parliament: Ministry wants to close Tajuddin ‘sexist’ issue


KUALA LUMPUR: The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry wants to close the issue of sexual connotations made by Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN–Pasir Salak) as the Chair has already made a ruling on it.

Its Deputy Minister Noriah Kasnon said on Wednesday she regretted that lewd remarks were made by men in the House.

“I will inform the minister (Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen), who is away for three weeks,’’ she said when winding up on behalf of the ministry.

Several MPs, including men, had voiced their dissatisfaction while debating on the ministry.

Noriah was referring to an exchange of words between Tajuddin and Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa (PAS–Parit Buntar) during a motion filed by Teo Nie Ching (DAP–Serdang) to cut RM10 from the salary of the Education Minister on Nov 26.

While asking for a chance to interject, Tajuddin asked: “Tak masuk lagi? (Not in yet?)”

Deputy Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee, who was presiding then, told Tajuddin: “Dia tak bagi (He does not want to give way).”

Tajuddin then said: “Dia tak masuk lagi? Dah lama tak masuk-masuk. Main tepi saja. (Still not in after so long? Just playing by the side.)

Mujahid then told Tajuddin to be patient.

Tajuddin then asked: “Bila nak keluar lagi air dia? (When are you going to get wet?)

Fong Po Kuan had asked the Chair for a ruling on Nov 27and the Chair replied that he needed to refer to the Hansard.

A few days later, Tajuddin, while debating on the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry, said he hated himself for uttering those words.

The following day, the Chair ruled that since he had apologised, it would no longer pursue the matter.

Earlier, Tajuddin had also uttered the word “b*****d” (on Nov 5) and “k*****” (on Nov 26) against M. Kulasegaran (DAP–Ipoh Barat) and “biul” (stupid) against Azmin Ali (PKR–Gombak) on Nov 26.




thats the only beauty of being MP with BN....wat ever mistakes you do "Belakang Kira".....if others kira cepat-cepat.

Anonymous said...

That was a good one Bro' Zorro.

However, these rankings is to my opinion, the likes of and for those of the kindergarten and the Primary Level.

For the Secondary Level though, my humble take would be, the stiff competition between Shahrir Samad(who, shamelessly called all Malaysians to be Greedy over the matter of Fuel Price), Syed Hamid(no need to mention what he is famous for and blurred about) and that fool of Nazri Aziz.

At the tertiary level though, the stiff competition for that coveted
"Oscar"(read ARSECAR) award have to be between Najib, Samy(thrown in for good measure), Mahathir(who mentioned something about the choice by AAB of Zaid, as a dubious character. Everyone of that bugger's(read TDM) choice including that Mulut Celupar Mak Fidah of the AP fame, were indeed of Dubious characteristics) and last but not least, that silent efferversent Ling Leong 5hit.

You decide Bro'.

Anonymous said...

Towering Malays?!? LOL

Anonymous said...

This is a reflection of this low life slime's degraded upbringing.

Anonymous said...

Zorro fret not , the more these buggers misbehaving and abusive , the faster umno /bn meet their demise.

GobloKing said...

Bung will NEVER join PKN.

He can never accept women (or is it only non-malay women?) as his equals & I don't believe the women in PKN is gonna take shit fr him either!

Unless PKN is so desperate that they are willing to take even the rejects of BN?

Still. Bung DID win his constituency - so maybe his "appeal" was that his remarks were directed at a non Malay woman - who doesn't count as a "normal" woman?

IF PKN wants to win so desperately & at all costs, they will lose many more votes to come!

K L said...

Less these bunch of jokers in the parliament will make the parliament a very very boring place, let's have some more funs please !

Anonymous said...

"Dia tak masuk lagi" this BN filth Tajuddin has forgotten to take his Vigara...merely a Male Chauvinistic Pig!
What do we expect a maggot from the shithole. These type of MPs make a mockery of Parliamentary democracy and disgracing the nation's image.

Anonymous said...

Let the charade continues in Parliament and for others to remember him for his wayward ways. With more of character in the August House, Malaysia will need less advertisement, as we will be more famous obviuosly.

Let them continue to play selective prosecution even in Parliament as seen clearly from the many incidences of opposition MPs' being barred for some lame excuses by the chair and we the rakyats are observing with open eyes and ears.

Such lessons are indeed good as more and more rakyats are more awaken now to know that these are some of the clowns voted into parliament and for them that is the circus arena and thus need to act accordingly. We have clown masters presiding as the chairperson and acted on their whims and fancies, dishing out questionable pushishments.

We will see how long they can last with their acts for pleading ignorance or wrong choice of words or misquoted etc are no longer an excuse. This guy is an experienced parliamenterian and as such he must be plain stupid with an equally stupid chair person condoning such antic.

Anonymous said...

These rae the people who insist on KETUANAN. Ketuanan my foot. Zorro, even my dog behaves better than them. Ketuanan to my dog please.

Bollocks to them, away to your fart chamber with them Sir!

Peace Admiral Tojo

Unknown said...

but his people loves him.

i just think malaysia has too many jokers and idiots...

Anonymous said...

Yes, towering Malays - produced none other than by ...O (fill in the blanks yourself)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bung waiting in line for a PKR cross over?

These politicians seem to come from the same mould.

But if we watch the WWF wrestling match, there is a similarity in both cases.

It is always between the good and the bad.

And despite knowing how they fake their fights, the audience still love the show.

YB Bung is a clever marketeer, in that he is remembered much more than many others.

Who remembers YB Loh Gwo Burne? See? I might even not spell the name right.

Same thing with YB
Tajuddin. People remember him and even recognise the face.

That's clever marketing.

Those who sit quietly in Parliament certainly do not get to be in the limelight.

And now even Zorro is giving them free publicity! Really clever guy these YB's are.

It's that simple really. The more one talks about you, the more they remember you. But what about the Branding? Hmmm.


mike scorpion said...

OK ZORRO 1st time posting on yr blog.i hv been to kinabatangan n beluran where these two monkeys come from.been there. .kinabatangan is between lahad datu n checkpoint charlie(4 those who know) where the road branches out to sandakan n beluran.thereis not even a post office there at kbtangan.sukau is a tourist atrraction(probosic monkeys) but the road is still being built after 10yrs.s 4 beluran the only atrraction there is a karaoke joint n restaurant built over the river. dont f around with the orang sungai.they will finish u in no time.they mix with their own kind.look c but no touch.they do everything by the river.nothing else ovr there.

cancan said...

I have voted this man for The Custard Award in The Malaysia's Academy of Political Awards 2008(MAPA 08).

By the way,Zorro,can you please make this fictitious award into reality?
Something akin to the entertainment industry awards.
Let us try to make it a grand event so that we can award and respect those good politicians.

As for those bad ones,this will be an effective way to expose and shame them publicly.

Old Fart said...

Leave it to you, Zorro, if you want to censor this.

I think the BN women must all be getting quite wet inside when they listen to the likes of this Tajuddin. Hence no real objections to anything. And quite satisfied with the action of the speaker too!

Please tell me that I am wrong!

sinnerconman said...

In the parliament one opposition member should stand up and say "fcuk you Tuan Speaker." Then immediately says "Oops' sorry Tuan Speaker what I meant was luck you. Now I retract the words." This happens so fast. I am sure this MP will be suspended for minimum two days. My point here is that nobody in the parliament has the time to bring this unparliamentary words to the notice of the bias Speaker and this poor MP has already apologised and retracted the words immediately without being told to do so.

Anonymous said...

Tajuddin who? Another bad ass?


Anonymous said...

My word!! Bong- kurang ajar animal!! No way Zorro, this guy not gonna join PKR.God forbids!!!

This guy a lethal-poison virus, whoever gets near him will be dead on his tracks. Stay away from Bung the bongkers!!!


Anonymous said...

In parliament we have a Dung Moucker, Salah U Masuking, superior untouchable liar racist Nazi, Ali Babihim the swine that was eaten by the frog, Murka Mukris cucu of Kutty,fatwaed lesbthebian .z..ina and the Hansard has recorded such as bloody bastard -retracted but once the words are spoken, the wind carry them away and Salah U Masuking lama lama pun tak boleh masuk meaning dia punya tidak boleh di pakai lagilah and this fellow who is the only MP demanding to be addressed as a Yang Berhormat dares to call himself a man. Tak tahu malu.

Argus Eye said...

I like Tajuddin's poster. Hats off to the person who created it. Its a picture that reflects a lot. For once, I'm starting to appreciate the beauty of Art.

My new ranking:
2)Mona Lisa

sinnerconman said...

In parliament we have a midget Dung Mocker who does not serve his people and instead giving sound argument, nothing but sound. We have a thug and a liar lying that the judges were given early retirement and he was defended by the Speaker. There is another by the name Ally Babihim the swine swallowed by a frog not accepted by any party but showing that he is allied to both camps fighting for pseudo-ketuanan. The champion, self proclaimed, Salah U Masuking has been trying, according to a reliable source, to masuk and to terus cuba masuk every night and every morning tapi tak boleh masuk because his patang sudah tak boleh naik lagi. Just look at his face and you can see his frustration. The desire is there but that thing cannot be use anymore and that is the reason his words are filled with sexual perversions. Hey, this fellow who demanded to be addressed as Yang Berhormat is not able to perform anymore. He has lost his manhood. What a pitiful and wretched (not man) fellow!

Anonymous said...

This 'kurang ajar' Tajuddin has shamed not only his mother but also his wife and children whom I'm sure will squirm listening to his language used in Parliament. Whoever in their right frame of mind will want to be associated with him or his family?

Zashnain said...

Tajuddin loves controversy, he likes being in the center of attention. Naturally I think he is a cretin waiting to be dumped into a cesspool of STD. These politicians should just retire underground, plant mushrooms and eat rocks.

Whatever they do in this life or the next, it would sure be a moronic one.

Anonymous said...

this takjutin got daughters or not !?

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! he WAS not famous one BUT now different oredi = got HOPE to be a minister after march 2009 !

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! the floor in the parliment still WET ah !

Anonymous said...

another "quality" performance from BN. he aint alone and down the road, there will be more tajuddins and bungs from BN.