Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My association with Tuanku is remote. I was a 9year old when I met the parents of Tuanku's former spouse, Tan Sri Raja Zainal, the CEO of NEB (now Tenaga). I had to occasionally be minder of Zarina as a baby when Puan Sri visited. Zarina married Tuanku. My first contact with Tuanku was becasue I was a council member of the Football Association of Selangor, and he was our life-President. Although I am Perak born, most of my working life has been in Selangor. I owe some allegiance to Tuanku, thus this post.






Argus Eye said...

zorro, were you an ex-footballer?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
visit whisperer's blog. Theres a nice write up about Zorro. You're d man. Cheers.

BoyDontUcry said...

uncle Zorro,
i had just read this piece at Malaysia Insider.

yes, the ruler(s) should protects the rakyat from UMNO-BN's race games.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Zorro

Wow I'm impressed. A breath of fresh air finally Uncle Zorro finds something he likes about Malaysia.
Usually a person who mingles with royalty has refined manners and polite discourse.
It's interesting to note that lately the non-Malays have a greater respect towards our royalty.
Is it because many seemed to hate the government and the BN?
What better way than to revert to the bastion of the Malays -the rulers.
A few years back many of my non-Malay friends regard the rulers as an unneccesary entity and waste of public funds.
Glad there's a change now judging by the many comments in cyberworld and MSM for the return of Sultan powers.
Rightly so since for many years now, the term is Raja-Raja and no longer Raja-Raja Melayu.
Malays of course have always held the royalty close to heart and with deepest revere.
Like the Thais we hold obeisance to our Rajas like the sembah when meeting them.
In my days, I have seen Chinese tycoons patting the Sultan on the back and conversing I, You like with commoners.
We Malys hold the Sultan in awe and will stay a distance away.
My 72-year old mum when speaking to a low-rung Tengku will be addressing Ku, Ku and she Patik, Patik for every line of conversation.

Anonymous said...

I used to sing our state anthem during my school days. But I doubt I am allowed to ..anymore becoz one of the verse says Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku...

Er am I allowed to use the word Allah???

zorro said...

Anon 1:29, Let's not labor over this.

Idzan, I have always loved Malaysia. I do not like the characters that have messed it up with their bigotry and racism. We are total strangers, but I would take the bullet for you because you are Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Zor sir, i'm 63 too, born in june
...BUT nobody else had noticed !
( i thanked my late parents without whom I ......!?"

Anonymous said...

There were certain bad apples within the royal fragment and at one point in time, many Malaysians were very happy to see 'the Royal Flush' masterminded by TDM.

All of the sudden, the tables have turned.

Now, people are begining to restore the former glory of the Royalties.

Surely, there must be a hidden agenda somewhere.... yes/no?

The current Sultan of Selangor is a modern Malay ruler with a flair for things western.

Perhaps that is the card that is calling the shots.

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

i have much respect for Sultan Selangor adter reading an interview on him.such a humble and a intelligent man.