Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The landfill in Payatas, The Philippines, is notoriously known the
world over as Smokey Mountain. For over 35 years, the smoking dump
site has grown to become a stark and heart-tugging reminder of the
desperate conditions of humanity.

On a daily basis, children pick through newly arrived garbage to

collect material to sell. The earnings made by one child are not
enough to even buy food for the day. Hence, entire families are forced
to climb the mountain each day, hoping to earn enough to feed
everyone. Children as young as four years old are forced to work in
this daily struggle for survival.

In response to the plight of these children, is working

with Lighthouse Center For Children Foundation to bring a little cheer
to the children this Christmas. has kicked off with a cash sponsorship of USD 10,000 to
enable the children to celebrate Christmas. FusionExcel International
has also pitched in a USD 5,000 in cash sponsorship. The money raised
will help fund the projects already in place, and help fund additional
projects aimed at providing better housing, and a means of livelihood
for the Payatas community.

It is hoped that by creating better awareness to the plight of these

children, more support can be garnered towards their betterment.
 Together we can bury poverty!

Bringing Hope: From left: Matthew Ting, CEO of ToteDaddy; Paul Ting, CEO of FusionExcel Internation (a Malaysian Company) Judge Lorenzo B Veneracion of Lighthouse Center For Children Foundation, Zorah Andam, former Miss Philippines and runner-up Miss Universe.

Please visit Christmas For Payatas for more info and to make a donation. Every bit counts.


Knights Templar said...

Reverand...if everyone who reads just give USD 1 ...It would mean a lot to hundreds of people and bring a lotsa cheer to the kids.Thanks for the link.

lanaibeach said...

Charity always begin at home
Why go so far ahead?
Don’t we have poor living in our midst?
And yet want to help the unfortunates of other countries

The foresight must be back home
Where the destitute should be helped
We aren’t the richest country
It’s the people here
The poor who live amongst us

Because I had learned
No publicity no assistance came
The poor living in our midst
Suffering in silence
They don’t know where to call

Though it is a noble giving
I always stress it must begin back home
Help our poor and destitute
They need the help all they can

Charity begins at home
It is here one’s good work will be appreciated
One mustn’t forget the poor
Living and suffering daily in our midst

Knights Templar said...

Serai're right there.Charity does begin at home.....but no one told us where we should end it ! And we ALL do live in the Big Blue Marble which we ALL call HOME.If Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu went back to Albania to do Charity work for her own People...India and the World would not have had Mother Teresa !

Anonymous said...

the children in the pictures,are they groomed to be future pakatan rakyat leaders and blogers?how much has anwar given them so far ?

Anonymous said...

Whether in Malaysia or the Philippines the poor are always with us. Sometimes we don't see them, because we are emotionally and spiritually blind. We take what we have for granted. The shelter over our heads, the food on our tables, the eduction of our children, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive - these are everyday things we take for granted.

Let's not forget the poor amongst us. Faith without work is dead. True religion is to help the poor, the destitutes and those in needs. When was the last time we extend a helping hand to one of these brothers or sisters?

Thanks, Bernard for highlighting the cause. My eyes was swelled with tears listening to the little girl.

zorro said...

Somebody tell me where this PARANG TERBANG crawled out from. Dumbo, those kids are from the Philippines. This hired hand evidently cannot read...he only sees pictures and bingo, he shoots blanks. Pathetic if I have followers like this one.

zorro said...

Sir on.

Caravanserai....of course it begins at home....but cant we stretch our hands across the seas to less fortunate ones. Charity begins at home has often become a platitude. Our orphans are feted at most festivals. Surely we can spare at least a thought for others off-shore, no?

jatt said...

Just ignore Parang terbang..$#$#$#$
Those kids was cute!

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captazhar said...

We really do not have to go very far to help those in need. There are lots of needy folks around, even around our neighbourhood. However, those who are willing to help by contributing their time or money or in kind are fast drying up. Just take a look at the following post and see what I mean.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


While Christmas is the usual season for giving
For all our wanton wastages we need also to seek for forgiving
Let's remember constantly those in want still grieving
Over those who waste resources in manners quite unbelieving

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 031208
Wed. 3rd Dec. 2008.

kalimullah hassan said...

how much do you need me to donate ?
whats your account number?

zorro said...

KALI who is ashamed of his given name:
NO you are exempted; we don't need dirt money. People, agree?

kalimullah hassan said...

i have turned over a new leaf and now lead a simple life mr zorro.give me a chance to redeem myself of all my past sins.

zorro said...

Aya Mullah....still not convinced...snakes may shed their old skin, but when the new skin comes on, texture, pattern and what have you, will never change. Sorry, you can donate to your master's retirement or relocation fund. Cheers, kali.