Thursday, December 4, 2008


We are on speaking terms is a matter of saying those three words: Me: "Iam sorry" and Hantu "Maybe I'm Wrong".

I asked him to retrieve from his vast gallery, something to bring out the importance of our young integrating. This is what he sent. I complained that it was about only one group." I happened to be at Traders, you wanted it fast and I sent thru my blackberry" he shot back. This time we parted with just two words each, I - "Thank You" and he "Forget It".




Anonymous said...

Let me see. Dad's got to be bald headed right?

So let me guess. Dad's Nazri? Hamid Albar? Samy Veloo? Mini Me?

Gawd. Its a hard one.

Tell me who?

But I know the gals. They are all from Jamillah's Joget Club - 019-2165555.

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot Zorro. What the hell is this supposed to achieve? Not only is it cheap, its also intrusive and has nothing to do with this guy's father - if he indeed is a Minister.
What, suddenly you're all holier-than-thou is it? Come on, man... get a life.

Anonymous said...

Please do not do things half-way. Who is this guy?

zorro said...

Howdy Cowboy, long time you no come by pardner? Who? Ask James Chin - the guy who has got a cheap life.

Anon 1:22am: Who? Ask James Chin who thinks that what father and son does do not affect each other....something akin to breeding.

zorro said...

Cowboy - definitely not Sam's, different pigmentation - getting warmer pardner.

Zashnain said...


Who the heck is this bloody puffed up boy? He looks like a young bomoh trying to cure the women folk.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, what is this post suppose to achieve?

The kid is still a kid, give him a break.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I enjoy seeing young people making a fool of themselves. But this blog post of yours is still pointless, except maybe to reveal some undercurrent of an old man's envy of the adventures of youth.

concerned citizen: said...


This one I need for hard hitting. Pliz just drop the Minister's name in my email @

Ignore james chin, that's a manufacturede name. You know how the putras manufacture Chinese/'Indian names for reasons known to all.

You know what, this "integration" reminds me of this "integration". (Below)

Anonymous said...

aiyo nazri aziz la ...his ugly shit face there!!

Sklau said...

'All is not wasted when useless genes run down the silken thigh of vixens.'

I can't remember who said that.

So Zor, how about a hint to the bloodline of this lucky devil?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I want to add this.
" bapak macam samseng, anak pun macam samseng"

Like father like son. both are thugs.
Still insist on ketuanan melayu?
still insist on agama?
Bunch of umno crooks cheating Malaysian

Anonymous said...

A bit below the belt lah.

I am sure most youngsters go through similar adolecence processes.

If such things are really sinister, then I had better burnt all my photo albums too!

Only difference here is that he may be a Muslim and that might cause him some justification difficulties.

But in this world of freedom, I suppose it's okay.


julian" blog said...

way to go bro
may not live in that country but boy i know------like father like son??????
still got somethings to settle here.

Anonymous said...

nazri's son

malayamuda said...

Looks Like Nazri, Behaves Like Nazri........

But is it Nazri's son ?

Ini anak jantan nih..

Anonymous said...

yes, looks like nazri.. but its not nazri's...

this pics have been making its rounds via emails ..

Anak PM in waiting lar..

So in other words, dont be surprised if the real father is Nazri since mdm has been around..hahahaha

Knights Templar said...

Raja Petra said something during the Al Jazeera interview with Riz Khan yesterday which i totally agree with .....2 things sell ...Politics and Sex...and if the Politician is doing the Sex...It sells better ...Now if the Politician's Kids and doing the Sells BETTERER mah !
Friar James Chin Taking offence is Valid...But if the Custodians of Public Moral have Kids who have Kodak Moments like these ...i'd say show all the Smut you have in your Arsenal.

Have a nice day you Neo NAZrI Bald Headed Prick son of a Dick !

amoker said...

What a connection. Integration with different races in a different way. kekek. The last lady looked like angelina jolie lookalike. Only private school people will have those priveledge. Zorro, classic double play. In fact, the only thing that Mukriz will gain by having one national school system is to dicomotize it to public and private system. Only the rich then will have access to private schools. Somebody's son will continue living a good life.

Anonymous said...

isn't that a beer in young nazri's hand, at the stadium, HALAL KAH TAMBY, INI HADHARI KAH, SEMUA BOLIH, ARE BETAH, KUCK KUCH HOTA HEH. LOL, WHAT KIND OF AJARAN IS THE MINISTER FATHER PREACHING, when their kids don't ikut AJARAN agama. YANG CIUM2 perempuan tu halal kah, mana itu jakim, mana itu fatwa council, perempuan tak tutup aruat bolihkah. mengapa UMNO BOLIH, orang melayu lain tak bolih? ADA JAWAPAN TAK JAKIM. TOLONG MASUKKAN KEM, AJAR BALIK.

Anonymous said...

To James Chin & LV,

Aiyah ... it doesn't matter if you're George Bush or Nazri's kid lah. Point is, if your dad's a public figure so this is public info lah. Furthermore, with a father in public office, they should be behaving better. Yes, so sad for them, boohoohoo but that's real life for you.
If you want to take the moral high ground, don't come to this blog lah. Go visit the Dalai Lama website or something.

Get real!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

I read your blogs almost everyday, and on most occasions agree with the positions you take.

I must however state that your posting of the pictures of the particular ministers son, is in bad taste. He is after all a young boy, who like most people at that age was trying to have a "wild" time. I don’t see any offence in the things that the pictures reveal. However much his dad might an idiot, I see no logical reason or justification to subject the son to such humiliation. I understand that this Minister had a son who was some years ago alleged to have been implicated in the death of a young boy in Hartamas after a brawl. We do not know if the boy in the picture is the same person.

You must appreciate that blogs have become a powerful force in Malaysia and bloggers such as Haris, Antares and you are equally "powerful" people with wide public appeal. That is all the more reason for people like you to exercise better discretion in the information that you disseminate through your blogs. I know you often take the position that it is YOUR blog and those who don't like it's comments can FUCK OFF elsewhere. That is ok... so long as your postings do not affect people who do not deserve to be humiliated or scandalised. Notwithstanding that, how do the pictures relate to your posting on Mukhriz and vernacular schools? They appear to have no relevance whatsoever, hence the feelings of consternation.


Unknown said...

Adolescence? Please!!!
The poor buffoon is now 25 years old. No longer a teenager.
He's also an International School DROPOUT.

So pray tell, how does one with no remarkable intelligence, skills or trade manage to run a multi-million dollar business?
Other than help "wash" the dirty money that daddy-O brought back home?

Shanghai Fish said...

This is that racist ala "taxi permit" Nazri's son la....just look at the arrogance in his face....which of course is bred and flounted with the ordinary citizens blood money via corruption avenue, right ?
But then it's okay what...easy come easy go...!Who's gonna get this towering malay for having some "innocent fun".....Jakim??? dream on !!
"Bapa borak anak rintik"

Anonymous said...

aiya ! that bugger j cin is not cina lah = pluff u lah !
btw, i saw that kid in p. rengas b4 lah !!

Anonymous said...

See here also :


casper c said...

Don't understand the critics hitting on Uncle B - right here there are many points that deserve condemnation.

The kid is Taxi Boy's son, and unless he has another brother, this kid may jolly well be the one who was involve in the altercation that resulted in Darren Kang's death.

What is Uncle B's motivation - I don't know and won't speculate but here it is for all to see, Taxi Boy makes away with millions of ringgit to provide for his brood, raising the next generation of 'Super Tuan'.

The kid leads a charm life, evident from a busy social life - wine, women and song but all the while lay Malays have Islam Hadrari forced down their throats.

All the pics just goes to show how wonderful 'Ketuanan UMNO/Melayu' benefits a select class but I personally find it reprehensible when UMNO big wigs drag Islam through the mud with selective prosecution. The time is ripe for M'sians, more so Malay masses to realise for themselves the damage from 50 years of UMNO rule.

Anonymous said...

one of nszri's son was involved in the murder of a boy in hartamas a few years ago...but his name was swept under the dust laden carpet and blame was put on some indon workers from uncle don's cafe.

Anonymous said...

if & if i'm a child of a vip or vvip , sori lah, i MUST behave lah !!

zorro said...

Sak 3:58. Thank you for your comment. Pls give me some credit that this posting is leading to something I intend to post later the indoctrination given to Malays and Non-Malays at the Biro Tata Negara. Again you may not see the relevance, only if you choose not to.

I seldom postulate that this is my blog and that I could do anything and write about anything. I try my very best to be responsible...but responsibility takes different shades and interpreted differently. If I do punch below the belt I will take the brick brats but I never tell my commenter to FUCK OFF. It is more sensible to hit the delete/reject button. I assertively (and not aggressively) tell them not to visit if what I post is not acceptable to them.

And I delete some with racists intent and these do not even read the posting.But I allow James Chin thru because from his IP, he posts under numerous "manufactured" (to borrow Concerned Citizen's word) names.

Blogging is not a race for popularity...let me assure you and it is not my intent to court cheap popularity with irresponsible postings. I do aim at my target before I shoot. Isn't that natural and the correct thing to do. Watch out for BTN....later.

Anonymous said...

yes, 1st a glass of ....!
2nd a green can of ....!
hahaha...u know lah !

Anonymous said...

it's a 23rd birthday party lah !

Old Fart said...

How I wish....

How I wish....

How I wish....

Lucky bugger!!!

How I wish I was 23 again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Granted we may draw a line between the father and son. Granted the pics are not meant to insinuate anything on his family. Gramted he should have a good time as a youth in his prime as his sole personal privilege. But is he not a Muslim and that's not my kind of idea how he should behave and live like one openly? At least in Malaysia? This I need to ask his father for sure.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people out there....what Bernard is trying to say is whilst all those fukk-withs in umno, especially those of ministerial materials, are trumpeting about the national-type schools that all you average Malaysian citizens should attend in order to show your allegiance and loyalty to the country, yet they, the elite ones, send their kids to international schools locally or better still overseas schools. Bloody double standard if you ask me. So those pictures are just to show how all those kids, like this kid, can live off their fathers' positions and fat salaries in the government whilst the rest of the rakyat are expected to make do with local national-type schools lest you being branded racist or disloyal to the country. In any case, this kid does look like that parliament thug if he is who he is.

Anonymous said...

bapanya : " wow! syoklah lu,i wish my dad was a RICH teksi-raja
wen I was 23 !!"

Anonymous said...

the green can = heineken lah !!

Anonymous said...

WOW ! the last one got ' BIG & thick' lips man = one hollywood
actress ??

Anonymous said...


Have noted your reponse. Will await your sequel to the the publication of the pictures of the monister's son. I sure will hope to see the relevance. You have a good weekend my friend.


Anonymous said...

This is the coward who murdered Darren Kang at Hartamas a few years back!

Anonymous said...

fucker same face wt his filthy pighead nazri