Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last night I accompanied Pete and Marina, Visu, lawyers Chandra and Amarjit to the Forum: No to ISA at the Bar Council. What was interesting was that when we came out ofter the forum a "Yes to ISA" group was gathered across the road. They were about 30 strong. What was also interesting was that a group of ladies and I told diminutive Ariff Abdull that he WILL not allow himself to be arrested again. He promised us that. Thus I exited the auditorium.

Back to the road. About some 50 yards away the cops were around. The did not ask the "YES" crowd to disperse UNLESS unbeknown to us they were given a permit. Incidentally the whole of Dataran Merdeka was cordoned off and of course traffic jams occurred on the other roads.

For those of you who were not able to attend the forum, here is Pete's take last night:

For a live take on what the YES men (after Activist Amin "Black" Iskandar)had to say go to PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT.


Anonymous said...

Who the f**king PR politician who will ensure the bastards and UMNO dogs outside the building being dealt with?

mob1900 said...

What does ISA have to do with Hak-hak orang Melayu? Instead it robs EVERYONE of their basic human rights, tak kira bangsa.

Bodohnya PRO-ISA flers, please read what ISA is about, don't just become AMNO's stooges and embarrassed yourselves because of rm50. lol

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! rm50 = to support ISA just by standing by the roadside = RECESSION is here oredi man !!

Anonymous said...

damn damn DAMN !! @#$%^&* !!
not only rm10,500,000.00 of our hard-earned tax monies as GIFT to the 6 SACKED judges, another
rm81,000.oo of our blood- money
was wasted on the dinner to the RICH ( lawyes termasuked) instead
of the poor & needy folks !
nazri sir, were u there too !!

Anonymous said...

The ISA may be necessary for PKR, should it come to power.

Otherwise their opposition will then run amok, in their definition of freedom.


Unknown said...

well, my malay colleague, a mak rempit, said that if he was paid, he would go to any "tunjuk perasaan" show.

Anonymous said...


Why la protest here and there all the time??? Waste your energy only. Under PR government is still the same. Infact, in Selangor, it is even easier to do 'business' now.

In Klang for example, please look at the councillors appointed. Some cant even speak Bahasa and are totally quiet in meetings. And these people are appointed based on recommendations. No interviews were conducted. What happened to standards, getting the right people etc etc??? The way I see it, PR is learning and adopting BN ways. And they are getting arrogant as well.

All these politicians are out to screw us. For the next coming GE I am voting BN because I think it is better to stay with the devil we all know than one which is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3 December 2008 at 11:57 am

Why was the ISA enacted in the first place decades ago? It was enacted to make possible the protective measures to curb the activities of terrorists and communists during the emergency confrontations and now this ISA is illegally exploited by the present UMNO Home Minister against dissenting voices from RPK and others and used this to protect the DeePM from political oppositions after being implicated in the Murder of Altantuya, the Mongolian Model. Those UMNO ISA supporters are ignorant lot and they are not protecting Malay rights but the excesses of the wrongdoings of their Leaders in which case is against natural justices for self promotions and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Zorro do you read the message in between the lines? Whatever tricks they do, double standard, somersault or handstand... I will not be deterred in saying NO IS A NO!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Protest against the Anti ISA group?
Better get a life lah.
ISA is about Malay supremacy ? Or is the ISA is about protecting their religion? All these thinkers better get a life too lah.

Our quality of life is sliding down. Prices of goods which shot up won't be coming down.We are paying more $ to pump gasoline than the Americans.
Polis rasuah for this quarter is getting higher than usual and all those mother fu*kers are protesting against the Anti ISA forum under the very rasuah eyes of polis.
What a bunch of vafanculos.

this is the time for all of us to get ready to be hit by recession.
I do hope all of us wont be hit badly. Pakatan Rakyat , pls do not sing to the tunes of bn.
Get ready for the Sarawak election as well as the next GE.

Argus Eye said...

It is ironic that Malay Rights are being extended to even the ISA. The right of Suhaimi Mokhtar to be detained for 7 years, and the right of Mat Shah Md Satray to be detained for 6 years. A privilege indeed.

Pat said...

Thank you for the vid of RPK. Brilliant. He was so clear and so objective - no dramatics. I think, if people bother to listen, they will understand what the fuss is all about.