Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As the Jerit cyclists get closer to Kuala Lumpur in their 16-day nationwide tour, they expect to encounter problems when they enter the KL TOMORROW!

On Thursday 27 November I asked CPO Selangor: Where Did You Learn How To Lie? (HERE). I ended my post by posing him another question: How can you lie so efficiently and so effortlessly. I must admit that I made a colossal mistake by saying that he lied so efficiently. If he had done it EFFICIENTLY, no one would have detected his lie. EFFORTLESSLY was a correct word, because he crookedly told a lie with a straight face. So effortlessly!

PEOPLE, I am now throwing a challenge to you guys. It is reliably learnt that when liars die they are put in a special unit in Hell. There is a pact between God and Satan for liars. Liars punishment will be on their TONGUE. You tell me, how Satan will punish these ....what will Satan ask these liars to do with their tongue. Give it to me....




In my earlier post, I asked the Menteri Besar of Selangor. Tan Sri Khalid if he could get this rubbish transferred out of Selangor. Many comments flooded in and pointed out that the appointment is a Federal appointee. My next question is:



PEOPLE.....don't forget my challenge above.



Anonymous said...

Bernard, to be a great liar, need constant practice. When he can lied straight face, that's something very special about him and no wonder he was recommended for Datukship recently.

Well, when he is dead there will be no chance for us to know whether the devil himself will hang this special liar guy by the tongue but I certainly know that he will be in the lake of fire for eternity, i.e second death unless while he is alive now, he takes time off to repent of his lying deeds and other sin.

Can he be 'transported out' by the Sulan of Selangor, that I've to leave it to RPK's to whisper into his royal highness ear. Who knows for nothing is possible if we don't even dare to try !

Anonymous said...

To solve the problem of delivering a memorandum without causing any inconveniences, just send it via AR REGISTERED POST. It is legally accepted in a court of law and the Postal Union will not accuse the cyclists of impersonating Postmen.

Just a thought.


toyolbuster said...

This piece of maggot infested dung is not wanted anywhere. So please don't dump him into anywhere if Selangor decides to rid of this stink. As to what Satan should do to his tongue, why must we let Satan have all the pleasure. I would tie him down and hook up his stinking tongue attached to a ceiling fan running on highest speed.

Anonymous said...

The police raja di Malaysia has become a laughing stock among Malaysians for their inefficiency and cowardly nature in the way they set up roadblocks and harass and intimidate innocent rakyat.

This Khalid clown is one of the better known lackeys of Al Blur and he has taken the onerous task of lying on behalf of that stupid botak.

When teenagers can be taken in to intimidate and locked up (even for a night) under the pretext of flimsiest excuse of looking after their safety, this only shows that these police clowns are just sucking up to the BN goons in power.

The implosion of UMNO is not too far off. The police are just giving the rakyat more reasons why the BN should be kicked out during the 13th General Elections.

In fact these uncalled for and high-handed actions by the police, if left unchecked, would ONLY HELP TO DETHRONE THE BARISAN NERAKA and send them to the gutters where they belong.

These idiots don't even realize the damage they have done to the minds of the innocent participants of the Jerit cycling campaign who are potential voters in the next GE.

To the lying Khalid, keep up the sadistic campaign to harass and intimidate the public as your actions would not endear the police or the government to the voting rakyat. Such actions act as catalysts for the IMPLOSION OF UMNO.

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

Hello Zorro, the rakyat of Selangor should start a petition to have this "man" out of the state. Even if his appointment is from the federal government, rakyat of Selangor is still his boss coz we are paying him. Isn't the boss has the rights to sack him if the servant did not do his job. So what we should do is to serve him warning letters for his misbehave, if he refused to change for the better, sack him! Else we will sack those who try to cover him!

Anonymous said...

maybe in the force these days, you need to be a good liar to climb up the ladder. ling said, "the rot starts at the head". truly well said.

Doc said...

here's another take on this issue from someone who actually participated in the ride (the johor chapter):
What say you?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Yes, as correctly mentioned by "ahoo". YM Raja Petra is the best person to convey the rakyat's message to our Sultan of Selangor.