Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some  years ago  an ageing Datin was given a RM50 million settlement by ex-hubby a former minister, whose much younger second wife is the glamorous legend of lagenda fame.

When former Negri Sembilan state assemblyman for Seri Menanti, Hishamuddin Abdul Kadir, 60, was served divorce papers by his 34-year-old wife Norish Karman last July, she asked for five houses, five cars and his company shares.

In her filing at the Syariah High Court, the starlet sought their RM2 million home in Bangi, three condos in KL and another house in Seremban; their cars a BMW 6-series, a Nissan Murano, a Nissan Elgrand, a Rexton Stavic and a Toyota Caldina; RM1,500 monthly maintenance for each child (they have three children); RM900 for the maid plus her own personal expenses of RM6,000 monthly. Oh yes, and the shares too.

These were lucky. They lost some earthly attachments unlike John Wayne Bobbit

Exactly 15 years ago this week the world first heard the story of John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt. John Wayne, an ex-Marine, was accused of coming home drunk and raping his Ecuadorian wife. Lorena retaliated and literally sliced off his john and had it not been for modern medicine he would have been vain-less. I believe today he can still bob it. He was just lucky.

Over pints of Guiness and plate upon plates of Pigs in Blanket at Sid’s HANTU distracted me with 2 questions:

 Would Khir Toyol be as lucky?

 Would Mrs Toy-o drain him dry and for good measure,  do a Lorena Bobbit?

Before I near fell off the bar stool, Hantu steadied me with: Haven’t you heard that KT has taken the polygamous route. Dang, these graduates from Polytechnics….”dont they learn anything more than Polygamy?”  the Admiral,  two stools away, asked.

I just fear for him, If MACC delays, he is in for some missing appendage. I would advise him to read up on Ivan Cutyourcockoff's Russian best seller: To Have or Not to Have


Anonymous said...

wah ...seronok hidup jadi umno...happy wang banyak bangat.

Anonymous said...

Aiya..Killed Toyol taking a second wife ?
I thought the bugger dropped dead soon after 12th GE when BN government got booted out from Selangor .

ahoo said...

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
Marriage is not valued till divorce papers are filed. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Unca Zorro,

Are u trying to tell me that to become a millionaire is just that easy by joining ........???

"Who wants to be a Millionaire??"

Suka Bontot said...

No love at all for that Toyol person.
His wife can bleed him dry until he is left with only his DKNY briefs.
Dont ask me how I know the brand of his underwear.
But she is getting our money.
Quick MACC grab the money first.
And fast.
P,S. This is the first time i agree with you. Common enemyla.

Poor Peasant said...

Will MACC investigate where they get all their money from? Maybe they have very rich granchokong who left the money to them... which is fair enough. But otherwise... heheheh... there is the smell of tail-less dead rats somewhere eh?

SAM said...

Wow fantastic writing. good to see such creative writing style. keep it coming.

toyolbuster said...

Randy boy Toyol would be so lucky to get away with just a straightforward extraction a la Bobbit. But Mrs Toy-O-Boy may want to perform a Root Canal on his Johnny Cum Lately. Sheesh!! Randy Toyol is needing an Implant real soon. But hei, didn't Mama always warn you not to indulge in Sweeties Honies, BAD for your canine Baby.

Anonymous said...

kok lumayan jadik YB sepenggal , bisa bikin bisnis dan uwang...isteri artis lagik...Amnoo, amnoo..

Gan said...

when thieves fall apart ... they will wash their dirty linen in public !

Hope they will be digging their own grave too !

Anonymous said...

Haw haw haw!

Damn comedic!

Anonymous said...

itu betoi kah Toyol ada ambek bini baroo? wah like dat manyak syoklah malam tangkap nyamuk itu bushy sikit ada.

aiyohh, lakyat manyak pokailer kasi bini baroo makan darah siang malam oooo.

ini loang sumua manyak mau jadi hantoo muka pun macam sattan.

nightcaller said...


Pls say that it's a drama plotline...because it keeps flashing through my mind that Toyol is following the other "Tiger" way. If there is one extra, there might be 12 in tow...ala Tiger woods.

If that happens, will Toyol enter the same rehabilitation centre and share experience/tips with the real Tiger? Who knows that might be handy when Tiger comes Malaysia way later...:)

Unknown said...

Money, power and women. Although he has lost power, he still has money and with it can attract more women.

See, he is just human after all. Forget the political BS he spews, Ketuanan Melayu and all. The poor Melayu be damned. He'll have his women.

Anonymous said...

...then Khir Toyol said to his wife , 'semuanya OK !!!

Donplaypuks® said...

Is there any rumour to the truth?

I'd be surprised if he has only 1 $25 million mansion!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

mauriyaII said...

That useless botox face knows that his political future is sealed for good within or out of UMNO. So he has finally decided to indulge in what the UMNOputras are wellknown for - polygamy, khalwat and sodomy. He has to have at least 4 wives to maximise the number of bedrooms in his Balinese palatial mansion. Let him enjoy while he can. Who knows one of his wives or all together might do a la Bobbit on him.

If you see a dickless Toyol, it must be no other than this shit,KT.

Anonymous said...

Master must tell you a classic today my boss hauled me up and asked why my desk was all clear without any files and when i answered that i had cleared everything he said cannot like this you must keep some to show that work is going on.I thought that after mac 8 things would change in the civil service but today again proved me wrong as these morons who are hod's defy the word stupid.

ANN BK3 said...

He should personally without any 'INVITATION' check into 'Hotel ISA, Kamunting' for his own safety. He better get moving before he finds himself short of a 'gadget' or two.

Anonymous said...

who dares to investigate Toyo?

try making 6 police reports against Toyo and see what happens. you will be investigated instead.

UMNOoons make 6 reports against Guan Eng. What happens. Police immediately jumped upand investigate. Sure, untuk Bangsa, Agama dan Negara. Ketuanan Melayu first.

Unknown said...

Dear Zorro,

I received several frantic calls from my relative attending a course in Besut in Cendamai Management Services. This is the second day of a four day course, which I thought, was very unsual, as my young relative was in the private sector.

Last evening, the report over the phone was the lecturer were spewing anti Chinese and anti Christian slogans. I was told that the muslim malays participants were annoyed and were questioning the lecturers.

Could you help ?
You need not publish this entry. It might be a scoop.... if someone young smuggles himself into the lectures and tape what is being said.

Anonymous said...

So when will Toyol fornificator be hauled up in court to be fined, caned and jailed like those santimonious religious bodies recently did to the 3 young ladies? Or is their Islamic moral laws ONLY applicable to the NON-dUMNO Muslims?

Anonymous said...

as a muslim, dr. toyo is entitled to 4 bini wat !! he's very rich & footsome some more !

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated on Botox vain pot's romantic soap operas.