Friday, February 5, 2010







Little Snake said...

Hahahaha! And animals would have ruled the world... in a way it would be good, because animals would not have developed weapons of mass destruction and neither would the world be in the mess it is today. Animals Rule OK!

Anonymous said...


Its over la. This is Malaysia la. Things wont change la. Dont waste your time. You should spend your time getting drunk instead.

Ahjamal said...

After following the 3 days trial one will come up and say it is all UMNO charges. The apparatus of UMNO that is AG AND PDRM are fully in placed. This Saiful looked like he is being programmed to say this and that and all is are automated perfectly tuned.
I am pissed to see this case. It is real true that the world said it is a political case. Before Malaysia is turned to be looked silly the judge has to wake up and stop this case otherwise he is also one of the UMNO apparatus.

Unknown said...

It is timely for us to revisit the garden of eden and understand why we were deprieved of the carefree living in paradise.It has nothing to do with opposite sexes or the same.In fact it has got nothing to do with sex.The so called mistake of human is to partake in the fruit from the tree of knowledge.With the birth of the intellect,we live in seperation with God and fellow human kind[When the natural state prior to this is one of oneness with everything]
Lord Jesus once remark to his follower,upon seeing a baby just a few days old saying'Had you the mind of the babe,surely you will entre the kingdom of my father'
The statement is clear as the baby have yet to develop the so called intellect mind and is not tainted by any concepts of duality[ie have not eaten the fruit of knwledge that enable and allow us to dwell in dichotomy]

Anonymous said...

Layari Neutral Daily 'Informasi Neutral Tanpa Kepentingan'

Jika sudi boleh linkkan di blog tuan.. terima kasih..

Anonymous said...

Uncle this country kids can get free sex education....just look at the main stream papers one can see in bold letters SEX OFFERED,....SODOMNY...HOW SAIFUL BENDS.... WOW
Parents are facing hell of problems to explain a new vacabulary word wonder our country`s vision in next ten years.....woooooooooooo tourists destination for ga*s

Anonymous said...

Real stupid but what to do as all come out from the anus....
"Can I f@#k u?" Haiya... sapa punya script!!! Saya ingat lu pun tahu brother!!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's only rubbish in, rubbish out
Nothing that we can proudly shout
With entire world watching the bout
The tout is no beautiful rainbow trout

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060210
Sat. 6th Feb. 2010.

Anonymous said...

If the government can pull this out, fabricating detailed account of a crime, and making arrangement to conspire all possible characters & corners , from lower ranking police & medical officers, security guards Etc without cock-ups, well I must say this is a greatly efficient government conspiracy. Especially coming from the same government that lost 2 jet engines, throw out their star witness out of plaza masalam, deaths in lock ups, and typically slow civil service, I must say, pakatan rakyat has a tall order to match the capability & efficiency of the government of the day. So much for irony.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Malaysia produces the best rubber in the world and that cesspool didn't even bother to insist doing it with a condom and prefers to walk all over town for 2 days with stale cums dripping from his a...

I guess cesspool is reading a script prepared by a porno producer.

Jong said...

How to believe when this 'Sai'(shit) keeps changing his storyline? One must be so downright dumb not to see it's politically motivated and a waste of public funds for this re-make of Awtar Mamak production!

Did he(Saiful) not initially claim he was forcefully sodomised by Anwar in that condominium? Did he not swear by the holy Quran at the mosque, before a hurriedly summoned junior Mufti, staged for Media consumption?

I remember at every street corners Malaysians were rolling in laughter, found it ridiculously silly that 60-year old Anwar with history of pain and spinal/neck injury could outdo, over-powered and sodomised this 22-year old pretty lamb against his will? And he went all over town to report it?

What do we hear now? He alleges Anwar asked him to go wash up which he did! (LOL!!!) - If that’s not consensual, what is it? ..forceful rape? This is 'no case', should be thrown out by the judge and declare 'case closed'!

Ahjamal said...

I sat with a few young men in a coffee stall. One smart one said that Malaysia has many things of interest before but now we have this

Woh, the tone of this young men made us laugh . We should have shot a video how he expressed and the motion plus the language and body

Jong said...

What do you tell a prostitute when he/she calls out "rape, sodomy, liwat!"? - Go hang yourself, you have been servicing KTM so what's the big deal now?

Sorry, I feel this whole Awtar Mamak production, disgusting!!

ktteokt said...

The bull just shits and the cow just produces DUNG!

Anonymous said...

If anwar has the calibre as PM material, he could have quashed these allegations way back in 2008, without prompting delay ( not to mention Turkish embassy saga ), handled the issue in proper manner head on, I think malaysians would have rallied behind him.

Too bad he dragged this to his own disadvantage.
Perhaps there is nothing much he can do or prove his innocence. Next week will reveal a lot more of defense shortcomings. It's starting to unfold. Pray hard anwar.

informed said...

anon 3.02

now u what i called ass hole

go and do some reading b4 commenting

Anonymous said...

A Judge once asked a prostitute, "And when did you realise you were raped?"

The prostitute replied pointing to the accused, "When he refused to pay the fees."


Uncle Pet's Anus said...

This shameless godson of Mumtaz Jaafar is obviously a young man with no core identity. He enjoys hanging out with the powerful and well-connected and because he isn't particularly intelligent he grew up idolizing Mahathir Mohamad as the Messiah of the Malays. Jibby & Rosie probably reassured him that he would come out of this situation a greatly admired person amongst hardcore Umno members and never again would he need to worry about money. The ones who ought to be on trial are the usurpers in the PM's residence.

mabuaya said...

Love it!

Sklau said...

So Saiful didn't want his fanny toss but relent under pressure because AI was his boss and he was so 'takut' as he so wily put it.

Rape victims would have immediately scrub and practically flush the offending seminal fluid from their body the first chance they get or immediately get to a hospital to get a swab as evidence. This S-hole tell us that he walk around for 2 days incubating those semen inside his ass while he sit on a stinking wet patch on his pants for 48 hours?

Well, if that is so, why not take samples from his soiled pants instead because whichever way you present it in court, it is still fresh semen stain from your rapist. It is not like saliva from spitting, mucus from blowing your nose or dead skin cells which could be retrieved on the floor from someone you come in contact daily. Freaking strange and just don't compute if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

To the umnoo people, it's "cock-a-doodle-do" any hole will do lah. Never mind if it's full of shit.

Unknown said...

salam tuan blog hamba...tq

shar101 said...

Aaahh Z,

Remember what I said on Xmas day at that Shanghai fler's place when Adam and Eve cropped up in our 'great debate' on religious issues -

"Hey, I hope you guyz know how to do it coz otherwise humanity's future will be screwed"

Well, I guess you found the alternate beginning.

Hang on! Adam .. and Saiful will still be at it.

Donplaypuks® said...

Then I guess Eve would have slept with the snake and made HISStory!

Guess who was born in the year of the snake on 23rd July, 1953? Ke, Ke, Ke!!

We are all of 1 race, the Serpent Race

Anonymous said...

here's full transcript of the trial.

things than Anwar doesn't want people to hear about Saiful's ass.

Nik Aziz was there for the first couple of days.

He then made a statement to invite UMNO for talks.
Wonder why....

tuabak said...

and if the BN gomen wins this case which also means if anwar loses this case, i'm prettty sure the BN gomen has saifool's arse-hole to thank for and therefore will endeavour to PRESERVE his anus just in case there are more people they feel can be framed this way. whose cheap idea was this? i'm sure you have the answers...

Crankster said...

The BN government claims to be devout and pious but this is the fruit of their minds.

zorro said...


Anonymous said...

nice cartoon

what was the intended message

is it-
okay to butt fuck your mrs ?

recently we were made aware that a
certain deceased lady was ok wth
the butt fuck?

and the irony is that when mr a
butt fucked a certain mr x - that is a big crime

what a paradox. This 1malaysia new
improved morality