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Selected excerpts from Martin Jalleh:

The Federal Court decision was merely the next logical step after the historic haste with which the judiciary helped Zambry back to the helm. Less than a day after the KL High Court had ruled in Nizar’s favour, and three hours after Zambry had filed for a stay of execution, a one-man Court of Appeal readily heard the latter and granted him a stay two hours later! Zambry won his appeal 11 days later!

The Federal Court ruling is the climax of the shocking and scandalous manner the judiciary has handled the Perak crisis. It has left behind a dead constitution, “bad” and “perverse” decisions, dubious declaratory orders, judgments devoid of reasoned grounds, and disgraceful double standards.

The judiciary was bursting with bias which even the blind could see!

Indeed the Perak Constitutional crisis has forged and fostered formidable comradeship amongst the leaders and members of the parties of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in Perak. Who can forget the kind of support the PR Aduns gave to one another as they tried to enter the State Assembly or the historic raintree State Assembly? The crisis also revealed the real friends and foes of PR.

The struggle made us Perakians realize that there were heroes amongst us – an MB with an indomitable spirit, a Speaker whose courage became an inspiration to many, a retired judge intensely committed to the law, intrepid principled politicians in the coalition and unknown individuals willing to risk involvement – surely in continued synergy we will be able to serve up a surging and unstoppable wave of change… in the next General Elections!


Old Fart said...

Don't they all look as happy as a pig in the mud?

Anonymous said...
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Kay Du Lac said...

I always admire how persistence the PR Perak on the MB issue. Even until now, there are still fighting.

However, personally I think that it’s time to let go. Doesn’t matter if the Federal Court’s ruling s right or wrong. What’s matter is that it has been done. There is nothing much the Pakatan can do about it. And like many said, the ruling will only show more evidence of UMNO’s weakness.

What PR can do now is to prove to the ‘rakyat’ that they are still reliable. I do think that the ‘rakyat’ is somehow fed up with the MB issue. Furthermore, Nizar seems to be very confident in winning the heart and mind of the ‘rakyat’. Why not wait for the next PRU?

No Fear said...

Fight on Perakians! It is just one battle lost, don't be disheartened! The war is still to be won. GE13 will be here before we know it and let's get ready for it instead of wallowing in sadness and hurt. Let's save our energy to give Umno one big screw come GE13!

Anonymous said...


Dream on. Dream on. In the next GE, BN is gonna wipe the floor clean. You, your PR and so-called bloggers will be rejected by the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Would the same be said if the 32 frogs leapt into PR and formed the Government?

So, this ruling is actually good for the PR to re-court the 32 and even trailing then to Taipeh once again.

Yes, this ruling means it is perfectly okay to jump ship and form the Government. It's the green light, so what's the hold up?


sp lim said...

Another Perakian says No! The battle may be over but not the war.

Anonymous said...

I pity the 5 hired guns when they see the Perakians in the eyes. Their conscience will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The Judge of all judges will deliver the final verdict on them.

Anonymous said...

What do rakyat expect from the 5 clowns. Justice? My foot!!!!!!!! We know the outcome become they can open their stinking mouths.
However, we believe it is a blessing in disguise for our Perakians. That mamak "zombie" will just do anything to hold on to power. We rakyat will enjoy whatever comes along.
But, come GE13, we will kick the BN out esp that fat mamak "zombie
Dont forget that 3 unethical froggies esp that ugly fat ass FROG hemophrodite from Jelapang.

Anonymous said...

I could not see any justice in their faces despite looking at their pics several times! In conclusion : these 5 are crooks!!! When a case appeared so controversial in the eyes of the rakyat and also the world, how can it be a 5-0 at the end?? When Brazil plays Argentina, 5-0 will never happen!

zorro said...

Anon1049, I see you have come out of a coma.....and realise that we can dream an not a vegetable in coma.

Anon1058....whats the hold up? because a good man does nothing.

raj raman said...

This 5 guys are HIRED GUN uncle?
Are u serious?
You mean this 5 guys "HIRED TO HIJACK JUSTICE".

rajraman666.Need to hire some skilled foreign workers but the GOMEN already HIRED and outsource the "PERMITS" to some UMNO CRONIES,so I won't be "SHOCK THE ABOVE 5" are HIRED....

Thanks and i am enjoying reading double meaning with 15 bottles of guiness - a quote by "DON" play2.

Anonymous said...

I totally do not agree that we lost the battle It happen in the palace and was fixed up. Ask that prince Nazim he knows best he talks about laws and that palace practices loyak.

Anonymous said...

This is another Perakian waiting for the next GE, and making sure many other Malaysians vote out umno. And should PR comes to power, please make sure many of these "servants" who help turn the country upside down are being investigated as well. I'll be dedicating alot of my time to help PR win first.

Anonymous said...

my only problem is how to keep up the momentum since 308 and keep the flame burning...

this is the most important task - the mother of all tasks, if u will.

in the meantime, support pakatan rakyat with contributions either in voluntary manpower or $$$$.

walk your talk.

if u dont, your next generation is doomed - under umno. this is a promise.

no need to fight umno piece by piece. they have all dogs under their leashes.

keep up the momentum, and finish umno once and for all come ge13.

be angry about teoh beng hock, kugan and other death in custody cases.
be angry about pkfz.
be angry about altantuya.
be angry about toyol's istana and disneyland trips.
be angry about all those cases.

the momentum at the moment is declining. look at the turnout at anwar's court appearances. it's a far cry from reformasi 1999.

and this is what umno knows about human nature. we are so forgetful.


Donplaypuks® said...

"Can't start a fire, Can't start a fire without a spark;
This gun's for hire, even if we're just dancing in the dark." - 1984. Bruce Springsteen.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Crankster said...

Thanks to the SABM Ipoh roadshow, I had the pleasure of meeting a few Perakians. Rest assured, they are not planning on taking this lying down.

I heard accounts that even the PR to BN frogs were looked upon with such contempt that you don't want to mess with them.

Stones have been thrown, and the MPs' parents have been asked to leave premises like restaurants and refused service in markets etc.

I think we shall see a force to reckon with in the next general elections.

niakong said...

Unless one is really devoted to the Al-Mighty, worldly possession still means a lot to him.

So, when the big and juicy carrot is dangling in front, it's just irresistable!!!

zorro said...

Anon736pm....thats the spirit! Gather force now.

anon743pm....don't just get angry ...GET EVEN....prepare for election! Keep focused.

Donplaypuks® said...


Breaking News! Stop Presss!!

Just heard on NTV7 8 p.m. news. Scorpene Sub having some “difficulties.” Admiral says KD Tunku Abdul Rahman still under warranty and Navy is trying “to work things out with supplier!!”

Defence Minister Zaid Hamidi claims it’s not true (just as he said that UMNO lawyer in PPasir was not disbarred or had 2 wives) KD TAB is having problems submerging!!

A $1 billion submarine that can only float? Might as well have bought a barrage of sampans!

Can we claim back some of that “not a commission” $540 million paid to a certain Havoxbridge Don acquited of murder and not appealed by the DPP?

Kong Hee Fatt Choy to all!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.49am
Spot on. Only the old man and his pembodeks here fail to see the signs.
BN forever.
Anon 3.05 pm
5 clowns?? You mean Nizar, Nga, Ngeh and the supposed speaker without a chair.

The Way I See It said...

hahahha.. uncle zorro, you are really a funny man..

don't said I didnt warned you about your posting as being contempt of court ya!

on PR winning the next GE, I think its going to be way far off lah uncle.

You cant win election with the support of just one community.

As we are reading and writing, PR is loosing the Malay votes... What is PR doing about it?

nstman said...

One of the biggest hired guns is Rocky, Umno's highest paid agent and agent provocateur. He is ably assisted by Ahmad Talib, the illiterate who cant even write two lines to save his neck. These are the two enemies of the people, especially Rocky.

Anonymous said...

we are not suppossed to comment on the judges decision. we have to lie still while being sodomised by the judges with the most extraordinary illogical decision.

I shall keep quiet henceforth but I wait for the day when PR comes to power and throw these judges into jail for bringing the constitution into disrepute. This country deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has lambasted the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (Perc) for giving the impression that Malaysia was veering towards instability.
Describing Perc as "talking through their nose", he said its reports had obvious ulterior motives with no intention of helping.
"We are not asking them to help us anyway. We are helping ourselves and we don’t need their comments because I think a lot of other people know and can evaluate us very objectively. We are not basing it on emotions but facts and reality.

"The fact is, Malaysians are happy and are not facing any major disaster or racial trouble in the country...So, what are they talking about?

"I think they (Perc) must be talking through their nose," he told reporters after attending the monthly assembly of Felda Group employees at the Dewan Perdana Felda here today.

Muhyiddin also described the Perc report as nonsensical, and coming from people who knew nothing about the country.

"I don't think we need to react to all these nonsensical reports coming from people who know nothing about the country. Maybe, those guys are sitting at a table somewhere in a remote corner of Hong Kong," he said.

In its report, Perc cited several developments in Malaysia, including the theft of military jet engines, detention of terror suspects from a number of African and Middle East countries, arson at some churches and surau and the ongoing sodomy trial of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. -- BERNAMA

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

thank you lucky star. if in singapork, you would be bankrupted!

Anonymous said...

Latest Information
UMNO chases out UITM Jengka Maran Pahang students.
Yesterday, all parents had to pick up their children and all their belongings from their hostel. They were asked to vacate their hostel by UITM authorities so that UMNO goons from all over Pahang can take up residence there because UMNO is having some secret meetings there with their 'gerombolans'
What rights have UMNO to use public facilities ? Isn't this misuse of govt/public property and that also at the expense of the parents and poor students. Shame on you UMNO.

ktteokt said...

The judgment by these five "nut" judges just added momentum to the downfall of BN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now the opposition will always have issue to play in Perak. The drama starts with how Nizar was being mistreated by the court as well as the sultan..then, follow by the decision, then, well..whatever.

I wonder when this will stop. Just few days back, Nizar said PR will work alongside BN, but yesterday, PR again said they will try to win Perak in the next GE. SO contradictory in words and deeds, indeed. The underlying tension as well as the refusal to accept the court’s decision just show how ‘macho’ this PR men is.

The truth is, PR doesn’t even get a chance to lead Perak.

Unknown said...

The rakyat is waiting for PR to diamantle bn and PR is waiting for the rakyat to sacrifice so that their leaders can rise at our expense.
There is only one party that is committed to walk with the rakyat and that is PAS.At the bersih march,Pas mobilise their members nation wide to be down on the ground with the rakyat.Mat Sabu was with the marchers from start to finish.The leader from Dap and PKR only appear at the finish line[in comfort]I can confirm this as I was there.
When the bloggers on their own forge unity with the rakyat coming out with the poster Barisan Rakyat,the Leaders of present PR dismisses it and it has to be sold to the public for a ringgit each and even then promotion was done entirly by the bloggers and Zorro was in the midst.I can confirm it as I was there.
PR was formed out of the pressure of the rakyat and not from the wisdom from our buntch of PR leaders including AI.
The rakyat have to wake up that all professional politician have only selfish interest as long as your sacrifice serve them and not the other way round.
RPK have done so much for PR and now that he and his family is made to suffer for their deed,where is the march of solidarity from PR.If we can easily get 100,000 to march,rather than aquabbles for siily contract.There is hope for a new dawn for this nation only when the Rakyat use their power behind sincere leaders.Kuli is one for consideration.Our country need leaders and poltic should be put aside[incl so call GE]

Anonymous said...

barking at the wrong dogs!....

they were there because SOMEONE has pre-arranged their sit!.....that SOMEONE uses VK Lingam and Vincent Tan to choose who sits where and in which court!

the SOMEONE is gleefully smiling with his long time puppet....Berghaim ali.....who is he?.....few days ago, he was seen blendishing the Keris at a berghaim ali's NGO opening its new chapter in KL.....

next is DSAI.....the judges HAVE decided for him (the SOMEONE!)!...

The MIND!!!

Jong said...

Anon 11.34AM,

The truth is, Perakians were alarmed with what Nizar said that PR will work alongside that pirate. That's Nizar's right to his personal decision but no way Perakians will agree, we rather wait till GE13 to bury this palace-backed UMNO/BN.

What they did to turn Perak into a pariah state is most unforgiveable.

Chan said...

Forget about them for the next few days! Let's enjoy! Kongsi fa Cai to Bernard & All who celebrate the Chinese New Year. Cheers!

Geronimo said...

Ever wonder why no bookies or punters took any bet before the Federal Court delivered its judgment? Because like everyone else, they already knew the outcome. It was a foregone conclusion that Zambry will win so why bothered. If they had taken bets, it would have been suicidal as they all would have gone broke by now.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime ther three "PR ADUN" are having a good laugh. We should not be deceived by our own deception.Nextime around, if there is a next time, we have to be m,ore careful Ramlax

Anonymous said...

None of them from their stupid looks does not deserve any respect whatsoever. These 5 bums are just as corrupt and unethical like their UMNO/BN political masters.
Just goes to show what type of bums we have in Bolehland.

telur dua said...

Ahem, when did they legalise prostitution in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

these five morons are hell dwellers

tupingera said...

A barua is a barua is a barua. PERIOD.

telur dua said...

Look more like a bunch of hired cunts to me.