Thursday, February 25, 2010



The Tan Tee Beng comedy reminds me of this story I was told of two housemates arriving home after a night out.

Mat: Hold it Beng. That looks like a pile of shit on the door-mat.

Beng; Yah, looks like shit.

Mat: Look closer Beng.

Beng: Yes looks like shit all right.

Mat: How sure are you Beng?

Beng: Quite sure… smells like shit,

Mat: You only quite sure…..make doubly sure lah.

Beng: Positively sure lah……it smells like shit and now it tastes like shit.

Mat: Beng, luckily we did not step on the shit.

Yes, typical of PKR, they stepped over the shit (a big achievement!) instead of getting rid of the shit.

I will disagree with Terrence Netto on Beng’s 2 Steps forward and 1 step backwards. I figure it was more 1 step forward (apologizing to his deputy president) and 2 steps backwards (refusing to apologise to his immediate boss who happens to be the State leader). That sends him to the pits.

And yet PKR keeps this pile of shit on its doorsteps. #1: We don’t shit on our own doorsteps. #2: the decent thing to do is to get rid of the obnoxious pile.

Unless PKR still believes, like UMNO/BN that shit is good fertilizer.

Dang, let’s go organic man!

Go on a cleansing campaign, gather all the shit in Pakatan Rakyat (wear masks and clinical gloves please because those shits stink and are toxic)…… and offer them to BN free of charge. Offer graciously. Throwing the discarded shit at BN would be biadab, yes?


Gan said...

I think PKR (or, DSAI) sudah jadi pekak ! Simply NOT listening ...

The grassroots have been screaming for a major "shit" cleaning exercise BUT .... zip !

PS I hope they are not digging their own grave ...

Starmandala said...

Totally agree. This Ah Beng chap is a political nobody with nothing to show in his track record. It appears that he's following someone else's script in a futile effort to weaken Guan Eng's state government in Penang. His egocentricity knows no bounds and PKR would do well to be rid of him. The problem is, the bugger probably will refuse to step down as MP - leaving another vacuum in the administrative machinery.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Senor. But you failed to recognise that the shit belongs to Lim Guan Eng. LGE is ruling with an iron fist because he knows he held the winning card in Penang Pakatan. You don't expect Anwar to reprimand LGE because the DAP holds his lifeline tightly. Without the DAP's legal support, Anwar is as good as dead politically as the prosecution will win handsdown in his sodomy trial. I am sure this time Tan Tee Beng will receive the axe from Anwar... not for Pakatan Rakyat sake but more to satisfy LGE and to save his own skin.

JeyPathySarritzu said...

So true la! I am all for the getting rid of the shitholes in PKR/DAP - PR! Then they have disciplinery board who needs a slap in their pompous faces! How can they let the Zulkifli fella off like that? Aiya..once an UMNO always an UMNO! Aiyooooooo susahla!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

In my opinion, Anwar is the problem.
He failed to manage his own group.
The Kulim wonder is still around and PKR is keeping old shit.

Anonymous said...

This Tee Beng wanted to be sacked. By apologising to Syed Husin, he's telling the world that he's impeteous. Why give him the glory of being martyr.
Frankly, every PKR top echolen wanna sack Tee Beng but at what cost. We must sack Tee Beng by shaming him forever
(I am sorry, Devan Nair that I got to use you as an exmaple). Most insiders know what happen that faithful night where Devan Nair ahem.......Next, LKY deposed him by saying that he would get the pension if only Devan received treatment. It's publicised in mass media. Devan ran to Canada
That should be the tactic of shaming Tee Beng. What PKR should do now would be

1) Stern Warning to Tee Beng. In Public & Writing
2) Put his renewal MPship till review. Meaning that he might not be able to stand again in Nibong Tebal
3) Appoint another MP in waiting in serving Nibong Tebal till Tee Beng resign

Shame the Devil!

Jong said...

Tan Tee Beng- isn't he son of Gerakan Tan Ghim Hua?

Jong said...

yeah trojan horse from Gerakan - it's confirmed the guy's s/o Gerakan's Tan Ghim Hua one time President of MPPP.

We have to thank PKR shitpot for all the PR problems, no?!!!

Jong said...

What now PKR?

What do you do to a cancerous limb, you can't ignore it can you?

Anonymous said...

This Ah Beng is another product of that ugly female froggie in Jelapang. A despicable, apportunistic, unethical and talk cock guy. No wonder his father is that TGH.
Just kick this bum out FAST, irrespective, before he spread his shit all over PKR.

DanielYKL said...

TGH is better known as Peh Mo (White hair). Words has it that he was the one who approved of the Midland One-Stop project. And for that he got a condominium at Silverton. And you know how much are the condos at Silverton?

So chips of the old block.