Friday, February 19, 2010


PERKASA threatened that if we pendatangs are not careful, they will unleash another mother of all May 13....and
Mca Gerakan Mic

have lost their tongues! 
oopppssss I just remembered that they are now dead meat.

However the not-dead meat-yet Pemuda MCA is whimpering about Hudud HERE



Read HAWKEYE'S White Tiger  


Anonymous said...

This really isnt a well thought of posting by you. Perkasa does not speak for BN, so why the hell are you bringing in MCA, Gerakan and MIC into the picture? They are in the BN coalition led by UMNO, not perkasa. Besides, Ibrahim ali is an MP who won his election with the support of PAS who happens to be in PR umbrella. So if theres anyone to blame for his rise, it should be PAS and PR who campaigned for him. Get your facts right and stop instigating another racial riot. It is plain irresponsible, even for a low life like you

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

As a tigress, I think that tigger is cute! :)

PERKAS itu apa? Another dead meat championed by confused Ibrahim Ali?

This post of yours reminds me of The Hollies' "He Aint Heavy Hes My Brother".

Anyway Uncle Zorro, may we have a pleasant weekend. Take care

Anonymous said...

As i have said before, this "Oxfart" apportunistic and unethical bum KJ has shown his true self again. This time leading a bunch of racialistic,despicable and nothing to do "zombies" to demonstrate. Street demonstrations are not a Malaysian culture, said PM Najib and that Home Minister Krishammuddin when the Malay writers association and opposition parties demonstrated against the use of English to teach maths and science last year.
And now Umno Youth monkey "king" KJ is telling us that it is Malaysian culture when they demonstrate. By the way, dickhead, don't forget the American embassy, too, as US Senator John Kerry also expressed a similar concern about the trial. You will be so busy hopping around leading a bunch of "zombies" along Jalan Ampang from one embassy to another just to protest against their statements.
This monkey king is back to his usual self. Downright apportunistic, unethical, stupidity and racialistic to mention a few.
Finally, with regard to MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/PPP, these parties are completely irrelevant to the rakyat anymore since 308.

najib manaukau said...

Please remember Perkasa you may have the Police, the Armed Forces and the Judiciary behind you but the non Malays too have their two arms, two legs and also we have something that you robbers do not have, that is the grey matters in our head.
Do please remember we can do anything you can and even better !
Above all the whole world is watching especially our mother lands, they don't just sit and watch and do nothing like in 1963. For your information the non Chinese just have to pee once each and you all will be drowned and dead ! This is 2010 and not 1963 !!!

Screw Umno said...

MGM have not only lost their tongues but their testicles as well!
After taking a severe beating during the last GE, the three MGM parties are now clinging to Umno's sarong to survive.
MCA is too busy fighting among themselves for power and positions to really care for the Chinese. Gerakan having lost the state of Penang which was its power base is now a quiet mouse picking up crumbs thrown from Umno.
And MIC is as usual like a cat chasing its own tail...round and round and getting nowhere.
So, MGM is of no use to the Barisan Nasional anymore... their use-by dates have expired. Umno don't even bother to consult them before making major decisions.
It is up to Pakatan to take the initiative here.
As for PERKASA, why be afraid of them? Its bark is worse than its bite. A lot of noise and kris rattling but no real action. That is because PERKASA also realises deep inside that they DO NOT represent all the Malays. Many Malays prefer to see a peaceful country where all races can live together in harmony and these Malays do not support PERKASA.
It is like most Chinese do not support the MCA too because this tycoon Money Collecting Agency is only interested in making money not helping the Chinese.
So let us all screw Umno big time and when it falls, the MGM will fall too.

Unknown said...

Fear is the invisible chain that kept us in bondage.By understanding Truth about our reality[expounded in scriptures of every single religion]We rise above all fears of pain,conflicts,sickness,war,disasters as the cosmic movies are display from a single light.We are this light.If May 13 part 2 is to be screen,allow it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we pendatangs accept that the majority has the right to do what they want whenever they want.

With this majority they can make everything they do legal as well.

So accept it pendatangs and make the best of it or seek greener pastures elsewhere!

zorro said...

Anon1030am.....who voted for Ibrahim Ali? In March2008 we all voted for Pakatan and not the individual....just like you voted for UMNO. Did you not know that TDM endorsed Perkasa and Muhydin spent two hours with Perkasa. Wake up to reality brother. You seem to like the croaks of toads.

Fairness said...

One thing I am very sure is the opposition leader is gonna be a political cadaver soon.
You hear it first here, ok.
Rather Ibrahim Ali than Anwar Ibrahim.
At least he's upfront about what he stands for.

Anonymous said...

No worries for us pendatangs! Do they really think we are afraid ?I think they are more afaid than us pendatangs because they hate to lose their ill gotten wealth and the good life.I remembered when i was a boy during May 13th we pendatangs had everything right up to dinner whereas the malays was starved out of food.They even begged us pendatangs to buy their durians and blamed those lousy fanatics that caused hardship to them innocent fellows.
This Perkasa frog Ibrahim puke should be in ISA for starting a racial riot if there is one.
Anyway we pendatangs will be here to stay and fight.Lets see who will want to risk it!
Enough of this Perkasa nonsience and rid them off this earth inclusive this old fellow TDM for the miseries he started 22 years ago!


Anonymous said...

What has war torn countries achieved? Are we stupid enough to be instigated into a racial wars and be like those countries?

Malaysians should wake up to avoid these instigations.


zewt said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

Just dropping by to wish you a very Happy Tiger Year! Gong Hey Fatt Choy!

I have long given up hope on the political scene. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

I remember during ISA protest march Ibrahim Ali and his PERKOSA silat exponents also organised similar march to Istana Negara to present to the King memorandum supporting ISA.

It was a failed attempt with one silly guy representing PERKOSA who claimed to have been successful to hand over the memo to the King.

Whilst this poor chap walked alone to the Istana, Ibrahim Ali was nowhere
to be found. Some said he was having teh tarik at Central Market.

The moral of the story is, Ibrahim Ali will be NOT be at the forefront if his PERKOSA is losing. You PERKOSA members will have to fend for yourself, he may well choose to have his teh tarik instead!

shar101 said...

Adding to what Anon (12:12am) wrote, here's an excerpt from Outsyed the Box:

"Dato Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa was there too but he sat completely at the sidelines.

Must be a habitual sit-down somewhere-else type of bloke, this Ibrahim fler.

Anonymous said...

This racialistic pea brain apportunistic dickhead BATOK...oopps Dato I Ali is just another replica of that "oxfart" KJ. Both go hand in hand. Both roar like canons but never ever accurate. Both will shit in their pants and ran away like headless chickens when things dont go their ways.
Lets move on and leave these 2 dickheads and their "zombies" bla...bla .till the cows come home. Only people with no brains will only listen to them.