Friday, February 19, 2010


THIS true story may give us our individual conclusions:

A lovely story of how a weakness turned into a strength. Despite meticulous, professional training from the day the puppy arrived, Ricochet just seemed to be a complete failure at his intended aid the disabled.

“[Ricochet] was truly a puppy prodigy, but as she grew, so did her instinct for chasing birds, which could be a risk for a person with a disability. I tried for months to ‘make’ her something she wasn’t, but finally had to release her from the program. I was very disappointed, but rather than focus on what she couldn’t do, I focused on what she could do...” )

click on above to watch the you-tube....oopppsss I messed up some....but enjoy....


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

This is a real surprise. I am touched and never have felt honoured for a mighty long time now. thanks Uncle B!

Yes, it was our weaknesses that prevented us from achieving our dreams initially but as we soldiered on the strength came gradually and after a few lost battles, we came out victorious!

Its now only a matter of retrieving the medals.

i doubt i can thank you enough sir. You and me, we go a long way back that your guidance from the starting grid was part of the strength that saw me through.

Hugs from both of us!

Happy Dog said...

which is why parents should never force their children to be doctors or engineers... when their children shows talent and a fervent wish to be a painter, musician or even philosopher.
all humans and animals have different capabilities and excel in one thing or another but certainly not everything.
a maths genius or chess master may be super excellent in maths or chess but totally hopeless in finding directions to a friend's house.
a mechanical engineer may be able to fix anything mechanical but can't write a single verse of poetry to save his life.
and so on.
everyone has different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses like ricochet. but if we pool all our individual strengths together and cover for one another in areas another is not too good at, we become a powerful and harmonious community.

Anonymous said...

Veri qool, uncle. :-)

pra said...

wow uncle.

thank you for reminding us to be humane