Monday, February 22, 2010


Sharir Samad was doing ok during his interview with Malaysiakin until this:

But how do we resolve this issue. An Indonesian, first generation migrant to Malaysia can join Umno but not a third generation Indian for example…

There are many Indian Muslims in Umno.

But what if you're not Muslim? Why is religion such an important factor?

In politics, everything is important.



Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To some in politics there's 'illogical logic'
To fool the masses in critical situations tragic
Giving the impression that problems can be solved as though by magic
Trying hard to bank on biased sentiments nostalgic

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 220210
Mon. 22nd Feb. 2010.

raj raman said...

Indian are smart uncle.
They will sell their DNA and declare them self as Malay.(only for Indian who betray their race.)

Malay - no more such race as long you can hijack their race and declared yourself as Malay and Muslim.

rajraman666.Toyol also can be Malay,don't you this little Toyol a new thief who manage to steal Malay race? Next time pontianak,langsuyur and hantu can be Malay as long they declared they are Muslim.

Uncle- your Google feed outdated as you.Can't track where i am coming from,and i am talking to you without response.Can you uncle at least say hi 666.(I will be very happy if you talk to me)

Thank you uncle,don't get angry,I just kacau2 you uncle.
We can be racial but can't be RACIST.

zorro said...

Hi 666,I am not interested in tracking where you come from....that would be impossible for outdated me. I hope you are satisfied I said hi! If you are seeking for more attention I cannot help you here.

raj raman said...

Just kacau you lah uncle.
Finally i trap you to talk to me uncle Zorro.

That's already make me happy.You are not outdated (just to annoy you only uncle).

rajraman666.Thank you very much uncle Zorro.This 666 no guts to unmask like you uncle.(do you remember that posting sometimes years 2008?)
Take care Uncle.

Starmandala said...

Must be Muslim to join Dumno, of course. Otherwise, if we allow INFIDELS to join the Ketuanan Melayu party, they will drag us all to HELL with them when they die!

didi said...

I think it's ok for first generation Indonesian Malaysian to join UMNO since there are malays in Indonesia or the Philippines. But I can never understand how Indian Muslims can pass themselves as malays. My grandfather who's a chinese converted to Islam was never accepted in UMNO (not that he wants to join anyway) and until now we are still considered as chinese muslims. Some people say you only need to become a muslim to join UMNO and I say that's not true. Only selected people. Anyway, why would any good muslims want to associate themselves with such a corrupt and rowdy party?

UMNO should change its name to United Mamak National Organization because I think there are more mamaks than any real malays in that party.