Wednesday, February 24, 2010








Anonymous said...

All along nobody listens in this country especially those Morons from UMNO!!! sicko....

Pat said...

Nice one, Z!!!!

lanaibeach said...

What a title phd in law
One would think he should know
Listening to clients what's the problem?
Before giving advice ways to tackle it

Then when power corrupts the brain
It takes away one sense of balance
Listening to the waves rushing on
The eyes see waves; the brain sees rain

When faults finding is so easy
He should listen before he spins his degree
If he wants to live in his coconut shell
Nobody cares what he wants to do with his life

When it involves every one of us
He should learn to listen know his audience
We are the masters....yet he forgets
Listening to our criticisms he pushes it away

Too long in one place
Too long in running the government
Complacent takes off its shines
Arrogance comes playing into his mind

We must change
The systems and government
The way we see it
We have no choice

Jong said...

I get so riled up each time I see this idiot on tv, yeah Datuk Sak has aptly described him - Dr Pimp what else!

ahoo said...

Some people are just too smart and the saying goes : Eat shit through the mouth and shit out rice throught the ass.

Just completely opposite of their own belief and reasoning. Maybe just mabuk with politics.

Anonymous said...

Don't use Sak's name to carry weight.
Should be enough for you and your followers to do the condemning.
His criticisms and yours differ.
He is constructive.
You just condemn without offering ideas.
Even my Std Six son can condemn like you.

Poke Umno said...

Practically all the Umno ministers belong to the 'refuse to listen first' group. They also specialise in shooting the messengers.
But that is the standard calibre of Umno ministers and THEY are running the country! Will GOD save this country from all these morons? GOD will say: Who ask you voters to vote for them in the first place? So back to persuading more voters to stop voting for these Umno morons.

zorro said...

Anon115pm. If Datuk Sak does not object why should you? In blogosphere we link each other. You must be a new reader. I have written enough about your Rais: Aug 9, 2009: Sunday Snacks and Snaps (Rais Yatim on the run); Jan 28,2010 (Frivolous or Just an Aberration); Jan29, 2010...29 is just one day after 28, if you did not notice: (Just a simple simpleton.)

You wrote: Even my Std Six son can condemn like you.

Looks like your 6 year old seems sharper than you! You poor simple thing.

Anyway if this blog is no good, why visit. It won't do you any good....unless you are paid a few kupangs to read!

zorro said...

Anon 115pm....just one other thing...for more constructive criticism of the change mode minister try to read this if you know how at

To be more constructive you could send this to Rais, if you know how...your 6 year old maybe a ble to help. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wakaka Uncle Zorro.
Such temper tantrum.
I can see you stamping your feet.
Must do it often. Rosmah said my dear leader stamps his feet when angry.
BTW, Rais Yatim is my uncle, friend.
About my Std Six son, yes he knows how to condemn. You!!
When he reads your blog, he went berserk like you.
He's the one who suggested I read this grandpa's blog.
I thought it was an old man's rambling about the good old days at BB Park.
Okay I am outta here.
How about we meet one day for Yam Seng.
Bring Haris along.
At the Spotted Dog.
RSVP please.
Ok, I am outta here.

zorro said...

Anon nephew of Rais, thanks for the generous invite. Am not a member of the spotted dog but very familiar with both joints...long bar at Dataran or the Oval at Kiara. And until I have a name I cannot register as a guest of so and so, newphew of Rais. And bring along that 6 year old son who introduced you to my blog. He has to be rewarded with a copy of RPK's "The Silent Roar". If you cannot reveal yourself, maybe I could recognise you if you wear an artificial hibiscus, our national flower,on your pocket. Looking forward to some good spirits...either Johnny Walker Black or any good single malts. No, I will not bring Haris along as it may hurt your monthly bills. If you insist, you invite him lah! Cheers friend.

Unknown said...

There are times when we are low in spirit and communication with others take on a difficult mode.Fortunately,we have a way to top up the level with that from the bottle.Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a drink to make Zorro happy.
He was pissing me off just now.
But i am a good Umno man.
I will issue a gilt-edged card to you. The Spotted Dog it is, for sure.
I don't know whether you mind if I bring my uncle Rais.
He talks slow-mo, one word at a time. That's my quarrel with him.
You can argue all night long.
The bills? Haha. Talking like a PKR man. We have expense accountlah.
PS. Within I hour, I can guarantee you will be a true-blue BN man.

Jong said...

Sounds like a 12-year old in Std Six than a 6-year old.

zorro said...

Nephew of Rais.....yes pls bring uncle along.
bet you ten bottles of Macallan I will never be a BN man. Good to know that you have expense account, courtesy of UMNO. Name the date and time after 3 tongue already slivating in anticipation. If you bring along your uncle you will not need to wear the artificial hibiscus.

Anonymous said...

Can I come along Zorro? We can talk about Polygamy too. Afterall I was from a Poly Teknik!!

To think again, maybe not. I might throw my shoe at this uncle of anon. Afterall he said it was OK.


zorro said...

Shalom Admiral, you can as long as you do not wear regulation metal-toed safety shoes. That could be lethal...a weapon of sure destruction. I cannot allow that. After all I am a guest.

Anonymous said...

Std 6. Not 6 years old.
No wonder I am no fan of PKR.
You guys can't even read.

Thank God that I'm NO BN Man said...

Expense account courtesy of UMNO .... another handouts from UMNO and some people even gloat about it!!! I wonder whether they know the meaning of dignity. My sympathy to them.

And the stigma attached to being a BN man, thank God that I'm not one of them.