Thursday, February 25, 2010


I went into CSIS website and clicked on events (THIS WEEK)

Feb 25, 2010 | 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Chinese legal reform is at a crossroads. Three decades of official reform efforts have resulted in the emergence of a more professionalized judiciary,

Feb 26, 2010 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am
The CSIS Post-Conflict Reconstruction (PCR) Project and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) - Development Assistance Committee (DAC) invite you to the first annual release of the 2010 OECD-DAC Fragile States Surveys.    

There was no mention of OUR event. Because of the fiasco they may have brought the announcement down. Its like giving us the two finger.

For pics on the event HERE  

For on the spot description of the circus HERE  



Donplaypuks® said...

Off the record, the CSIS event never took place.

I mean, if they can create Avatar and 9/11 in MGM studios, then all these adverse reports about Govt non-performance and any videos /
pics and speeches must have been manufactured, right?

On the record, it was a non-event!


We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Jinn said...

Uncle, I sent you an email on the event. Let me know if you've received it okay.

Anonymous said...

I checked CSIS website last week. The announcement was there.
I checked again in the afternoon of Feb 24 (after the event), the announcement was no longer there. It wasn't in the calender as well, where other past events are listed.
Perplexing, indeed...

joshua said...

Uncle Zorro,

You can google for 'Governance and Rule of Law in Malaysia'

or just copy paste this cached link to see the snapshot of the page as it appeared on 20 Feb 2010 00:01:40 GMT:

joshua said...

Uncle Zorro,

Click here for the pdf invite:

Anonymous said...

I went to their website earlier to check on this much publisize event, but it was never mentioned in their website. I guess the CSIS knew what they were dealing with, so while they took some PR money, they still kept it a hush-hush event. They never went all out to organise this so-called seminar. Hence, the small crowd. Then scaled down to off-the-record lecture.

Anwar would have filled a ballroam to its brim if he went to give a talk in Washington! And here we have 3 top men for the law in our country and they cannot even get 30gwai lo to come and see them. hahahahahahahahahaha, what a pathetic bunch!

Anonymous said...

I've progressed on to vomiting blood as I've already puked my guts out.

These people not shy wan ah?

Anonymous said...

donplaypuks... now i get the avatar joke. evil m most definitely is a very no standard director as this avatar 2 by his boy failed miserably in the box office. it bombed and tanked. this get a zero popcorn rating.

Anonymous said...

If off-the-record what the shit have they to spend the tax payers money to hold such seminar in Washington.


Anonymous said...

now whole americans aware that anyone that comes from malaysian gomen are as good as monkeys with bananas. clowns entertains attendence viewers, but monkeys are nuisance giving heart attack instead.

the three local bozzos should fly to zimbabwe and present themselves as "Zimbabwean Idol"... what a DUMNO!

Jong said...

..’teloq kecut’ lah what else!

They knew their game would be over in minutes; rather than be grilled and embarrassed before a serious crowd of 30 kuailos the ‘missing game’ was the next best option. Such is the calibre of 1Malaysia's top housedogs!

Mark my words, Najib's stack of cards will collapse sooner than expected.

Anonymous said...

CCIS circus never took place?

and the clowns never show up except for the ringmaster? crowns galavanting in Washington with butt grabber in tow ?

Mr Moron BN, can we have a refund?

Jong said...

hmmm, will be interesting to hear what PKR MP Wee has to say about the 'circus'?

Ahjamal said...

That Guni Pigtail can only bulldozed
all the charges against those who oppose the UMNO goons. He is a dead chicken across the Malaysian borders
Even back to Lahat Datu he is no more popular AG ALLAH IS GREAT your
days are closing up for all the evils
that you have fixed.

Anonymous said...

In the very first place, it's a big flop and down right embarrassment to all Malaysians, ain't it? All the hoopla about us 'explaining' our 'just laws' to the Americans. By the way, how much of taxpayers' money went into this? Can any MP ask this in Parliament? And what was the outcome despite the fact that it was 'closed doors'?
Who are this bunch of Umno leaders trying to kid? They're talking to a crowd that have no qualms about roasting their presidents - think Nixon or Clinton. And that one man hero Nazri thinks he can mouth off a '1Malaysia' cosmetic show and convince the Americans? How naive of them. These guys just have to look at themselves in front of a mirror and probably they will also see the Americans laughing their guts out behind their backs
It was 'closed doors' because everyone knows what Umno is trying to sell but nobody ain't buying.
Worse, that so called ambassador JJ was reported Blackberry texting and reading the newspaper during Nazri's speech shows his blatant disrespect for a speaker and the non- importance of the event. Probably,he is enjoying watching how he pinches ladies bum in hotels around the world. eheheh... What an embarrassment and that proved what type of people our Bolehland esp UMNO chose to be an ambassador who do not even know common courtesy and manners.
OH, not to forget that 2 other greats. That AG "Patai" and our MACC grand advisor AH Mohd. Seems that they went MIA. They were sent to "work" and failed to do so. Probably, they suddenly realize the yankies will drilled them not only till their pants drop, they will probably ended up die standing, literally!!

teo siew chin said...

so, the americans spitting on us now? LOL
and oh, did the chinks in china too? ;)

Gan said...

I just read WCK was there with Nadzri ...wonder what was his role ?

zorro said...

Gan...he was there to clap for Nari...but he forgot as only JJ clapped.

Gan said...

OIC ... thanks.

WCK aka The Forgetful Clapper !

PS wonder whether he deserve to get his travelling perdiems? Job not accomplish ...