Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Three constitutional questions were posed for the Federal Court's decision:

1. A proper interpretation of Article 16(6) of the Perak constitution under which a menteri besar can advise the sultan to dissolve the assembly - what if there is no motion of no confidence against the MB and he refuses to resign?

2. Can the sultan determine if a menteri besar commands the confidence of the majority of the House without a vote in the assembly?

3. Does the state constitution allow the sultan to sack a menteri besar, or is the position is deemed vacant if he chooses not to resign?



Federal Court rules unanimously to dismiss Nizar's appeal 
and declares Zambry is the legitimate MB.

Court rules affirmative to question 1 thus no need for house vote to question 2 meaning sultans action to deem nizar’s post vacant is valid. For question 3, court agrees that sultan may remove MB and appoint new MB who commands confidence of majority of members.




Ahjamal said...

This means that the Sultan can do anything as he likes and the judges has to bend to it. Next, we should not have a government what is is for when the Sultan calls the shots. Decisions not in the assembly but in the palace why waste public fund to build court, assembly must as well move to the palace.

Starmandala said...

"Your Lordsheep" says it all!

Anonymous said...

The judgment is expected. The composition of the presiding judges speaks volume of itself. The present of sponsored yellow shirt supporters is an indication that the result was known beforehand. Reminder by Rais to accept the result is also an indicator that the judgment would be in favour of the usurper. The MB & CM meeting on same date is also a signal that everything is okay. The court ruling is just a formality. After all the trouble to capture Perak by all means, who on earth would dare to think that BN would not hold on to power by whatever means available. A review by the FC will also meet with the same result.

lanaibeach said...

The lordsheeps spoken
The state assembly rendered meaningless
In the interpretations of Constitution
It has become the market fair
“Mari mari
Bayar lima ringgit
Dapat 3 barang”

'3 for 5 ringgit'
Our country Constitution plunders
Read it straight through
No need to interpret

The State Assembly
The correct house to decide
The outcome of the state government
The lordsheeps sing for the bag of full
And they sing right through

We will wait
For GE13 makes amend
In our country future
In our hands we will roar

wandering hermit said...

The verdict is as expected. Only way for Perakians and Malaysians to get justice is wait for GE13 to kick out this illegitimate BN state govt and this time make sure the majority in seats is more than three! Pakatan must not give up the fight in Perak.
BN has filled up the government machinery, the law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and the local councils with their own people. And it is paying dividends for them. Something which the Pakatan can learn from. In Pakatan-controlled states, fill up state posts and all state govt agencies with Pakatan members and supporters. Learn fast or lose big time.

pinsysu said...

my deepest condolences to all the Perakians on the demise of their beloved democracy ... for sure it will not rest in peace ... may be it is juz sleeping & waiting for the right moment to be resurrected. wait & see!!

Donplaypuks® said...

Disgraceful. Our time will come when we'll make them eat shit! Nuff said!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

macamana sewaktu seorang MP UMNO
lompat ke PKR tahun lepas?

- that was okay right????
- please answer to that, was that
legitimise in the eyes of PKR?

nightcaller said...


Hypothetical question - what happen if 31 elected reps decided that they lost confidence on MB but HRH decided not to meet them to check and confirm. Will the MB post fall vacant too??

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

you see how rocky wrote about this?

they called the pakatan as darkness...sigh...so bloody self righteous....

actually do they still need to clear the speaker obstacle?


Sklau said...

They are goin to have a party tonite. Yes, those fudges who adorn the robe of injustice are patting each others backside at this very moment while they bask in glory. They have appeased their masters and earned themselves a bigger scoop of gravy from saiful's aperture. Eat well my Lostsheeps for if you put your ears to the ground, you will certainly hear AhPaul beckoning.

Anonymous said...

A full bench Malay sheep to look after the flock of black sheep that had been converting this Truly Asia land into a third world grade corrupted and racist led nation.

Time for the 'shepherd' to swing into action now.


Anonymous said...

PK have themselves to blame for the setbacks. It is no secret that the PK is very divisive among themselves. In every PK component party there are many selfish and arrogant representatives that doesn't give a hoot of what the public expected of them. And the worse of the lot are those from PKR. The PKR is supposed to be the middle-ground party but it disappoints big time. The PKR is crawling with trojan horses and self-inflated egoistic individuals. Its leadership is lackadaisical and does not possess the ability to do what is right. The Perak crisis is the direct result of the quagmire that the PK is in. The biggest liability that the PKR has is Anwar Ibrahim. After the 2008 electoral tsunami, Anwar went from one mistake after another. Instead of leading the PK coalition he decided to pander to short-cut solutions and was very slow to acknowledge the rot in the coalition. And today the coalition is paying the price for Anwar's neglect. The public would have forgiven the coalition for its failure if they have tried their best but not when it was self-inflicted.

It's really sad indeed: the PK was given an opportunity but they squander it. Make no mistake about it, I was an avid supporter of Pakatan but after hoping many times for Pakatan to come out of its trance, I'm starting to puke whenever Pakatan starts to sprout its usual nonsensical messages.

Jong said...

Perakians, just accept it until next GE-13 that your votes don't count, you are unfit to decide thus not consulted. period.

Jangan mudah lupa. Let's wipe them off no ifs no buts!

zorro said...

Nightcaller, good hypothetical question. However, the law is only in print...who interprets the law rules the day. To paraphrase it, can I volunteer LAWLESS MESS....less law more mess. Dang, I am getting messy!

zorro said...

PEOPLE, The law will not speak for us. Let our votes speak for us.

johnnie Lim said...

i knew this will happen cos I have no more faith in our judges. all are corrupted as their masters. sultan has the right? where was he when we needed him most??
some of you spoke about the coming election. ya sure we can elect the government we want, but what will stop them to do another perak again?? where does it end?? will ever see justice in this land of ours?? you guess as good as mine.
i give up!!

Batu Gajah mali said...

Congrats fellow Perakians.
We are finally rid of Bozo the clown Nizar.
We don't want our rich state to become poor lil rich state like Penang ruled by chauvinist LGE and Selangor by ditherer, undecisive Khalid.
As a mark of thanksgiving, I am giving free ecomony rice with pig's trotters curry for lunch tomorrow.
Welcome to my stall No 5415, Sok Fan, left turning before Kellie's Castle.
Blother Zambly, employ la that Nizar to repair that Kuala Dipang bidge where the children drowned.
Makle sure that he does his job well. No more drowning.
Kasianla, he needs the money.

Unknown said...

The Ballot box is not going to change anything,unless we have REAL leadership and Team to offer.What do we gained from a contest when only selfish and useless politicians are contending.Even if Moses were to contest in a democratic election,he will still loss to the pharoh.We need good and sincere leaders who is also CAPBLE of healing the nation from years of abuse.PR think by just being uncorrupted,things will turn around.We must as well as having wood and stone idols to run.They are clean and honest too and on top of that they can be on duty 24/7 WITHOUT PAY.
Somehow there must be way for people like kuli,RPK and Zorro[yes Zorro] to ascend the leadership of this nation.GE 13 with the same useless teams,please stay at home and let the nations rots anyway Inshaalah

Anonymous said...

IF only they could decide unani....oops, anonymously !!

Anonymous said...

If the same situation happens again in future, in another state with a sultan, and the crossovers were from the ruling to the opposition, a different rule will be applied, right?

Anonymous said...

Everyone expected this result. No surprise there.

Supposedly Malaysia is going to be developed nation is a few years time. Was today's judgement reflective of developed status potential? Lets wait for the UMNO engineers to tell us how they are going to come up with legitimate means of cooking up... what was it? 8% per year?

The Simple Man said...

Uncle B,
Whenthe Regent of Perak gave a statement the other was the hint. Ah!!! Like RPK say move on and win the war in GE13!!

Go register to vote!!!Let's vote BN out!!!

ktteokt said...

The Perak constitution and Malaysian constitution can be used for wiping ar*es from now on. Who cares what is written in them when court decisions make NO REFERENCE to them or even considered their existence!

Anonymous said...

Part-Indian MB (UMNO) wins over Part-Chinese MB (PAS) as directed by Malay Sultan. Mamaks rule!

Anonymous said...

It was a foregone conclusion that the Federal Court will rule in favour of that mamak "Zombie". What can one expect when five Umno so called "judges" are hearing the case? Nizar, it is time for a strategic retreat.

This time, focus on reaching out to the rakyat in Perak so that you and your team will administer Perak again. What we now have is an illegal state government made legal. Another proof of our tainted and unethical judiciary integrity. This is Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Malaysian Insider:-

Events since New Year’s Day have given the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) the impression that the situation in Malaysia is becoming increasingly unstable.

In a blistering report on Malaysia released at the end of January, PERC also asserted that a group of elite minorities were dominating the national agenda to the extent that it was hurting Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors.

The consultancy, which also publishes reports on the risk ratings of other Asian countries, said it is “probable” that no other Asian country is suffering from as much bad press as Malaysia. Among the developments that caught its attention were the theft of military jet engines, detention of terror suspects from a number of African and Middle East countries following warnings that Islamic militants were planning attacks on foreigners at resorts in Sabah, renewed ethnic and religious “violence” that included arson at some churches and desecration of mosques, and controversy over the integrity of key institutions like the judicial system in the sodomy trial of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Events of the past month give the impression that pressures are building and the entire situation is becoming much more unstable,” said PERC.

The report noted that the government is blaming the international media for exaggerated reporting and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had argued that the focus should not be on the fringe groups that are causing problems but on the majority of Malaysians who are coming together to condemn the recent acts of violence following the ‘Allah’ controversy. But PERC maintained that the root of the problem was a vocal minority that is dominating the national agenda.

Jong said...

He's a lawless Pangkor pirate - the most hated in Perak!

Without money he has been unable to draw Perakians(court/sultan said he had support of the majority? :D), even had to pay and rent a crowd in busloads, for the national launching of "1Malaysia"!!

ktteokt said...

And I hear my grandchildren singing in the kindergartens:

Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?
No sir, no sir just five fools!