Monday, January 24, 2011


Either father and son have lost their marbles or it is skin-changing season for the Chua’s. Father Snake Chua took capital issue over a latex tissue…Normala’s gloved hand.

I was taught handshake etiquette early in school. Bro Henry who was my favorite teacher telling us in Std. 5: A man should always wait for a lady to extend her hand first. In other words you do not offer your handshake to a lady and only accept them when offered.

Along those lines I remember my mum’s instruction when introduced to a lady: greet women with words (hello, how are you…) or a polite nod.

Of course I was lucky to be schooled well in St. Georges Institution, Taiping and coached well at home. I don’t know about the Chuas. It is all about good breeding, yes? And that goes for Gerakan Charboh Tau, Tan Lian Hoe too!

BIG Chua can take a lesson from Normala. It is always a lady’s right to offer her hand or otherwise. Even if Normala refuses to offer her hand in a handshake as an extension of religious modesty, what is wrong with that?

Papa Chua lost this first round and now if Little Chua does not retract by 12noon tomorrow PAS will sue for defamation in round 2. It was reported that he said that Normala asked some kopi tiam owner why he was selling beer. Will churlish Chua retract by stating the name of the outlet, the name of the owner and the time of the encounter? The clock is ticking.

….and this young labis twerp is a deputy minister? Says mighty great deal about caliber, no?

No wonder BN calun Azahar is so quiet…..others are doing the talking for him. And if he doesn’t maybe his boss Muhidin will.*


I was able to catch Normala’s press conference at the DAP media centre at noon. I came away impressed. She had presence. She answered questions fielded by a throng of reporters spontaneously, confidently, explicitly. This lady certainly has a natural flair about her….the type of gutsy flair we see in Nurul, Teo Nei Chin, Janice, Theresa, Chong Eng, Fong Po Kuan, Eli Wong. VIVA Ladies of Pakatan.


At the end of a photoshoot session Normala gave her personalized CNY greeting cards to everyone present at the PC. No wonder Ishak said when we met earlier at the PAS media centre......"DAP is going all out to help PAS!"




Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro
Totally agree with you on Normala. Looking at Minaq Jinggo photo of her, I saw an Elegant Woman, a Leader confident of her role to Lead and take responsibility for her action.

Chuas on the other hand, potraying themselves like Porn Actors from HongKong, if not Macau!

My 2cent observation lah Uncle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glove , porn or wine ?

Sometimes all I need is the air that I breath...

Descendants of the SNAKE.

telur dua said...

In Borehland, lap-dogs can morph into snakes.

bumi-non-malay said...

Just make people angry and laugh....UMNO-BN MORAL TINGGI.....ha ha ha ha ha

Chua, Bung Mokhtar, so many Datuk UMNO....DAIM.... Sultan Zero.....inilah senarai KONONYA....DEFENDER Of ISLAM......Allah bukan buta .... dan Rakyat Malaysia - Tenang pun bukan Buta!!

Day 4 waiting....for namby-pamby Pekida, Perkakak, 3-Line....Please if anybody see where they Kibar their 3 stripe bendera/ in this Blog here their where abouts location in Tenang. My team "seal" are very keen to go behind enemy lines and disrupt their Evil Racist agenda ..... cause untold damages physically and DEMORALISED their team. Each time lets see if they dare Brazenly come out or recruit more. Ex-police, commando, UTK,...sheeze....old fat fart like that is like in 3-line are nice to whack!!.....all have crime hanging on their heads and some are murderers... That is why UMNO racist can use them or Else they get exposed!!....simple.... disrupt them ...disrupt UMNO racist agenda!!

Anonymous said...


schooled in XXX University. Like father like son. family of philanderers.
oh Gerakan. Mahu mati pun tak boleh. I wouldnt even touch the lady's hands. May be I should follow senior chua. Let her touch....

wandererAUS said...

To Chua Sex Leg, the 'handshake' to him means having the hand wrapped around his tiny dick...Dirty old jerk!
Young Chua has a handful defending the old bloke dropping his pants, and performed a "Deep Throat!..thus, having to manufacture ridiculous lies to justify as a sibling of a product of a dickhead....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

tht about shows the MORAL of the father being passed on to the son, a legacy of sorts. can't wait for part 2 of the XXX video starring perhaps the son OR father and son in a threesome???? LOL

Anonymous said...



felicia said...

from a woman's point of view, all those ladies from Wanita and Puteri UMNO should take some lessons from the Ladies of Pakatan - eg. get a BRAIN! seriously, some of these women who support UMNO behave like bimbos (malukan wanita saja!)

Anonymous said...

Chua Snr may be proud that he did not wear latex around his little dick in his hotel escapade. But he is obviosly shooting his own foot. Sad to see Chua Jr. is also no different. Like father like son, soon we will see the video of jr in action.

That's a big liability to MCA and BN!

Anonymous said...

I must say I like Chua better when he used his tongue to please his woman instead of pissing off the rakyat. perhaps he should return to his other vocation

Anonymous said...

MCA and Gerakan leaders' insensitive and intolerant criticism of Normala Sudirman's personal religious beliefs reveal that they are extremists of their own kind and expose 1Malaysia for the sham that it is.

Anonymous said...

The older porn star Chua shit at his door and ChuaJr has to wipe his father's filthy bloody ass! What a fine pair of father and son doing a river crossing without getting the dick and the asshole wet!!

Anonymous said...

japanese doesn't shake hand either... the bow down to greet people....

Anonymous said...

Why are we so pissed off with CSL? He's only saying that whenever you do it no need SARONG one ! His best advise to his son is LICK the big bums in UMNO sure can become menteri one !

Anonymous said...

Abang Z,
Hear hear but you forgot to mention our Hannah, whom I beileve is one of our rising star.

sang kancil

Anonymous said...

Tell Chua SL, if he doesn't like to use latex cover, he can go ahead and do it as shown in his personal DVD!
Lancheow la itu MCA president!

Anonymous said...

while the father is a fucker...

the son is just a amno fuckee!

Richard Loh said...

He is not happy with the glove because he likes flesh to flesh touch. He thought that all females are like the one he put his prick into some bushy inlet, touching all over her body and did he wear a condom? I did not see the x-rated movie, anyone saw the sex movie and tell us whether he used the

Anonymous said...

Tun apanama must be very disappointed with Chua SL for forgetting the fact that Tun apanama has long declared Malaysia to be an Islamic State. So there is no need for PAS to repeat that.

zorro said...

Sang Kancil....I too was wondering who I missed out when I did the posting. Hannah Yeo of course. Thanks for this. I just came back from a ceremah and Chegu Maha, PAS candidate spoke. If she wins, she will qualify to join the ranks of the Ladies of Pakatan! Thanks again SK.